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To understand the impact of Building oneself as a macro force on the emergence of new product categories in India and the subsequent drivers and trends that have resulted in a shift in society.

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Build yourself

  1. 1. Product & Brand Management MACROFORCE 2 BUILD YOURSELF
  2. 2. Infrastructure development : Highways , Metros , TownshipsSince people are more willing to move / relocate for better prospects
  3. 3. DUTY DECLINE“Fundamental value for survival in contemporary society is not statutory compliance but flexibility to change tactics.”Maintaining point of difference taking responsibility of outcome Thumsup kept a different unconventional brand identity in spite of competition from Coke and Pepsi. Mainstream brands such as Godrej, Shoppers Stop , and CEAT Tyres have undertaken risk of rebranding initiatives to shed their old corporate images and position themselves in a new, more modern light
  4. 4. AMBUSH MARKETING During 1996 cricket World Cup, although Coca Cola was the official sponsor of the tournament, Pepsi ambushed the campaign by coming up with the tagline “nothing official about it”. The campaign by Pepsi was so successful that everything official was seen asKingfisher vs. GO vs. Jet Airways "strait jacketed, boring and outdated" and Unofficial was branded as “new, exciting, and trendy”
  5. 5. Fragmentation & Exclusion of Consumption Identities can be built on the basis of understanding the consumption pattern and giving a possibility of accessing goods and services before purchasing them Large institutions such as Social Class, Nation , Caste etc have lost their past strength and individuals have to built their own identity which is largely based on the consumption patterns.Reasons:Means of CommunicationsGrowth of Mass Media of PropagandaGrowth of Cities and Changing PopulationSocial Legislation and Social Awakening
  6. 6. TATA Motors has diversified its product portfolio by acquiring Jaguar and Range Rover at the same time being the producers of world’s cheapest car. They are aiming at all sections of the society and due to the economic growth in the country, based on the consumption, TATA Motors is offering a wide variety of products. PONDS – different ranges to cater to different audience – anti ageing, gold radiance, skin brightening etc to counter P&G Olay Creams and provide customer a comprehensive portfolio to choose fromA number of lifestyle brands arealso coming up in Tier2 and Tier3cities of India, due to theupbringing of the Indian society
  7. 7. Symbolic Consumption Meaning of what is consumed becomes important.Certain Consumption events involve a series of brands associated with the product contributing to the shaping of the people consuming it.  Meeting self esteem needs  Belongingness to a particular group in society  Style Statement  Buying products that goes  Strong Brand Association with the self image Luxury Brands
  8. 8. Internet as a Super Market of IdentitiesDigital Identity – formed by Links, Tags, Feeds, Nicks etc and coexists with our “REAL IDENTITY” Every medium has its advantages for marketers, but social media has the power to transform a campaign into a religion.Increased online user base in India has influenced the growth of the E- Industry
  9. 9. In 2011, Johnson & Johnson’s launched its advertising campaign for Polacrilex Gum, with an innovative Facebook application. Penn- Olson reported that its Facebook page gathered about 33,500 fans in a period of just two months of its launch. The Facebook page featured an application known as Nicorette Support through which the user could enter their quitting timeline or could invite loved ones to quit smoking.Reebok launched the Butt Revolutioncampaign in 2010 in which an interactivepage allowed users to get answers to theirqueries about fitness from certified Reeboktrainers. This catapulted sales for theirEasyTone shoes mainly targeted women in
  10. 10. Fiama Di Wills Men Aqua Pulse Australian Adventure According to TOI, The Fiama Di Wills Men community on Facebookregistered 1.7 lakh fans, with 3.7 million post views and over 19,000 feedback posts, all within just 30 days of its launch.Hippo launched a Twitter campaign asking consumers and retailers to tweetHippo’s availability on retail shelves on Hippo’s Twitter page, because they were facing difficulties in tracking distribution across India.The number of people tracking Hippo stocks on Twitter equalled 45 per centof Parle Agro’s foods sales team. Their sales had jumped by 76 percent after this campaign, reported HT.
  11. 11. Content GenerationYoung people what to actively participate in the purchase process through experiential consumption Gaming Centers in Malls to experience the product before buying it Brands like Lakme organize makeover sessions- to come experience the product. Test Drives
  12. 12. Some of the products providing Experience as aproductive feature rather than a comptemplative one.
  13. 13. Experience As A Means Of Being The Experience connects the consumer and at the same time gives them a feeling of concretion in a very uncertain world.Experiential consumption is associated with all that is surrounding theproduct(Place, Aesthetics, Offer content, etc) based on sensitive area. v=PDfgLG-2dY atch?v=AHQn_22d3CAMall shopping culture, Multibrand outlets coming up.Example: Shoppers Stop,Pantaloons offering multibrand shopping experience atone stop.
  14. 14. Collective Activism Collective activism on a global scale comes up as a way fordecreasing the uncertainty level and meeting the need to socialize with one another. Brand Anna Lokpal Bill activism in India (Anna Hazare)
  15. 15. BRANDS PROMOTING GREEN INITIATIVESITC GREEN INITIATIVES TOYOTA TREE Brands sponsoring save wildlife campaigns AIRCEL Save Our Tigers Initiative
  16. 16. Identitary WithdrawalsGlobalization gives rise to new social differentiation and polarity levels Subject to conservative and violent reactions Example: Mc Donalds and other MNC’s entered IndiaMc Donalds: Conservative response w.r.t beef burgers but localization strategy adopted to overcome apprehensions and was successful. Others brands: Coke, Nike
  17. 17. Criminal groups and pop criminal Criminal attitudes gain a glamorized style. Not applicable in Indian Context Bollywood stars defamed associated with underworld and other criminal activities. Coke and Cadbury: Pesticides issue and usage of contaminated water resulted in negative publicity. (Illegal activities)
  18. 18. Appreciation Of State Not applicable in INDIAStrong traditions and culture prevailing in Indian States
  19. 19. Thank You Aanchal Arora Anukool Kumar Nalini Jain Reuben Khanna Sidhansh Kakkar Sahil Oberoi Tushar Sindhwani