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InSegment - 50 Inspiring Homepage Designs

50 Inspiring Homepage Designs

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InSegment - 50 Inspiring Homepage Designs

  1. 1. ‘înSegment 50 Inspiring Homepage Designs
  2. 2. InSegment wwwJnSecmemmm lntroductbn Ecommerce Enteminment Design Retall Internet Servite; Conclusion TABLE 0F CONTENTS 18 24 35 45 53
  3. 3. Smàséirvnx-Huméme 06st»: Introduction You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That's why your homepage is undoubtedly one of the most important pages on your website. For any given company, the homepage is its virtual front door - and face to the world. If a new visitor doesn't Iike what they see, their knee-jerk reactîon is to hit the "back" button. Don't Iet that happen. Check out these 50 examples of brilliant homepage design to inspire your own homepage design strategy. InSegment wwwinsegmentcom
  4. 4. EÈiÎ l: i Mi M E F? ‘f ÌE EÌitîîi-_. À_i: r4i ‘File. . ‘_-, i ‘- F”
  5. 5. u? ’ 50.00 LUHSHÎfi e 4 j e i s» HOME ABOUT U5 TEA& SPICES ACCESSORIES CONTACT BLOG E: RECIPES x-xm >4 a0 BUTTER ME UP DORIAN GREY Far lhc hcdonin nino dona"! Enl Gay‘: flnmboyant bmlhur. Addcd unilln ulxcx. .. MARRAKESH FRESH Conliwwu te Iprnd «in In. wikh «hm. oompromiw, bulluupkchw. S460 LUHSE TEA The iook and feei of this ecommerce homepage gives the brand a personal characteristic that u) S t m egmen makes it stand out from many others.
  6. 6. FIT W FHAME Z'EZLÉ“““ Beautìfully designed, large scale original screen prinfs. ON TWITTER @FITFORAFRAME FIT FOR A FRAME A great feature of this homepage is that the featured items are neatly presented for all to see. You'll also notice the simple but attractive slideshow. inSegment
  7. 7. 01m îîîlifllùlfl lfilflfllîlz‘ "Kîlîìlfl = éìlîufillìllìlìîf4ilîî ‘fîzffi a: l‘, 7*. " Ì‘ ‘I V“ ' ' l I-mnu-a mflii-«T-F-x-(‘Jii-i-ll- 7 f‘ “= l*'fi’, “v. - È» "" "‘h‘ _ 6"‘h l’ ‘(I7 s; A r i _ —— / v ‘t: ‘I r Email address u, Password “À. I’, — esi» ’-‘ , a a", g; H *'— gru J ‘(ai '14:: _'x“ v v ylìkl‘ - y 4'AAAF. trY l “h” L . 25:15:12: ode" 5 Hou un UD‘ _Q(‘lhfié’l" SHOP LOCKET A simple and very charming design. The Facebook sîìnse mem enabled sign up is a much appreciated feature . . for those Iooking to avoid long forms.
  8. 8. tmm gnu. u.. .wn. ..i Qui. .. Ulm-go [Fine Sire llO. lE ABOCT RECIPES SHOP NEWSLETTERS CONTACT January Update m (unLnnK m d. '3ior1‘. flw'AlùI1jl: ( (Insula which m 1.0;, ‘ dm m m, n.1,‘), cxplonng a: much x5 wr do. xgcn; dennsirna absolutc, xlon; ma; Mm“. i_ j‘ Lmnloc Wood ncmnul ml. and Candhna’ Ada! [band on uh: Km! offinrdrn. ) '-' ‘ ghmxuunìcx) u: .1 5:» ufflhc new uL-Îcrmgé lÎyuu go m m: New Armati) Caltgur} m da: moppui}: xccuan nfuur web m: wu w: ll dlS-ZDYC! nlhcr rcccni arnvxlx. rmwunu nonuc-rs ru-rvnw ncnns Linaloe Wood Nigella damasccna Gioia làerfizme "Mcximn" absolutc Gandharaj Attar, "Fragrmt King" WHITE LOTUS A great example of placing featured products where you'll see fiìsegment AROMATICS the greatest amount of website traffic. The monthly update also gives viewers content other than product pages.
