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Imuk will-critchlow


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CRO presentation by Will Critchlow at IMUK13, talks about what to test, how to test conversion and how to test landing pages and how to test calls to action

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Imuk will-critchlow

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  2. 2. Conversion Rate Optimisation How to choose what to test WILL CRITCHLOW
  3. 3. Let’s start with conversion rate
  4. 4. How many conversions do you get per hundred website visitors? Think about it this way rather than as probability Appeal to more people
  5. 5. Doesn’t have to be actual sales You can test against micro-conversions
  6. 6. Why’s it worth improving? [Aside from the obvious]
  7. 7. It’s a proxy for “how much people like you”
  8. 8. You aren’t your customer
  9. 9. Having a better conversion rate than the competition is a superpower You can invest more in every other channel
  10. 10. What’s this optimisation thing? [Just think of it as “improving”]
  11. 11. Research your users and customers
  12. 12. Have a theory Requires you to come up with an alternative Stats geeks call this a “hypothesis”
  13. 13. Design a test Read Norvig on Experimental Design
  14. 14. Deploy a winner (hopefully)
  15. 15. Deciding what to change
  16. 16. Start with the business model
  17. 17. Seek out customer feedback Reviews, comments, support tickets, CRM Some may be hidden
  18. 18. Go get some more Qualaroo, Olark
  19. 19. Check your analytics data Segment, segment, segment Read everything by Avinash Kaushik
  20. 20. How big’s big enough?
  21. 21. Rule of thumb. You’re likely to need 100 conversions per variation for A / B testing (and to run for at least a few weeks)
  22. 22. Check out Udacity or Berkeley edX for more statistics (But run for at least a few weeks)
  23. 23. It’s still worth doing this on smaller sites
  24. 24. Focus more on the research than the testing Fivesecondtest, feedbackarmy don’t rely on your own traffic Check out yourself. Install Olark.
  25. 25. Might this double my conversion rate? Think bigger Tiny uplifts may not be worth it anyway
  26. 26. Leave tests running & use A / A / B / B to avoid statistical pitfalls
  27. 27. WILL CRITCHLOW Founder, Distilled @willcritchlow
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