TRAVEL                                  TRIVIA                                 STATS                • 60% of the modern Me...
Cancun         México   • Largest underwater museum on the planet   • Divers and snorkelers have the opportunity to admire...
México While there are current security and safety concerns, it is important that travelers get toIn the first half of 201...
México         BELIEVE IT                    CANDID CAMERA                  MUNDO MAYA 2012                               ...
MéxicoMUNDO MAYA 2012
Month         Date                       Festival                      Period              Place           CategoryJanuary...
• Increase local economic                activity and development              • Enhance the profile and ECONOMIC       ap...
In the 17th century, cure for baldness was the application of the burnt ashes ofdove‘s dungIn 1692, prisoners at the Tollb...
Tourism is                     45 per cent of all     Edinburghs largest                     overseas visitors to   employ...
Edinburgh Castle   Edinburgh Castle has a history that dates back to around 900 BC. The Castle has   been home to royal bl...
EDINBURGH                                                       CREATIVE                                     VISIT SCOTLAN...
Month        Date                   Festival           Period        Place               CategoryMarch     23          Spo...
•http://www.edinburghsparkles.com/•http://www.genuinepr.com/case-studies/visitscotland-tourism-campaign/          WEB LINK...
 Mexico & Edinburgh
 Mexico & Edinburgh
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Mexico & Edinburgh


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To ascertain and understand the impact & role of events in promoting Mexico and Edinburgh as favorable tourist destinations.

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Mexico & Edinburgh

  2. 2. MéxicoGUSTO MEXICANO
  3. 3. TRAVEL TRIVIA STATS • 60% of the modern Mexican population is mestizo (Indian-Spanish), 30% is Indian or predominately Indian, 9% is Caucasian, and 1% is otherPOPULATION • The official name of México is Estados Únidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States) • Spanish conquerors brought bullfighting to Mexico, which is now the national sport of Mexico NATIONAL SPORT INTERESTING • Plaza Mexico is the largest bullring in the world • Chichen Itza Pyramid in Mexico was named one of the new Seven Wonders of the MONUMENT World TRIVIA • A group of Chichimecs (warrior nomads) called the Aztecs settled in Mexico when they saw an eagle (representing the sun) standing on a cactus (symbol of the heart)NATIONAL FLAG clutching a snake (symbol of earth)—an image which is now depicted on the Mexican flag • Chihuahua is the world‘s smallest dog and is named after Mexican state • Mexico is located in the ―Ring of Fire,‖ one of the earth‘s most violent earthquake andSTERYOTYPE volcano zones.
  4. 4. Cancun México • Largest underwater museum on the planet • Divers and snorkelers have the opportunity to admire more than 400 original sculptures San Miguel de Allende • A town for those who appreciate art, great food, great festivals, and colonial architecture • There are many gorgeous hotels to choose from as well as small casas and large haciendas for rentFAVOURED LOCATIONS Puerto Vallarta • The city is a cultural Mecca for art, cuisine, and music, which is why its not surprising so many readers claim this as their number one spot for a tropical getaway Tulum • Tulum is most often thought of as only the archeological ruins, which have made it famous, but it also offers endless beaches, a wildlife reserve, craft markets, restaurants, and outdoor activities Zihuatanejo Referred to as the perfect escape in the movie, Shawshank Redemption, the small fishing village sits about 15 minutes from the lively city of Ixtapa, making it the perfect place to unwind yet still be near all the action
  5. 5. México While there are current security and safety concerns, it is important that travelers get toIn the first half of 2011, 10.3millionthe ―untold‖visitedof Mexico. know Americans story From January through July 2011,Mexico. 11,440,000 international tourists traveled to Mexico, a 3.3 percentThis accounted for 36 percent of There are many exciting developments happening in Mexico each and every day. Across increase .all international travel by United various categories from tour operators, airlines, resorts, cruise lines and attractions, theStates citizens first three months of 2011 has been proven to be a time of growth and continued prosperity. Travelocity ranked Cancun 3 and Puerto Vallarta 8 in its top ten summer family destinations for 2011. TOURISM STATS Mexico isth leader in sustainable tourism. The Mayakoba Resort on Mexico‘s Riviera tourism a According to SECTUR,Rankedwas awarded in the prestigious Ulysses Award from the United Nations World Q1 of Maya 10 globally with investment in Mexico forinternational visitor. 2011 is up 127%. Tourism Organization in 2011.International Visitor Arrivals Approximately USD $1.5 billionincreased by 8.1% will be spent on new hotel According to a June 2011, Conde Nast Traveler poll, Mexico hasdevelopments in Mexico. 19 of the top 250 spas, globally
