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Lecture 7: Report management system


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Lecture 7: Report management system

  1. 1. Report Management System Inam Ul-Haq Lecturer in Computer Science UE, Okara Campus, MIS,UniversityofEducation,OkaraCampus 1
  2. 2. MIS,UniversityofEducation,OkaraCampus 2 Report Management System • Electronic Reporting System • The Electronic Recording & Reporting System (ERS) is used to record, report, process, store and send fisheries data (catch, landing, sales and transshipment). • Transshipment = transfer from one conveyance to another
  3. 3. MIS,UniversityofEducation,Okara Campus 3 Reports Generating Software • Reporting software is used to generate human-readable reports from various data sources. Open Source Software Eclipse BIRT Project GNU Enterprise JasperReports LibreOffice Base OpenOffice Base Pentaho SpagoBI Commercial Software ActiveReports Actuate Business Objects Birst BOARD Cognos BI Crystal Reports JReport List & Label
  4. 4. MIS,UniversityofEducation,OkaraCampus 4 Types of Report • Informal business reports are typically communicated via email, memos, letters, or orally Informal Reports •Activity reports •Minutes of meetings •Policy or procedural directives •Progress or status reports •Survey reports •Trip reports Formal Reports •Analytical reports • Progress reports • Informational reports • with no comments • Recommendations • Proposed actions
  5. 5. MIS,UniversityofEducation,OkaraCampus 5 Parts of Report • Introduction: Begin the report with a brief overview of its contents. • Summary: Summarize the situation on which you are reporting, or describe the problem or opportunity that your report is exploring. • Discussion: Provide some explanatory detail, including the results of whatever research you may have conducted. List the available options. Explain your methods, if appropriate. If you are writing an analytical report or recommendation, give the criteria by which you are making judgments. • Conclusions: If you are writing an analytical report, offer your evaluation here. If you are writing a recommendation or feasibility study, explain which option you think is best, and why.
  6. 6. MIS,UniversityofEducation,Okara Campus 6 Example: Eclipse BIRT Reporting
  7. 7. MIS,UniversityofEducation,OkaraCampus 7 Example: Tabeau Desktop (data visualization)
  8. 8. MIS,UniversityofEducation,OkaraCampus 8 Example: (web-based)
  9. 9. MIS,UniversityofEducation,Okara Campus 9 Where we are
  10. 10. MIS,UniversityofEducation,OkaraCampus 10 Bonus Assignment Marks = 4 If each student gives 10 minute demonstration over one of these: 1.Crystal Reports 2.Inventory System 3.Accounting Software 4.SAP 5.Teleconferencing Apps 6.( video demonstration) 7.SPSS / PeachTree 8.ZOHO Reports
  11. 11. References • MIS,UniversityofEducation,OkaraCampus 11