Tableau 7.0 prsentation


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Tableau 7.0 prsentation

  1. 1. All rights reserved. © 2008 Tableau Software Inc.
  2. 2. Introduction+ Tableau Software provides software applications for fast analytical and rapid fire business intelligence.+ Tableau builds great products which allow you to see and understand your data.+ It is more than a mechanism for turning your data into information – it is a process of bringing your data to life: allowing you to see and understand your data
  3. 3. Tableau Products Tableau Desktop Tableau Server Tableau Reader+ explore, visualize, and + web-based business + Tableau reader is a free analyze data intelligence platform viewing application that lets+ answer any question + rapid-fire analytics and you read and interact with+ blazing speed against dashboarding packaged workbooks massive data + secure information and created by Tableau desktop.+ create dashboards to metadata management + on-the-fly web applications consolidate views + integration with portals with no programming+ share interactive data and applications + tell stories, create experiences + enterprise collaboration conversations + scales to millions of users + Tableau Public - companion free product
  4. 4. How does Tableau worksTableau is based on three simple concepts.+ Connect: Connect Tableau to any data source that you want to analyze.+ Analyze: Analyze your data the way you want, I mean filter it, sort it, perform aggregation on it, Summarize it and so on.+ Share: You can share results with others either by sharing workbooks with other Tableau users, by pasting results into applications such as Microsoft Office, printing to PDF or by using Tableau Server to publish or embed your views across your organization.
  5. 5. How does Tableau Works Add Sales Add Market Add Time 1 Row 4 Rows 96 Rows DataSources
  6. 6. Tableau’s Architecture Data Data Marts Files Cubes WarehouseTableau Native Query Tableau Data EngineTechnology Technology+ Interactive queries to the + In-memory database + Column store+ Leverages IT policies for SQL MDX Data Engine + Highly compressed security Connector Connector + Optimized API specific for+ Avoids data silos Tableau+ Ensures fresh data results + 64-bit (32-bit version as well)+ Values the EDW strategy VizQL Compiler Use this option: + When the source DB query performance is slow User Interface + To offload iterative query workload from the source DB + To work offline from the network + To keep an archive of the data
  7. 7. Connect to data sources+ Tableau has a long list of data sources that it supports.+ Provide support for both files and server.+ It also support ODBC connection.
  8. 8. Tableau Visualizations+ Tableau provides a wide range of charts and maps to visualize data.+ But what it differentiates it from other Business intelligence tools is the ― Show me! ‖ option.+ Sometimes you know precisely the data you want to look at, but dont know how to generate an effective view.+ In the above scenario all you need to, select dimension’s and the desired measures and click on the ― Show me! ‖ option.+ Tableau will provide you all the possible charts that you can create with the selected dimension and measures.
  9. 9. Show Me
  10. 10. Tableau Charts and MapsHorizontal Bars Scatter plots
  11. 11. Tableau Charts and MapsArea Chart Time series
  12. 12. Tableau Charts and MapsKey performance indicators Maps
  13. 13. Tableau Dashboards
  14. 14. Tableau Server+ Tableau Server is a business intelligence solution that provides browser-based visual analytics anyone can use at just a fraction of the cost of typical BI software.+ With just a few clicks, you can publish or embed live, interactive graphs, dashboards and reports with current data automatically customized to the needs of everyone across your organization.+ It deploys in minutes and users can produce thousands of reports without the need of IT services — all within your IT infrastructure.
  15. 15. Tableau ServerWeb Browser• Interactive Data• Zero footprint Tableau Server Sources• Web 2.0Web Applications• Portals• Dynamic• EmbeddableTableauProfessional• Author• Publish• Retrieve
  16. 16. Tableau Server
  17. 17. Tableau Distribution Options Export • Image/Data • Print to PDF • Crosstab to Excel DataSources Tableau Reader • Free • Offline Connect Distribute • Interactive • Packaged File Tableau • Create/Author Tableau Server • Adhoc Analysis • Online • Live connection • Interactive • Secure • Zero footprint Tableau Public • Free • Online • Interactive • Public
  18. 18. Tableau Software, Inc.Tableau makes rapid-fire business Customersintelligence software • Apple • Microsoft • Wells Fargo•Founded in 2004, headquartered in Seattle, • ZyngaWA • Bank of America • Wal*Mart•Fastest growing business intelligence • Safewaycompany in the world • Pfizer • Merck • Ferrari • GM • CBS + 1000’s more
  19. 19. Tableau Timeline • 2nd Year - Magic • 1st Year - Magic Quadrant Challenger Quadrant Challenger • Launched Tableau Digital • Launched Tableau Public • Inc. 500 list • 2nd Annual •1stAnnual Customer Customer Conference Conference 67% increase in•Defense grant to attendanceStanford (sold out) • Opened first• Stanford spin- European office • Deloitte Fast 500out •Hosted 1st European • Launched User Conference in• First patents; Tableau Server • Tableau Serverinvention of • Awarded receives a Stevie Amsterdam productVizQL™ “Product of the • Over 65,000 users in Year” for 1st time 100 countries• Launched • Global OEM deal • SQL Server by PC Magazine • Chuck GeschkeTableau Desktop (expansion) signed Magazine • Released 6.1 • Launched Beta (Chairman of including German & Adobe) joins with Oracle Tableau Server French localization, Board of Directors Best BI & product and mobile Reporting Tool• Hyperion globalOEM deal1997 - 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011