  9. 9. O inSegment 4 .0 a ’l*'l sroaes v cwuns rmunes annua I Inu- TERRORHORSE Unrequilecl & Unscaîlied COMEBACK KID NEW ALBUMS SHIRTS NEW no. “ {Jlflll Wìp Cnmebuzk x14 m n.1 . .. umhdm VSHHOÈLMOQKÎ l -; “m. .. q! m. "“? ‘*I saune 0m manu là 1,, Red Odober Janah MxlrInqn/ Kcvin second: m Cnnlubandit EVEL You can immediately tell what this website is selling. Well organized homepage of featured tems, attractive slides, and prìce tags. fznnmuoas: UPDAYES Welcnmc lo lhe New su: "h" 59”“
  10. 10. ; 'r‘ i — "m - . "t: :' *—_‘ s» ‘ '" s ' "al/ T 4'. :_‘À b E)! 01m FEATURED PRODUCTS ‘T '-< < < LEGA-LEGA You'll notice a trend: Most attractive ecommerce homepages feature their products in a clean and clutter free format. kÎnSegment
  11. 11. bags acc esso ries wallets URBAN ORIGINALS This ìs an extremely simple and effective homepage design. A vibrant background and a simple menu of product pages.
  12. 12. & HOME ù SHOP ONLINE STORH FINDER COLLECTION VIDEO Aslslhkhxxt (‘m Trlu. HLOG A8017!‘ _ vu lj""; l*j-i Hau- you hccn introduccd 10 Ba rfly yct’! VIEW THE CAM PAIGN VIDEO 81.06 NEW ARRlYALS I . SCOTCH & SODA The tìled look of this homepage works great for showcasing different €68 ment areas of the website. Neatly placed social icons make it easy to share, . 9 and the ”Latest Posts” tab gives viewers more content to consume.
  14. 14. CLOUDS OVER CUBA vu: CHIAN Mlsslu cnsrs Aun wuAv manu nAv: IIEN ENTER THF. DOCUMENTARY CLOUDS OVER CUBA Sweet and simple. This homepage has one goal; n) and that ìs for you to view the documentary. InSegment
  15. 15. UNIVEH O .0 u. ) InSegment zts‘ 49* ' ‘s: (LÀSSKS stila. MENU ' HMIHES ma. o? -W" ‘al THE AUTDDIDMÎS UNIVERSERIES SHOWHUNNERS- n SEARCH wxuum vuvm; m: IUSINESSIEI ‘ îlli MASÎERS THE HLECTIC This ìs an amazingly well designed homepage. The user experience is mesmerizing and ìmmersive. The use of shapes and colors make it a must see! SHAKE I FR
  16. 16. HllM)N—STK}< gmwwj r; U”DEKÎfiÈ tactile wood 9 ‘ ' Awful-looking whlsk là w no special place in rng hea ‘ but il does its job well. Like loenafls. ’ l W / /// / / /“ / /// /// /// ‘t THE 9 ed WELlllBl tula JÙURNEY u m M Ì se U O C 6C q‘; ' ' ‘ has been cooke ‘easured gift from a - Also doubles up a nd, wilh a thoughtful * k ( d t i ne handle that keeps ' 5 6”” a" °° Ila from gettlng cream I ’ n ‘ ' g” = = M ‘fi fvjlllî W lI-Tììz-‘srîr-sî: , JACQUI CO This homepage ìs one of our absolute favorites. The look and feel of the website is brilliantly designed, and the interactive k} s t ‘Tltelgweh. elements take this homepage to a whole other level.
  17. 17. POTTERMORE Sony did a great job conveying the look and feel of the O Harry Potter franchise. They used famìliar ìmages, elements S m egment and words to engage the visitor.
  18. 18. HEALTH LIFE This homepage has a very simple Iayout coupled with very x. ‘ interactive elements. Notice the tabs, icons and Google Maps s ‘rîtefigmehì integration. Not only does it look great, but it's helpful too.
  19. 19. '75 ‘ÉQKÌYS PIÌÉÌ YWTYIN UÎKAÀIIÌON VKILÌI A GEAll STYLE RIDES TECH BODY VICES PLAGE MÙVIES GAMES MUSIC BUDKS VIDEUS EIIOY RISPOIGIBLT. SAVI SÎUFF T00 IMI: Q runnua O UNCRATE Uncrate has always had a consistent look and feel for their website redesigns. This homepage is no different. AII of the categories and inSegment _ , . l l l pages are neatly placed across the top of the page for easy naviganon.
  20. 20. THE GOOD MAN One of the most visually attractive websites we've seen. t) The experience is fluid and takes advantage of the power nnSegmelìt behind web and graphic design.
