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Requirements of sanitary pipe works


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Requirements of sanitary pipe works

  1. 1. Requir ements of Sanitar y Pipe wor ksPREPARED BY:ZARINA BT MAT SAPRI 1
  2. 2. REQUIREMENTS OFSANITARY PIPE WORKS1) Water seals in trapsSuch provision shall be made in the drainagesystem of a building, either above or below theground as may be necessary to prevent thedestruction under working conditions of the waterseal in any trap in the system, or in any appliancewhich discharge into the pipe work system 2
  3. 3. 2) Sizes Of Pipes• The internal diameter of any soil, waste and vent pipe shall not be less than the outlet of any appliances which discharge into traps or outlet of traps.• Based on Building Regulation 1985, the internal diameter of soil pipe shall not be less than 100 mm and internal diameter for waste pipe shall not be less than 32 mm. 3
  4. 4. 3) Material, Fixing And JointS•Any soil pipe, waste pipe or vent pipeshall be composed of suitable materialsof adequate strength and durability.•Bends in pipe should have the largestpracticable radius of curvature and thereshould be no change in the cross-sectionof pipe throughout the bend.•Pipe should be supported throughouttheir length, without restricting thermalmovement. 4
  5. 5. A soil and waste pipe should be fixed inside of the building, except a waste pipe from ground floor, where the pipes discharge to the floor gully trap. See Figure 3.12. All pipes should be placed where they are reasonably accessible for maintenance, repair and have access for internal cleansing. Joint should be made so that they remain air-tight and any material used for jointing should not cause electrolytic corrosion. Figure 3.12: Waste pipe fromappliance situated on ground floor 5
  6. 6. 4) TrapsA trap should be fitted closed to waste or soil appliance,unless the appliance has integral trap. They can be fixed toserve individually (see Figure 3.13) or for a group ofappliances ( see Figure 3.14). All the traps should have anadequate diameter water seal and means of access forinternal cleansing.(see Table 3.1) Table 3.1: Minimum internal diameter of trap Domestic type of Diameter Domestic type of fitting Diameter fitting (mm) (mm) Wash basin 32 Drinking fountain 19 Bidet 32 Hotel & canteen sink 40 Sink / Bath / 40 Urinal bowl 40 Shower Wash – tub 50 Urinal stall( 1 to 2 ) 50 Kitchen waste 40 Urinal stall ( 3 to 4 ) 65 disposal 6
  7. 7. Figure 3.13: Washbasin with individual trapFigure 3.14: Trap with a group of washbasin 7
  8. 8. 5) TestsA soil and waste systemshould be capable ofwithstanding a smoketest or air test for aminimum period of 3minutes, at a pressureequivalent to a head ofwater not less than 38mm head of water ( seeFigure 3.15 ). TheBuilding Regulation 1985requires that during the 3minutes every trapshould maintain a waterseal of at least 25 mm. Figure 3.15: Air Test on soil and waste pipe 8