7 ways how to empower your social networking with blog commenting


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When a social media marketing agency thinks of getting awareness through social media channels, it prefers to use Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to reach the people.

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7 ways how to empower your social networking with blog commenting

  1. 1.   Outstanding attractive  7 Ways how to empower your social 3. Find relevant bloggers by twitternetworking with blog commenting The best way to find bloggers is twitter as millions of people are on Twitter, so we canWhen a social media marketing agency get to know about more bloggers so that wethinks of getting awareness through can comment on their blogs.social media channels, it prefers to useFacebook, Twitter and Youtube to reach 4. Know mentality of the bloggersthe people. As much as we read business or corporate blogs, you get to know the mentality ofBut, leaving a comment on a blog is a very bloggers so that you can provide theeffective way to get traffic and you can say comment according to their mentality.that it is very useful for an inbound marketingbecause a business leads quickly with the It will make them paying more attention to ourhelp of blog commenting. comments.Moreover, it tells us how to get customers 5. Provide insightful commentsinvolved in our business. Always leave an insightful comment on a company or business blog and the comment must be informative. You must leave a comment after reading the post completely so that you can leave a comment on basis of content of a company or business blog and comment must be relevant. 6. Follow up with a question1. Research the blogs that your customers Another important thing is that we mustare reading always ask question to a blogger at the end of comment so that he can pay attention toThe first way is to research of which business your comment and your company’s blog.blog customers are reading. Follow up with a question means that youSuppose you are businessman, you should read a corporate blog carefully and it is greatlook for business consulting blogs. impression of you for the bloggers whom blogs your read.There are so many business blogs that arevery famous, so you can comment on thoseso that you can get more traffic to yourbusiness blog as well as company website.2. Be regular in reading and commentingAnother way is to be regular in readingbusiness or corporate blogs as it is veryuseful.We must spend at least one hour in leavingcomments on corporate as well as businessblogs. http://www.inBlurbs.com  
  2. 2.   Outstanding attractive  7. Leave your URL with commentWhenever you comment on corporate blogs,you must be leave URL of your companywebsite or your company blog.By doing this, you can get more traffictowards your company URL that is veryuseful for your company’s website or blog.Marketing takeaway Tip: Social networkingand blogging goes hand in hand to improveyour business online. It is very easy toempower your social networking with blogcommenting. http://www.inBlurbs.com