  21. 21. d) ti A saebstzs e Jloblìr/ Ipp Ria: Media Campalgn _' SCIENCE 0F IMITATTON N? ‘ i HP (ORDS TAKEOVER ' I i I "(o ' I * C3 . . a E 9- —. E- RKCÌI Lîedla Campaigrx website 01D SPICE POWER GOTMIIJLCOM Fouw s one prolzssmlal The cava! io all mm n Gol r: in mi exclas O45 S IKT and 53x25 . "aes and flcre o‘: spce ems ewn Flashs mine «u: ma: "va-es ‘Cl m em cesvoa ma muto s ze ‘o! ‘non le zeta vu Cà"lD& qu Vykbsate SPRINT NEXIIS S 4G ‘Feamnnîza n 3o Radi Media campalgu SPRINT NASCAR "HMeGIAuHV All‘. .0 a1: ma: . u ' 4 ' ‘ zvebsxleeupitonccams BANK RlIN GAME ] ‘ ‘I " ces I0 DHSQB Conk (ìardcning: .- l’. ’ - I- I ‘ Wircd (luido (o Domestic . -» 4 L'ha‘ w . SILKTRICKY Another great example of how content can be neatly organìzed men 31mm Cumpaigrt SONY 3D WORD TAKEOVERS I4 e m Media zar-ma q’! ‘(Il son, x) into visual tiles. It presents the content in one area of the screen inSegment A , _ . and does not require much scrolling to see more articles.
  23. 23. 1 ° Knmusmg i'm Isu n: K . 2 tek [ÎÎTHEÎLÎ mi! nsnuu * ’ ; . ' " r ' 95G} I m ‘ 2 * . . ' S“ 432.14" _ . ‘f 4_)
  25. 25. ÌKSiBJOÎi 11MB’ Jtxifijxflàtîjfxfijjlljîîjlfi)lHiF{flag} . Jîsîlllîfugîìîiflî‘ MOBILE PLAVBDOK HELLO MONDAY Winner of the AWWWards for the Site Of The year, this is a very x. ‘ unique design focused on the overall look of the website. The small InSegment , , _ . and almost unreadable text keeps VISIÌOTS focused on the vnsuals.
  26. 26. @ WE AREA BIIIITIIIIIE DESIGN & AIIIIEIITISING AEENBY IN TIIRIJNTII CIEAR NAVIGATIIIN. watch our video to learn u howjib will help you get where y0u’re going. JIB The colors of this website compliment each other perfectly. You'll also notice the texture of the background that runs with the overall theme of the brand. InSegment
  27. 27. FOR THE BRAND ABOUT WORK CLIENTS CAPABILITIES PROCESS CONTACT 817.768.3011 REQUEST A QUOTE t inSegment IEATURkD CAS». srunv WYNIIHAM JAIJE uva: AWAHI] ININNINII WEIIEITEE . L-l)li I. ' EURT '()R'l Il. .'() BEH. < > . C S J l-‘rom a custom ficebook page lo an emexprise _ R O o e S " '. leve] website, we work hard (o make sure the anemion lo usability and clean design never OUR COMPRÈHENSIVE APPROACII WRVQXS. VISIT US IN THE NISTOMIC FUMI WIIMTH Del" ’ . ' ‘ I hl l‘ ' sToCKYARbs ‘îàîìîvîîîcîfîfîîttcî. '"°‘ imîunxn use srum IHE HEIP IIESK À r CLICK HERE L: m THE MAP .0 4-- RIDE FOR THE BRAND The old school look and feel ofthis homepage is amazing. The custom design elements set it apart from others and the continuous side scrolling aspect makes it an interestîng experience for visitors.
  28. 28. ,15’ ‘x. ‘I 13.4 ma HBDIJI ME PDIIIFDIID 15341577145 MY ama ruumtr MI m ÎmuaJ-w ì E I IIIlE TU MFIIIE I r ‘ I . .5 j I SINIIE MDVING III IIIINIIDII IIFE N115 GIIIIEN IIERY INIERESIING. MY DESIGN IIDRIIDNS IIRVE NEEN DPENED IIP RND I'M REIIDY ID MEEI IIIE NEW CIIIIIIENGES IIIIEIID! | IIM Il GRRRNIIÎIWEIISIIE DESIGNER, DDRN RND RRISEII IN SIIDIIRND, NDW IIVING III DIIRIINEIDN, DNIRIIIII | WDRN FDR IHIIIIIWDRNS R5 II GRRPHIC DESIGNER. . V . , . 1:2 AN DY PATRICK DESIGN A simple and well designed homepage with a clear message to it's visitors. The color scheme conveys the character of the brand x) s and also shows the style of this particular designer.
