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IMUK13 international inbound_marketing_shaun_mcdougall


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Amor Group has grown with inbound marketing. Shaun McDougall tells what worked in inbound marketing at IMUK13. Find out more

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IMUK13 international inbound_marketing_shaun_mcdougall

  1. 1. hosted by The fully-certified Hubspot Gold Partner
  2. 2. © Amor Group, a Lockheed Martin company 2013 International Inbound These 5 things worked.
  3. 3. #1: Understand the business value of what you’re doing. Without that context it’s wasted effort.
  4. 4. In 2011 we were so outbound and our business strategy demanded more value from marketing. -----------------------------------Value = impact on the bottom line
  5. 5. #2: With absolute certainty, there’s no guaranteed method of success. Except getting to where your customer is.
  6. 6. That doesn’t have to mean getting on a plane.
  7. 7. #3: We’re marketing, we don’t pitch. Wrong. Your assets pitch 24/7 – make sure they’re doing it right.
  8. 8. Take control of your best platform
  9. 9. #4: Lose the heads down, arse up approach. Prospects want to hear from your experts, and quickly.
  10. 10. Our brand isn’t just a logo & some colour. It’s people like Kit, Angela & Alaistair. Even in B2B, people matter.
  11. 11. #5: Inbound is not the solution, it’s only part of it. Marketing, business development & sales alignment is critical.
  12. 12. Worth it? •  Web traffic up 107% •  Leads up from 60 a year to 100/month •  125% increase in mobile •  Impact on bottom line measured in £m •  One of UK’s fastest growing international businesses •  Acquired by Lockheed Martin – brand, personality, approach and platforms all praised
  13. 13. @shaunmcdougall
  14. 14. To find out more about Inbound Marketing please click here hosted by The fully-certified Hubspot Gold Partner