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Blockway is a platform for keeping your credentials safe with the EOS Blockchain

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Summary Keeping Your Credentials Safe With EOS Blockchain
  2. 2. Problem: Widespread Transfer Of Your Credentials By Email� & SMS In A Unsecured Manner
  3. 3. Solution: Create A Unified Ecosystem For Storing & Exchanging Credentials & Sensitive Data Between People & Companies
  4. 4. Target User Any Company Transferring Sensitive Material (including individuals) Any Services Online That Initial Credential Exchange (VPN, SSL)
  5. 5. Secret Weapon Additional Layer Of Security (Intellectual Property)
  6. 6. Market Size Global SSL VPN Market Expected to Reach $5, Billion by 2023�
  7. 7. Competitors Let's Encrypt Comodo Centralized Password Manager Apps (1Pass, KeePass)
  8. 8. Technopreneur�Roadmap Q4 2018 Design Stage Q2 2019 Implementation Stage� Q3 2020 Commercilaisation Stage
  9. 9. Revenue Model Transaction Fees From Smart Contract Use - Subscription Based On Number Of Credentials Transfered (1,000 transfers) Monthly Subscription�(Based On Assets Stored On The Smart Contract)
  10. 10. Token Economics Utility & Securities Token Asset Tracking On The Blockchain (Paying For Blockway Services On The Blockchain) Possible Collaboration Between Crypto & Stock Exchanges Financial Inclusion
  11. 11. Founders � Mantas Front End Developer � �Justinas Blockchain Enginner � �Justinas Back End Developer/ Security Expert � � � � � James International Finance & FinTech Lawyer & Researcher � � � �Ina Early Adopter
  12. 12. Financials Bootstrapping $50k (10k Each Founder) Friends & Family 30k Seed Finance $200k Possible ICO/STO $10+ Million External Audit Initial Focus B 2 B�� Small SME's & Banks
  13. 13. Investment Profit Made Invested In R & D Share Holder Dividend Discount Share Holding