  7. 7. México BELIEVE IT CANDID CAMERA MUNDO MAYA 2012 •Campaign launched to fight • A program to increase safety perception tourism and promote the•Launched in 2009 to combatswine flu and drug gang bang Mayan Culture Legacy in •Ad campaign modeled on Mexico through 2012violence. the HBO series Taxicab•Campaign to attract North Confessions •Until December21, 2012,American visitors and to temptthem with the allures of when the Mayan calendar •The taxicab campaign is officially ends, thedestinations beyond Cancun and part of a broader advertising Mexican government willAcapulco program for increasing promote a variety of• The tagline, “Mexico: The place Canadian tourism to Mexico events in southeasternyou thought you knew.” from 600,000 visitors in 2005 Mexicos "Mayan World‖ to 1.5 million last year
  8. 8. MéxicoMUNDO MAYA 2012
  9. 9. Month Date Festival Period Place CategoryJanuaryJanuaryFebruary 5 31 15 Yucatan México Merida International Art Festival --Merida, Tlacotalpan Vive 2012 Carnival (Carnaval)--Nationwide 19 Dyas 9 Days 6 Days Merida Tlacotalpan Mexico MEGA MAJOR MAJORMarch 3 Night of the Witches --Catemaco, Veracruz 1 Day Veracruz MAJOR International Motorcycle Festival--Saltillo,March 16 4 Days Saltillo MAJOR Coahuila.April 3 International Guitar Festival of Morelia 4 Days Morelia MAJOR Canadian Tour-Mazatlan Corona Classic --May 2 6 Days Mazatlan MEGAMayMay 12 15 CALENDER OF Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Mexico Underwater -- Cozumel, Cancun International Gay Festival 12 Days Cozumel Cancun MAJOR HALLMARK EVENTSMay 15 ROLEX/IGFA Offshore Championship 5 Days Los Cabos MEGAJuly 15 International Chamber Music Festiva MAJOR Fiesta en la Playa @ MezzanineAugust 3 2 Days Tulum MAJORSeptember 1 Viva México En Cancun 30 Days Cancun MAJORSeptember 27 Autumn Equinox at Chichén Itzá 10 Days Cancun MEGAOctober 3 International Cervantine Festival 19 Days Guanajuato MAJOR International Festival of ContemporaryOctober 5 19 Days San Luis Potosi MEGA DanceNovember 1 Tercer Festival de Playa Larga Zihuatanejo MAJORNovemeber 13 Festival Gourmet International 10 Days Puerto Vallarta MAJOR Annual International Tequila Festival -- PuertoDecember 6 5 Days Puerto Vallarta MEGA Vallarta, JaliscoDecember 31 New Years Eve 1 Day Mexico City MEGA
  10. 10. México•http://www.visitmexico.com/•http://www.journeymexico.com/blog/mexico-tourism-facts-statistics/•http://facts.randomhistory.com/2008/11/25_mexico.html•http://www.smartertravel.com/travel-advice/photos/the-10-best-places-to-go-in-mexico-as-selected-by-smartertravel-readers.html?id=4381787&frame=7•http://www.december212012.com/articles/news/Mexico_Launches_Mayan_Tourism_Campaign_Through_2012.htm•http://www.thestar.com/business/article/1088330--mexico-s-candid-camera-ad-campaign-aims-to-fight-safety-perception•http://www.tnooz.com/2010/08/09/news/mexico-tourism-board-launches-ad-campaign-to-attract-north-americans/•http://www.cancun.world-guides.com/cancun_events.html
  11. 11. EDINBURGH
  12. 12. • Increase local economic activity and development • Enhance the profile and ECONOMIC appeal of the destination • Demonstrate future growth CRITICAL ANALYSIS & sustainability.OF ROLE OF EVENTS • Encourage external visitation ATTRACTION • Enhance the visitor experience •.
  14. 14. In the 17th century, cure for baldness was the application of the burnt ashes ofdove‘s dungIn 1692, prisoners at the Tollbooth in the Canon gate, Edinburgh rioted and actuallymanaged to take full possession of the prison; all because the food wasn‘t goodMaggie Dickson was one lucky woman. She had been hung in Edinburgh‘s Grassmarket but, somehow, came back to life because of the jolting of the cart on the INTERESTING TRIVIArough tracks on the way to her burial. The Scottish legal system doesn‘t allowsomeone to be tried twice for the same crime, so Dickson was home free.In the late 17th century, Thursday became a very important day for anyone fromEdinburgh who was interested in politics. News of the previous weekend‘s Englishparliamentary business finally reached Edinburgh from London – it was delivered bya ‗fast‘ horse.The building named Morocco‘s land, commemorates the story of Andrew Gray.Gray was a rogue who managed to make his fortune under the Sultan of Morocco.He returned in 1645; with his knowledge of Arabic ways he cured the Provost‘sdaughter of the plague, subsequently, he married the girl.
