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OER workshop unisa


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Workshop held at the University of South Africa on the 4th of Sept 2012 by Andreia Inamorato at the 1st UNISA Open and Distance Learning Conference. (Pretoria)

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OER workshop unisa

  1. 1. UNISA Workshop: Designing a road map for OER implementation Dr Andreia Inamorato dos Santos Fluminense Federal University - OportUnidad Project and Mackenzie University (Brazil) September 4th 2012 – University of South Africa
  2. 2. #UNISAOER12 @aisantos
  3. 3. Blog: Open Content Online
  4. 4. What are OER?OER are teaching, learning and researchmaterials in any format or media that are in thepublic domain or open licensed allowing theiruse and adaptation by third parties. (UNESCO, 2002 e COL, 2011)
  5. 5. Who uses OER?
  6. 6. The 4 Rs of OER Reuse Revise Remix Redistribute
  7. 7. Creative Commons licenses
  8. 8. Open format for OER.doc .docx are proprietary formats anddepend upon commercial software (MicrosoftOffice and Mac packages).odt is an open format and is downloadable forfree over the Internet: Open Office
  9. 9. OER business modelsAdapted from Downes’ categories (2007)• Donation: funding body or foundation provides funding for the production and provision of OER (ex. OpenLearn – first 2 years, Khan Academy)• Subscription: institutions pay to become members of a consortium which manages the repository (ex. Connexions)
  10. 10. OER business models• Contribution: the author of the OER is responsible for the costs of the production and promotion of the resources (ex. lecturers, students, teachers etc)• Sponsorship: the cost of OER production and promotion is covered by a sponsor in exchange for visibility and publicity (ex. FGV – Brazil)
  11. 11. OER business models• Institutional: the educational institution covers the cost for OER production and promotion• Governmental: resources are created with governmental targets in mind, normally fully financed by the State• Commercial : the user pays ( a symbolic amount) for parts of the contet, tutoring or certification (ex. OUNL, UnisulVirtual)
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Remix and Redistribute
  16. 16. aisantos.wordpress.comOER IMPLEMENTATION ROAD MAP TEMPLATE
  17. 17. In pairs please• Use the template to think of your own context• Try and fill in the more you can please• Think of the main challenges• Think of any existing practices or examples• Post a question using Twitter or a comment using the blog route• If not connected to the Internet: please write it down or speak it up! Thanks 
  18. 18. Thank you! ainamorato@gmail.comImage credits (Creative Commons licensed)• One laptop per child• Pregnant woman:• Young woman and retired man:• Open Licensed:• Business woman: coachline• Handcuffs:• Access signal for the disabled:• Business meeting: