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InLab FIB (UPC) at ICT Proposers' Day

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InLab FIB (UPC) Presentation

  1. 1. inLab FIBinlab.fib.upc.eduSeptember 2012ICT Proposers’ DayinLab FIBIT Technical DirectorRosa Ma Martín+34 93 401 69
  2. 2. inLab FIBinLab FIB is an innovation and research lab of the BarcelonaSchool of Informatics, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya -Barcelona Tech (UPC)Missions:• R+D multidisciplinary project development and transfer of knowledge to the society• A professional environment focused on training and developing the talent of our students: Talent training program• A learning lab specialized in informatics engineering2
  3. 3. inLab FIB• Formerly called LCFIB, inLab FIB has more than three decades of expertise in developing applications using the latest ICT technologies, collaborating in different research and innovation projects and creating customized solutions for public administrations, industry, large companies and SMEs.• Nearly 70 people (academic and technical staff + students)• Located in the International Campus of Excellence BKC (Barcelona Knowledge Campus)• Strong alliances and collaborations with other research groups of UPC (as es-CERT, Technical Research Centre for Dependency Care and Autonomous Living, etc.)3
  4. 4. R + D Areas of expertiseinLab FIB integrates academic staff from different UPCdepartments and its own technical staff to provide solutions indifferent areas of expertise.4
  5. 5. Modeling, simulation & optimization• Event simulation applied to transport, manufacturing, logistics and other services• Industrial & logistics processes optimization• Social simulation• Emergency simulation• Energy efficiency simulation• Cloud distributed simulation systems• 3D visualization Microscopic simulation of passengers movements in the new terminal of the airport of Barcelona. AENA-INDRA5
  6. 6. Smart Cities• Energy efficient building (EeB) simulation• Energy efficient transport simulation• Contextual health-care and sports applications• Smart mobility: Dynamic ridesharing, public transport routing, transport data fusion, etc.• e-participation6
  7. 7. Mobile Apps and GIS• Mobile multimedia• Augmented Reality• Geolocation & tracking• Geographic Information System• Open Street Map• Contextual mobile applications Leading the Open Street Map initiative in the Catalonia Spanish region7
  8. 8. Collaborative Internet• e-participation• Social Media• Multimedia information systems• Security, authentication, single sign on and identity management• Accessibility• Social networks usage and integration into collaboration environments• SEO, SEM, SMO• Collaboration tools for software development e-Catalunya (• Web services and technology Social networks & web 2.0 collaborative tools• P2P Catalonia Government8
  9. 9. Data analysis and management• Open data• Data mining• Dashboards and Business Intelligence• Data and information analysis• Data fusion• Big data• Statistical methods for the measurement of intangibles (satisfaction, quality, etc.) Queries and large data matrix analysis for the Centre for Opinion Studies (CEO) of the Government of Catalonia9
  10. 10. IT learning environment & services• Computer labs & IT enabled learning spaces• e-learning & virtual campus environments• Mobileapps learning lab• Video life streaming, videoconferencing and audiovisual support• Active learning technologies• Information systems for the management of studies and other university processes• IT Help desk• Quality assurance systems10
  11. 11. IT infrastructure• Management of servers, operating systems, data bases, web servers, application servers• Local networks management• High availability environments• Security infrastructure management• Email, storage, printing• Servers and applications virtualization• Central management of desktops and workstations11
  12. 12. Members of Terrassa City  eHealth Cluster Mobile apps, ICT & tourism groups12
  13. 13. Collaborative projects13
  14. 14. In4Mo. Advance Information System for the Mobility of People and Vehicles• Combine traditional traffic supervision technologies with the latest available or soon to be available ICT.• Data Filtering, Merging and Completion Module. – Filtering of data, integration of new types of data that had not traditionally been used in traffic information systems, especially those that allow real-time treatment of information. – Development of completion models for missing data coming from the ICTs. – Development of data merging models that combine large amounts of data sources unprecedented in the field of traffic. Avanza Competitividad R&D (2010‐2012)  Program vehicles14
  15. 15. Dynamic ridesharing • Point to point instant dynamic ridesharing • A pilot test is going on in a city in the Barcelona metropolitan area to share private vehicles to go to the train station located in the closest city. Users can demand the transport just a few minutes in advance. • It uses mobile technology and a tracking server. The main challenges of this project are not technological but related to social and security issues.
  16. 16. tooPath: Free mobile device tracking system• TooPath is the first free tracking system made of 100% free and open source data and technologies.• Real-time tracking of vehicles or persons using GPS systems.• Using free-access mapping data or user-owned mapping information (OpenStreetMap).