  15. 15. Tourism is 45 per cent of all Edinburghs largest overseas visitors to employment sector, Scotland come to with approximately Edinburgh 31,000 people working in the industry. Edinburgh is the4m visitors a year principal gateway toinject £2 billion into Scotland and is the 2nd city in the UK forthe local economy. international tourist arrivals. TOURISM STATS
  16. 16. Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle has a history that dates back to around 900 BC. The Castle has been home to royal blood since the reign of David I in the 12th century and has been the site of numerous historical battles and conflicts The War of Scottish Independence and the invasion of Oliver Cromwell in 1650 Edinburgh Dungeon One of the city‘s scariest attractions, the Edinburgh Dungeon is the place to go to learn about the gory history of Scotland‘s capital. Highlights include the cave of Sawney Bean, where visitors travel by boat deep into the heart of the murderous cannibal‘s lair and face his horrifyingly bloodthirsty family in the flesh Holyrood The Palace of Holyroodhouse , the official residence of the monarch in Scotland. AtFAVOURED LOCATIONS he end of the Royal Mile ,Holyrood was once in the separate burgh of Canongat before the expansion of Edinburgh in 1856 Saint Giles Cathedral St Giles Cathedral, more properly termed the High Kirk of Edinburgh, is the principal place of worship of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh The church has been one of Edinburghs religious focal points for approximately 900 years Calton Hill Calton Hill is a hill in central Edinburgh, Scotland just to the east of the New Town and is included in the citys UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hill also includes several iconic monuments and buildings: the National Monument, Nelsons Monument
  18. 18. EDINBURGH CREATIVE VISIT SCOTLAND SPARKLES SCOTLAND•Wrap up warm and take a spin •Campaign: Promoting Scottishon the citys big wheel and Style to London Fashionistas Surprising ways to seeenjoy panoramic vistas right •Client: Visit Scotland Scotlandacross Scotlands Capital, just •PR team: In-house; Genuine • Alba Ballooning offers hotone of the many unmissable PR, Premier PR air balloon flights over someexperiences at Edinburghs •Timescale: January – March of Scotlands most scenicChristmas. 2008 regions from Edinburgh &•Edinburgh Sparkles with •Budget: £140,000 the Lothians to PerthshireChristmas fun and festivities •Result Dramatic scenery at Floorsday and night - Princes Street, More than 80 journalists and Castlethe West End and the Mound 30 celebrities attended the • Enjoy the stunningplay host to delicious food and party and almost 19,000 architecture of Floors Castle,awesome shopping experience people visited the microsite. a truly magnificent building A study showed the campaign set in an expanse of beautiful generated £862,416 in tourism grounds revenue.
  19. 19. Month Date Festival Period Place CategoryMarch 23 Sport Relief Mile, Edinburgh 1 Day Holyrood MajorApril 30 Beltane Fire Festival 1 Day Calton Hill Major EdinburghMay 20 Boys Brigade Guard of Honour 1 Day Major CastleJune 4 Queens Diamond Jubilee Beacon 1 Days Calton Hill HallmarkJune 13 Olympic Torch Relay 2 Days City Wide MegaJune 17 Race For Life 1 Day Holyrood MajorJune 20 EVENT CALENDER EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL 11 Days City Wide Mega FILM FESTIVALJune 24 Challenge Scotland 1 Day Holyrood Major Pipers Parade to Celebrate PrinceJuly 5 Williams Investiture to The Order 1 Day Holyrood Major of the ThistleJuly 7 Slut Walk 1 Days Holyrood Major Princes StreetJuly 22 Edinburgh Festival Carnival 1 Day Mega Gardens WestAugust 2 EDINBURGH ART FESTIVAL 31 Days City Wide Mega
  20. 20. •http://www.edinburghsparkles.com/•http://www.genuinepr.com/case-studies/visitscotland-tourism-campaign/ WEB LINKKS•http://eventsedinburgh.org.uk/planners_event_calendar.html•http://scotland.knoji.com/10-morsels-of-trivia-about-edinburgh-scotland/•http://www.edinburghfestivals.co.uk/festivals
  21. 21. THANK YOU
  22. 22. http://www.geographia.com/mexico/mexicohistory.htmhttp://gomexico.about.com/od/planningandinformation/ss/weather.htmhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_Mexicohttp://www.whatscheaper.com/merida_mexico.phphttp://mexicolesstraveled.com/festofarts.htmhttp://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/North_America/Mexico/Estado_de_Veracruz_Llave/Tlacotalpan-923575/Things_To_Do-Tlacotalpan-TG-C-1.htmlhttp://www.cancun.world-guides.com/cancun_events.htmlhttp://www.banderasnews.com/entertainment/calendar.htmhttp://festival.london2012.com/about/partners/edinburgh-s-festivals.php