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inSpired Event 2017 - NS (Dutch Railways) - From service forum to revenue driver


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Keynote - From service forum to revenue driver, by Merel van den Boomen, Manager Customer Contact Management NS & Bart Meerdink, Social Business Strategist inSided

Published in: Technology
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inSpired Event 2017 - NS (Dutch Railways) - From service forum to revenue driver

  1. 1. Merel van den Boomen • • @merelvdb Bart Meerdink • • @bart_meerdink From service forum to revenue driver #inSpiredEvent2017
  2. 2. 1 spoor Merel van den Boomen & Bart Meerdink
  3. 3. Watch video:
  4. 4. About NS 1M+ travelers per day . . . . . . 6M customer contacts per year 4,376 train related flirts per year ;) 500k travel advices per day . . .
  5. 5. NS is a useful and inspiring travel companion which helps you to personalize your journey. Wherever you are.
  6. 6. Online as primary channel Self-service first Excellent human assistance when desired
  7. 7. ‘14: Start pilot ‘15: 3y buca achieved in y1 ‘17: Leading in new digital strategy ‘15: Full launch & going public! ‘16: Full embedded channel
  8. 8. Forum iskeyinourservice mix 12 super users generate 25% of all comments 1.5M call reduction per year 52% peer-to-peer support 1.8M questions answered per year
  9. 9. Get your customers advice and support from real experts Provide your customers relevant and trusted advice from the best possible experts: your own community of experienced customers. Anytime, anywhere.
  10. 10. Italready happens inthe community! 25% % of topics on subscriptions
  11. 11. Advice &support from experts narrows the conversion gap 0.00% 5.00% 10.00% NS all users Community traffic 4.55 9.22 +2% of online sales with community as first entry point Conversion rate
  12. 12. Advice &support from experts increases order value Averageorder value € 0.00 € 50.00 € 100.00 NS all users Community traffic 38,17 82,22 Correlation in particular on complexer subscriptions
  13. 13. Partnership 2018&beyond • Add conversational commerce instructions to moderation playbook, improve tagging and optimizations • Expand the commerce case • Improve conversations with embeddables Conversationalservice& commerce • Improve design & mobile UX by migration to branded templates • Offer a seamless experience by SSO • Explore possibilities with personalization and custom audiences Technology / platform
  14. 14. The future of online commerce & service is conversational
  15. 15. Merel van den Boomen Bart Meerdink #inSpiredEvent2017 Email: /