  29. 29. 9 CREATE DESTRDY The Brigade is a design studio in Portland, Oregon, with a passion for user-centered design, great art and formidable technology. LATEST VVÙRK ananas-no 9040s un: + ÎÌS IN IHE “NEW . _ 5 Inooîsîvveaîirusraasenon E 3 a Son THIS IS THE BRIGADE This homepage has great presentation. A large banner to convey O the message and segmented sections to break up the content. inSegment
  30. 30. BUILT BY i i IIÉINIÈ W094 iliîCali’ FEED 40:35 ((ì‘. 'fC' A higher plain . au—. —un—. —n BUILT BY BUFFALO Another one of our favorite homepages. This site puts a spin on the tìled style of presenting ìts content and pages. Using s t different shapes and colors to set themselves apart.
  31. 31. GALPIN HARD WDRK & Ìif là? > ifixi i'll. IÉ-i I5 MY FÙRMUIA FUR MAKING THE WEB A BETTER PLAGE. , -Î V-— -. ‘ mn mm u 1/ ‘ l: ‘r ‘i . NON! AIOUV DOWNlOAC | E 1 I . rvwlex . €omv""lylvoc, Anidnmiuxandpaupahr. A mm, Ihfldy. ami dwubk GALPIN This site does a great job at using typography to showcase it's character. Notice that it does not focus on graphics, but more S t ‘. 'Î. .‘Î9“‘e. ”. on the text and how it conveys its messages.
  32. 32. III [I2 Wl-ÌB SI'I‘I‘IS I. "I‘I'IRl’. -( ‘l'18 unwr 1mm 0m. m”. 1.0005 & vmico ('0."I‘. ("]‘ g À I/ rI/ A flflhlfl‘ I Myname isVaiiim Iiesignwah siles iilam designer Iuserinteriace Iivinu ani wnrking Ialsniuretnuchinu in Mnscnw wnrk Seemynuiliaiiu * IIIIWIIIIIIIIIW * finntaclma Sei my aiiitiunai works un MADE BY VADIM Vadim is concise and too the point. You can see examples of his work while the homepage provides direct access to InSegment , ' _ wwwinìexmenlzom the most important aspects of hlS business.
  33. 33. Work r‘ 2 J 'l ‘ullscreaiiz business IIICUUdIUT erl internati cerco! sliout‘ . .? èss L1; deily fresh dm. iiiterijur IIYUUIIC shop keepwoublin ‘1/0/g1s14'. ‘- 1312/ l I ART 8c CODE The use of interesting icons in a gridded Iayout give this website an attractive and clean look. Sometimes, less is better. inSegment www msenmeni mm
  34. 34. RILEY CRAN PORTFOLIO ABOUT CONTACT BLOG WORK Branding. Identity. Packagìng. Illustratìon CHRISIIANA È A RILEY CRAN Another tile based website. What sets this site apart from others msegment is how the entire site is set within the page. No scrolling necessary. www iviiogmem mm
  36. 36. _ . ,' . ‘ o r ' - 1 A ' ' ' i a, * » » ‘ - - ‘o ‘ì ’ ‘ _ _ _ - v -4 . . 4 j _ _ J. - ‘ J} 1 J , ..J REI One of REI's much cooler pages. Showcases a variety of user u) submitted photos in a familiar tile based Iayout. Scro| Iab| e from InSe ment , , A , , , _ . . M w. snde to snde Wlth mteractnve elements when hovermg over Images.
  37. 37. AUSTIN HEÈRWDHKS un IIIWEIV nvum CDMIMJNIW (ouucv WHY TOUR BEERS T0 START’! ‘ ‘ we're no! dwpoing uur me mm me mm wnh ; compie vfswfe sxynes. We're uommntca, expenenced ma: blewers ma wc carne m pany. w: brew bear: ma: w: film m dnnk— and mese are ourfavmxes. So w0c puumg our m: Rxx 10mm — we ius! hapoen m nave four DHMNL FIRE EA muco. Htlfl vwulsa wuso 10mmsasiewunxsvxuwns. s‘ É AUSTIN BEERWORKS The colors and presentatìon of their product are just so invitìng! Clean, white background coupled with hìgh resolution product wwwmîegmenlcam images can make anyone thirsty for an Austìn Beerworks beer. inSegment
  38. 38. 11|) IAQUET DROZ THE BIRD PeEPEATER JAQU ET DROZ The product is in your face and isn't trumped by any other x. ) visual eîements on the page. You see it, it's gorgeous, and mSegment you want to buy one.
  39. 39. I. wn. éwvanvuwvvnw wvnz-vv; wvcîuvwwweuva-www CALAMARI MISTO Kick up your meal with tender. hand-cul strips of calamari. A 444m “l; 44g» un su q; I ITALIO KITCHEN lt isn't often that restaurants focus on homepage design, but this s. ) site did it right. A large attractive slideshow across the top of the page, inSegment . - w. ‘uhm followed by more images of delicious food!
  40. 40. inSegment | l 4 usar un r: slum 9.; .4‘ Il 5 I; ‘MAî-JlaypLflmI-nrnulnruf TV SAFETY 'A"r. "'. î{ D}: h . r 3 n, . e r r‘. I ‘IIIE i111?‘ HIWIE Xllllllllîfikì Chck (c su: rv saluly muunrmg Emu! Zip code nem m see r3.. . înhmmrslmnrSAf-‘US smvusnnarznrsvweauyou The cartoonish animation and text give this site a very consistent look and feel. You have the three main menu items within eye shot and each button pops out at the visitor.
  41. 41. GREYGOOSE POMEGRANATE SPARKLER BRING IN THE NEW VEAR WITH A SPARKLING COCKTAIL FEATURING GREY ‘ ‘ , GOOSE ORIGINAL, POMEGRANATE JUICE AND CHAMPAGNE ‘ i‘ q; i‘ ’ V ‘i’? 1.? ‘ i’ ' w , r. " SEE POMEGRANATE ViEW ENTIRE DOWNLOAD SPARKLER RECIPE I HDUDAV HCLKDAY RECiPE y coLLEcrIoNn 500x41!» x“ A. “ I r— ci a ‘sie i — h‘ , s‘: e c. ‘ 3/ " s, . E GREY GOOSE Presentation is everything. For Grey Goose, it's about elegant, u) high resolution images and a very slick Iayout. Nothing on the inSegment page draws too much attention from the main elements.
  42. 42. Éftilflmiflxflil wmìu, IZCREAIEVBURSTHHV i'm Hm" “"1 ' °-' REAL OWNERS i" REAL STURIES ALl MIJDEHEAR LUIZAHIIN CAMRVPRIDE FEAÎLIRES MILEABE DRIVINGEXPERIEMIZE DEPDGIJABILHY STVLINB >1;- fncnd nvms a ma * To_ola(. 'axur_. a:oo4 ‘ ‘ I _ y rum: .7‘ ; carngmuauomcmnr, l » vnunsmnv . . ‘ Tbc) uscdm mm a 1982. , 4 ì mm, and a x996 camn. Non , Ilmrnuxl(Jmnnunrrswllnuullrxr __ _ ‘ “m? q _ "m. mm! » k ’ . . ‘mm 1 l . - à — ‘ I‘? PEIEF nrwslvunsammunm , _ . . ‘t’ mamma nmvmsunnurmvzrus d '— v urscmnnm ‘ maur- . v ‘ . l s _ - A ‘zar-w , -— JANETR ‘ ' DIAHAF ‘ / K camuna N‘ _ uusnnmn _ _ , ‘N ; _x. : __ _ _ I w. una. 1 — . .—— , ' _ ‘ I q 9 ' a - ‘ ÈjlluîdfiiflillllillIillillllllll! wucnuvu. ..‘ ’—————-——— — . THE WORD THAT BES‘! DESCRIBES CAMRV IJRIVERS NICE SMART RESDUREERIL RESPONSIBLE TOYOTA Toyota did a great job at creating a very Pinterest-like website for Camry Iovers. There's an assortment of images, statìstics, articles, and charts. inSegment
  43. 43. ma‘ m. ..» " 2’ a‘; Ù w GOT MILK? Although this homepage ìs no Ionger up, it's a great example of msegment brilliant homepage design. There are so many interesting elements wwwminnmenxznm on the page that attract the visitor to explore the entire page.
