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A presentation for 3 telecom, prepared by Vincent, Jonathan and Iftekhar

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3 lives.ie

  1. 1. Summary—  Objectives—  Strategy—  DigitalMarketing Proposition—  Mobile Marketing—  Social Media & Brand Reputation—  Actions—  Control
  2. 2. Objectives—  To increase our market share by 30% on the 20-30 years old women’s prepaid market in the first year.—  To increase awareness of the 3Pay offer by 100% in the first year.—  To increase the 3 brand awareness by 50% in the first year.
  3. 3. Digital Marketing Objectives—  Toengage 50% more 20-30 years old women online during the first 3 month of the campaign. (Sizzle-Extend the brand online)—  To grow by 100% the database email coverage during the first year of the campaign. (Speak-get closer to customers)—  Toincrease interaction by 100% during the first 3 months of the campaign with the online brand Three. (Serve-add value).
  4. 4. Strategy:The Brand Three:—  Personality: user-friendly telecom brand, affordable, comes with benefits for the users.—  Brand attributes: freedom, self-expression, youth, enjoyment, drive to do ‘impossible’.—  Emotional Benefits: ◦  Connectedness to the community ◦  Positive attitude towards life
  5. 5. StrategySegmentation: ◦  Mobile Intensives (23%) ◦  Mobile Casual (24%) ◦  Mobile Restrained (53%)Source: Business Wire 2010Prepay market in Ireland:70% of subscriptions, predominantly women.
  6. 6. StrategyTargeting: —  20-30 years old women —  Urban and single —  Very social and outgoing —  Has a lot a free time —  Social media heavy usersOur insight:Young women wants to share about theirlife
  7. 7. StrategyPositioning:Three as a conversation brand. We want todifferentiate ourselves on the youngwomens segment.—  Online value proposition:
  8. 8. StrategyThe Sequence:1.  Create Traffic: Advertising with Affiliates & Social Media.2.  Engage: Audience creates content, reacts, share, interact. Creates Traffic and engagement.3.  Convert: Audience is rewarded for participating and is presented all the benefits of 3Pay.
  9. 9. Digital Marketing Propositionv Establisment of a conversation platform named 3lives. § Concept § Tactic § The Br3ath system § Implementation § Challenges to implementation
  10. 10. Concept of 3Lives§  Conversation platform where women will talk about various aspects of their life§  Dependent on « User Generated Contents »§  Mixture between Glam.com & Twitter§  3lives refers to three different lives § Personal life: perosnal issues and drives § Social life: interests to share § Emotional life: soft part of a woman’s life
  11. 11. Tactic of 3Lives§  Design: simple clean and minimalist§  User engagement process step by step: 1.  Sign up or log in with Facebook Connect 2.  User information will have to be added to the database 3.  First connection will be rewarded with some « Br3ath points » 4.  User can start posting topics, comment, « Like », dislike and vote.
  12. 12. The Br3ath system§  Point collection system refering to the notion of « lives »§  Aims are to engage users and foster user content generation and user conversion.
  13. 13. Br3ath system§  Each user will start with three breaths.§  Each user will be awarded for her contribution.§  Starting a topic- 3 points§  Commenting on a topic- 2 points§  Making someone member with reference- 2 points.§  To stop flooding and low quality topics, a negative point system will also be integrated. If any user ‘dislikes’ a topic, the topic poster will lose 3 points. Thus the ‘breath’ system will also be controlled by the users.§  Everyday, the highest breath gainer will be rewarded with a small amount of bonus balance on her 3pay connection.§  Certain amount of breath can be converted into products, discounts and vouchers.§  To get the benefit of breaths, the user must have a 3pay connection. However, without a 3pay connection, anyone still can be a member and participate fully, but to claim rewards she must be registered with a verified 3pay connection.
  14. 14. Implementation—  Navigation:—  Frontpage: A simple minimal page with log in/ sign up option, a Rubic’s cube displaying random tags, link to Youtube channel and 3’s advertisements.—  User page: Each user will also have her own page showing topics she started, topics she likes or comments on, and a personal messaging option.—  Log in page: Page showing two different log in options.—  Conversation page: Each topic will create a conversation page where the users can participate.
  15. 15. Challenge to implementation—  Categorization of the topics: relevancy—  Flooding with irrelevant posts and comments—  Dealing with 90-9-1 rule—  Convert users into 3pay consumers
  16. 16. Mobile Marketing—  Mobile Application:- Check the last top conversations, share, reply, interact.- Create your own conversation and share it on social media.- Log on with Facebook connect, check your profile and your Br3athes. -  Use your Br3athes, switch to 3. -  Available for iOS and androïd devices.—  Made for the “on the go” use, mobile app fits to our audience lifestyle.—  Expected to receive more visits than website.—  Will be marketed through: ◦  Appstores ◦  3Lives.ie ◦  Featured posts ◦  Banner advertising on top irish apps
  17. 17. Social Media—  Facebook page—  Facebook application—  Brand Reputation Management
  18. 18. Facebook Page—  Tactic: ◦  Take advantage of our dependency over facebook. –  Design dialogue –  Enhance communication –  Provide 3lives users more service (widgets…) ◦  Major aspects: Interaction, entertainment, communication. ◦  Mottos: Listen, respond, engage
  19. 19. Facebook Application—  Helpthe people the find who of their friends are using our platform or getting them to encourage their friends to join.
  20. 20. Brand Reputation ManagementKey words: aware – addressed -control—  Company News—  Press Release—  Social Media—  Industry Awareness—  Consumer Response
  21. 21. ActionsTraffic building actions:—  Banner advertising—  Social Media advertising ◦  Facebook Ads ◦  Twitter promoted posts—  Featured Posts—  SEO
  22. 22. ActionsAffiliate strategy:http://www.cosmopolitan.com/http://www.allure.com/http://www.glamour.com/http://www.glam.com/http://www.elle.com/http://www.ivillage.com/http://www.fashionmagazine.com/http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/http://www.closeronline.co.uk/
  23. 23. Measurement/Control—  Brand metrics ◦  Traffic: Quantification/Qualification ◦  Sales ◦  Top subjects ranking
  24. 24. Thank You.