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IDAPT innovative adapters presentation

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Inad idapt presentation

  1. 1. Universal ChargerCHARGE ALL YOUR DEVICES
  2. 2. COMPANY > About IDAPT IDAPT SIMPLIFIES THE USE OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY Creation Brand Project started in 2003 IDAPT Headquarters Barcelona - Spain INOITULOS launched IDAPT in 2006 with the objective of simplifying the use of mobile technology. In 2010, IDAPT was distributed in more than 25 countries. A 2nd round of investment in 2010 helped consolidating the markets and creating a whole range of solutions. Organization (4 offices – Team of 40+ people) USA Sales team Warehouse Europe Design, Development, R&D Marketing & PR Sales team (ES, FR, DE) Warehouse HK & China Own production chain Own factory Global logistics CHARGE ALL YOUR DEVICES
  3. 3. IDAPT > Solutions of charging needed Global issue not solved yet 85% of the population has 2+ electronic devices  Global and common problem At least 1 new device in each home every 6 months  Regular need Opportunity New standard for mobile phones/smartphones = microUSB  Remodeling of the charging shelves. A new category appears: Universal charging solutions with and/or added value charger  Apple, Gaming, GPS, Cameras, Tablets, etc. These devices will NOT use microUSB = problem of chargers and cables will remain Wireless chargers (Duracell, Powermat, etc.)  Big PR campaign = they’ve created a demand  Marketing mix not mature: - Low compatibility - Too high prices - High return rate - Reduce the repetitive business of casing, housing and protections Need to redirect these people towards IDAPT CHARGE ALL YOUR DEVICES
  4. 4. IDAPT > Simplicity / The best marketing mix of the categoryINOITULOS launched IDAPT in 2006 with the objectiveof simplifying the use of mobile technology.In 2010, IDAPT was distributed in more than 25 countries.A 2nd round of investment in 2010 helped consolidatingthe markets and creating a whole range of solutions. Portable Desktop CHARGE ALL YOUR DEVICES
  5. 5. IDAPT > Interchangeable tip system Technology INTERNATIONAL PATENTS UNIQUE UNIVERSAL FUTURE PROOF Works with all the IDAPT Compatible with IDAPT launches new range 4500+ electronic connectors as new devices devices are released on the market CHARGE ALL YOUR DEVICES
  6. 6. PROMOTIONAL MARKET > Let’s brand it! Why? CRM STAFF  Use IDAPT as a promotion tool / gift to your clients and colleagues.  They will use IDAPT and remember your company everyday.  IDAPT is recognized as a quality and very practical gift.  IDAPT is original compared to what they usually get. Offer personalised gifts internally and externally CHARGE ALL YOUR DEVICES 6
  7. 7. PROMOTIONAL MARKET > Let’s brand it! How? Customized pack - Product with logo - Standard pack with logo - Customized tips Premium pack - Premium pack with logo - Customized tips - Product with logo CHARGE ALL YOUR DEVICES 7
  8. 8. IDAPT > Simplicity / The best marketing mix of the category Tips IDAPT i1 Eco IDAPT i2+ IDAPT i4Patented system of i2+ is your personnalinterchangeable tips for the i1 is the only charger you’ll desktop charger for home I4 is the most completewhole range need, anywhere or office existing desktop solution- Compatible with 4000+devices- Future proof- Compatible withSmartphone and all otherdevices - The most ecological - Modern design for an - Premium finish- Made for iPod, iPhone and charger on the market affordable priceiPad (auto-off, recyclable materials, high efficiency…) MSRP from MSRP MSRP MSRP 7.99€ 19.99€ 34.99€ 49.99€ With 3 tips CHARGE ALL YOUR DEVICES
  9. 9. PRESS > Awareness IDAPT A BRAND THE MEDIA LOVE Impacts Great evaluations More than 250 relevant impact within 1 In average, IDAPT receives 8,5 as a year in the UK… and millions of impacts grade… much better than any other globally (Google) competitors CHARGE ALL YOUR DEVICES
  10. 10. SALES > Global success GLOBAL AWARDS From the most reknown French business School HEC PARIS Startup of the Year 2008 From the Startup agency of Barcelona Most Innovative Company IFA Trade Show 2009 & 2010 & 2011 - Awards Most Innovative & Easy to Use 2009 2010 2011 CES 2010 & 2011 – Awards Innovation Honoree – Portable Power Innovation Honoree – Green Technology CTIA Wireless 2010 & 2011 - Awards Fashion & Lifestyle Product Green Telecom 1st Final CHARGE ALL YOUR DEVICES