  44. 44. m4o vouu a-Duas‘ w RESTAURANT menu PROTECT THE fl roqîmaiiii g g START G90 BUFFALO WILD WINGS This is a great example of a webpage that is built with a consistent look and feel ofthe brand. Colors, design styles, and fonts are all in S t Iine with the company image.
  45. 45. iJF‘ìÎ'ÎEÎ F4 N ET EÎiî‘», À-i«. ei/ | F ‘ LE’.
  46. 46. ti‘: _ Chrome ‘ Expemnen! See ma max: o! me well hrauqh! (u un: (hmuqh 5 camma Experxmenls. open (o xne wflfl anime. Live mm ma 508M? Musenn. Larman. ENTE! mi LAI The web15 what you make 01|! CHROME WEB LAB inSegment www mSeRmenI mm I 4 v ’ ‘T -c_ The visual stimuiation of this homepage is amazing! As soon as you Iand on the homepage, you're bombarded by colorful shapes that seem to flow off the page.
  47. 47. Popular People Upload Join Log In v " " Holhfiiamnsryinxx Shmios : _ i mamma ansa IHSNWGBMQ Kamnn Cna-yio Shrrsds sommi. ) The San : .L “un. ” E, ’ , L.ì‘n[LHd«ì‘ m) m»; m r 1' UITÌIÌ VIDDY A great example of how a "Sign in with Facebook” button can mse mem simplify the registration process and increase the number of « members to your service.
  48. 48. '. («Q9 _ r’: «. -‘<ll[[, I ‘r, . Ì. ‘<5 - Illnl, " 1’ llv_. '_'. I.I. I.I. :.-. -;’{'. -’/ _4zÌÌ’/7,, ‘,', '{_/ //, ,y, . g llll I’: IlHIIÌIIhI/ I/I/ fl/ Il/ JI/ jjj/ y/‘î. ’ L S { ‘m _gg_ .7: 1:; ,/ .;. ,_{;7;'. '.'. i'. {0.. {r, ;;, v,, ,,ì '7gl‘. '!l| lHII. ’// .// /// /{, ’ ,14.’ : _ . & V ‘ X01": . WHO IS WILDLIFE This is a well-designed and interactive website that keeps visitors Kfàsegment interested by providing them with a unique user experience.
  49. 49. Create Leavn Exploit ‘Prezi i5 helping reinvent the art ofpresentatinn Farewell, one-dimensional thinking. Welcome insiemi the nower of inter-cannection, flexibilitgr, and the unexpezîed ’Aha! " — Chrls Andmon. TED Curamr Year-over-year growth , ' - 250* millìo" , ‘ oh Puxhvîmed omin overamillion new usevsamomh r, ’ " ‘ More than one preti created every second , / ' PREZl lt was brilliant to have a video embedded right into the main msegment banner of the homepage. It makes sense for a company that creates wwwJnSzgmenLcum gorgeous presentations to be great at presenting it's own product.
  50. 50. YnSegment He already has a lot of friends . . . IM PRESS A PENGUIN This website feels Iike a story book that keeps your attention by coupling ìnteresting graphics and smart text.
  51. 51. m Problem Solution Use cases Team Business Market Timeîine Contati / ' 6 __ / / <‘ “jìx _ e <17 ti? / /'‘ g X, , . _ _ rr (Ci; N3943 k‘ ‘ ‘v m, xj . / , , CSS Piffle I Pitch deck. CSS PIFFLE The floating red button in the center of the page does a great msegment job at drawing your attention. It screams for you to click it w msexmenx mm without being flashy.
  52. 52. m ì: z îfinnabee Be the number 1 fan The most magical experience for True Fans and Collectors FAN NABEE This is a great example of a website that uses Parallax Scrolling to deliver a great user experience. Check it out and you'll know inSegment wwwwvwiflnmentznm what I mean.
  54. 54. Ma: 27/14 9/a WE SOLVE PRODUCT COMPANY l NOW PLltYlbN IN/ Wlnnows 8 TULTIMAI‘ DASHBOARD CAPTAIN DASH The mock movie poster is fantastic! Although you can't tell what O the company does at first, this design makes you want to learn inSegment _ _ _ , _ more about this Intngulng Captam Dash.
  55. 55. p5.- -—. - . 3. 9 7 fa r 0o L. ‘ lì ‘ ÎV WOODWORK ’ x; I ' Ùu“ WDIK ' snnwum , nacuv _ curr/ w j» N ‘ m e IERI-Vi: mîîflìnauoìqiî 91i»-‘I‘nt= Ilr'vrL= Ib1-ilîi= « 151:. rammenta «unitanikflnmr-vtvnxî/ îibnii. 1-1niti»: nuanmìtalunnur IuwIL-Iîtonr.
