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American Bungalow Magazine Presentation

  1. 1. A Proposed Mobile App for American Bungalow Magazine u u u By Andrew Cohen For General Assembly UX11 Presented in class Feb. 13, 2014
  2. 2. Who Reads American Bungalow? v Average age: 49.5 v 54% female v 89% attended or graduated college v Average income: $112,000 v Mean income: $100,000 v 95% are homeowners v 64% contacted an ABM advertiser v 47% bought from an ABM advertiser
  3. 3. What Distinguishes ABM Readers? They are: • Educated and affluent • Homeowners, enthusiasts, and housing professionals They include: • Seekers of trophy homes • And budget-minded young home buyers  
  4. 4. What Distinguishes ABM Readers? They have: • an eye for quality and style • an appreciation for craft • a sense of their homes’ historic significance They need: • information about bungalows • access to relevant resources • help with restoration work
  5. 5. Who Is ABM’s Audience?   Doug, 56, is an author and magazine editor whose specialty is architectural history, interior design, and gardening. He lives with his dog in a one-bedroom Manhattan apartment, but spends most weekends at his house — a bungalow, of course — in Asbury Park. Doug has an income of $124,000 a year and is comfortable with technology. He uses a iMac desktop for work, but also owns a Macbook, a recent iPad, and an older iPhone, all of which he brings with him when he travels for work.
  6. 6. Who Is ABM’s Audience? Sandra, 29, is Phoenix video editor for corporate clients. Sandra has an eye for classic design and yearns to someday live in a classic Arts and Crafts home. Whenever she can, she’ll detour through the Willo section of town to admire the 1920s homes there, and she often checks the real estate section for homes for sale there, which she’ll sometimes show her boyfriend over breakfast. Sandra has an income of $45,000 a year. She uses an HP desktop at work but has her own Macbook Air, an iPad 2, a Kindle, and the latest iPhone.
  7. 7. The Common Thread: Insights About ABM’s Readership v They are few in number, but maintain a strong bond to the architecture they love, and the community that shares their passion. v They are all esthetically minded, but economically and geographically diverse. v The world of American Bungalow—a quarterly— moves slowly, but sometimes readers want or need up-to-date, actionable information.
  8. 8. ABM’s Current Website American Bungalow Home Page Magazine Inside  Past   Issues   Featured   Ar2cles   Family  Album   New  &   Noteworthy   Arts  &  Cra>s   Profiles   David  Rudd   Where  to  Buy   Writer's   Guidelines   Order  Back   Issues   All About Bungalows   Registry What Is a Bungalow? What Style Is My Bungalow? Blogs Forums   Community   Bungalows for Sale Classifieds Events