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How to Wipe Out your Business by Choosing the Wrong Color


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Learn how to increase your chance to get customers by up to 80% by choosing the right color for your business and logo:

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How to Wipe Out your Business by Choosing the Wrong Color

  1. 1. Infographic: True ColorsHow to Wipe Out your Businessby Choosing the Wrong Color A recent study of Marketo brought out that a wrong chosen color for your business and logo can cost you the success in the long run.The color of a business is the first impression a futurecustomer will discover when he hits your offer. Thestudy found out that the right product color caninfluence your target audience purchasing decisionsby up to 80%. The right color can make or break abusiness!To choose the right color is a process where you haveto ask yourself how you want your business to beperceived out there?You can go the quick and dirty way to choose a brandcolor but this can cost your business the success in thelong run. Or you sit down and use the recentinformation (for example this below in theinfographic) to choose your brand colors wisely. Further important resources: • How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Brand | • Five Free Tools for Getting Your Business Color Right