  56. 56. ‘inSegment SAGMEISTER WALSH 2142.79 vlfimk H c” ilrl: ‘x i l p p. r I s The use of an over head image of the actual office is truly creative. Each element on the floor can be clicked and definitely sets this website apart from other design firms.
  57. 57. ’ ‘ WELCONE 70 "MADWELL y m muz mANv AGENCV MADWELL NYC A clean and well designed homepage experience that Insegment simply showcases the quality of the company's work. www mscxmenr mm
  58. 58. RYAN EDY J amerai! agi 1 RYAN EDY As a website for professional photography services, the design plays well into what the visitors are Iooking for. A simple navigation wwwmifllìmentzom on the left and a serìes of photographs for viewers to enjoy. inSegment
  59. 59. °L| Vef fUSSeLL mmx Anoui work HEllO SELL IT. OlIvBY Flussell can help. We aem: marketing programs Ihal usa orlginallly and crennvily la mlorm, mutuata. and drive quulillad hads lo your most vmunble assai: your sales team. 11 way: for salupeople ho Mmdmlze Llnkedln Hsedthessslapslopi/ IDDGEZBSDCÈ/ mîwolktnwolk READ ARTICLE ‘Ì WE HELP SALES TEAMS SELL. Fu! us lo week and well go bsyond gellmg you a iew rsw lsads Well arm your team mm a Compiehehsive maikelmg approach thai reacnes prospscls ano cusmmars neloie, dunng, and ansi ma DIDGlIHE lS mleu Whelhar you head lo deliver produci knowledge, mamme In ma sales mira. «rs an about the lead Usmg a pcv/ eiiul a new semce or convey sales sflategles, we make your pamng or sliategy and creanmzy wur- meamnglul ofleis and message msonals. m» malevrzls mai suppon your sales lncefllwas. we deliver campaigns ma: make nhores mg, ‘ INTERNAL EDUCATION ‘ LEAD GENERATION OLIVER RUSSELL The color and subtle design elements in the background make this webpage a great example ofattractive visuals inSegment that don't take away from the core content on the page. wwwmnîcjmenmcmm
  60. 60. non: VIDEO AUDIO fluifllffl Hm ABUUT cums CUNHCT xlì mm». QUARTER REST STUDIOS This homepage is essentially just one large slideshow, paired with a simple top navigation. It gives the visitor O ‘Ffiegmenî a Iimited, but useful set of options. Nuw msuqwcn‘ mm
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  62. 62. v I 4— v 4' 3441;; About Portfolio Contact Facebook t ÉSPECIAL DAY NEEDS neauliti INVITATIDNSOàllB STllTIIlNER iiîlilii A bride's new BFF Are you a bride-to-be Iooking for a unique wedding invitation and T T v É o FLINT BOUTIQUE The font and colors play quote the role in making this a well designed homepage. The consìstency between the text and IHSEQmF-‘nî the graphics make for a great user experience. www Inîzxmenl mm
  63. 63. BLIND BAHBEfl SNOF ABOUT MENU ; é LOÈATÎDNS E5555 NEW‘ P ‘l v . l J A i3‘ l , V LAI 4 k J i}, I I‘ Il ' S‘ , rw- “ h‘ ' v-ì n”. .. s . .. I , -'. -- - "s: . Îlîqîî’ f’ r; É î 1 r 7 q ‘ l l l . ‘ l _ i l‘ . a ‘, / _ l I l / } g; ‘A -. , - _ ‘ì - - l Iîe ‘e. tal-ìàlnîiîìlgfiiìraiiliì-‘îi îilièrutfisîtliìi JiFIÌR-ùgr un. ÌÌKÒÌÉVIWWÎÌl= F=À'/ =I-WÌ| "ÎìlGl aitetaeivniticxhsaammnt i ‘lilla-rifiniti venir-la‘. n 2. S. l.
  64. 64. 64 50 Inspiring Homepage Designs Conclusion With all of these amazing examples on the internet, it can be difficult finding a style that represents your brand. Remember to do your research and visit any websites that interest you. Your goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing homepage that will also provide your visitors with a user-friendly experience. Take the time to learn about your target audience, and create a truly wonderful experience around their needs. inSegment wwwjnsegmentcom
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