  17. 17. ALSTOM Project• Web application that allows the user to locate the position of all trains that are operating at a given moment.• Remote collection of train incidences, that are displayed in real time using a geographical map (OpenStreetMap) and a web browser.• It’s been used for early detection of incidences in AVE and AVANT trains and maintenance planning improvement.‐project17
  18. 18. Analysis of energy consumption of the tram• Measure the energy consumption of a Barcelona tram• Evaluate the total savings that would result in no traffic light stops• Using tooPath tracking tool‐energy‐consumption‐tram18
  19. 19. Energy consumption optimization• Improve energy efficiency in underground Manless Train Operation• Non linear optimization. Aprox. 7% energy saving• L9 is the first metro line without driver in Spain, and one of the largest and modern automatic line without driver of the World• C#, Visual Basic for Applications, CAD automation, Petri nets‐consumption‐optimization19
  20. 20. NZEB. Opti-Sim in Sustainability• Co-operative simulator for evaluation, analysis and optimization of sustainability (environmental, economic and social) in order to identify the best solutions for building design and construction of NZEB (Net Zero Energy Buildings)
  21. 21. APP Rehab• Energy efficiency simulator (with web and Smartphone applications) for building rehabilitation.• It calculates demand and energy consumption of a building, the cost of its rehabilitation and its environmental impact.• A tool to detect the best building solutions for energy efficiency in each case of study.
  22. 22. e-Catalunya Project• Group collaboration, e-participation and social networking platform that enables the Catalonia Autonomic Government to offer collaborative portal services to different users and professional groups.• Combines powerful collaboration tools (wiki, blog) with more traditional tools (discussion forum, calendar, distribution list, file archive)• Selected for the European eGovernment Awards 2009 in the eGovernment enabling administrative efficiency and effectiveness category
  23. 23. City Walking: an app to improve Terrasa citizens health• A solution to promote sports among the population of Terrassa, to improve the health and avoid sedentary life of its citizens.• Walking routes are suggested to engage users depending on several parameters such as the distance or time users want to spend, their age, sex and other health parameters.• Provides geographic information and POIs of the city, as well as details of commerce and resources that can be discovered along the way.• Walked routes can be shared with family or friends and Winner of Living Labs Global Awards 2012 for may be available to health specialists so they can the city of Terrassa suggest new customized plans according to patients health.• A pilot will be done in the city of Terrassa in collaboration with hHealth care providers.23
  24. 24. Data Fusion of the Catalan Health Survey• Data fusion was applied to a small examination-based sample. The objective was to improve the prediction of the Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes.• Colaboration with IDESCAT (Catalan Institut for Statistics) for the 2006 Catalan Health Survey24
  25. 25. Technical Research Centre for Dependency Care andAutonomous Living of UPC• Coordination of the CIP-ICT-PSP-2011-5 pilot B project:” Fall detector for the elderly”. (2012-2014). In the project an extensive trial of the fall sensor with more than 150 patients during their DLA indoors and outdoors will be done. The system has a body fall sensor and a Smartphone as main devices.• Coordination of FP7-ICT-2011-7 STREP project: “Personal Health Device for the Remote and Autonomous Management of Parkinson’s Disease " G. A. no: 287677 (2011-2014). In the project the inertial body sensor is used to monitorize the patient movements, i.e. step length and velocity and the Smartphone acts as a gateway to the health service.• Partner of CIP-ICT-PSP.2009.1.3 [ICT for ageing well / independent living] ” Complete Ambient Assisted Living Experiment – Market Validation” G.A. no: 250577.(2010- 2013).In the project the inertial body sensor has the fall detection and the energy expenditure capabilities combined.25
  26. 26. BONE Network of Excellence• Collaborative environment for the network of excellence and integration of other collaboration and dissemination tools. Co-leading WP3 - Electronic Communication Tools• BONE aims to integrate and disseminate the research on optical networks and communications that is being performed in Europe, as well as to demonstrate the BONE is a Network of  Excellence funded by the  advantages in the use of optical technologies over European Commission  electronic ones in communications networks. through the 7th ICT‐ Framework Program‐network‐excellence 26
  27. 27. SkiTrace & SportTraces• Website and mobile apps for Android and iPhone able to track and follow a sportsperson in real time and share location with relatives and friends using OpenStreetMap and toopath location tracking.• It provides information to competition organizers or sport facilities staff in order to improve security and organization.• SkiTraces• Sporttraces
  28. 28. Simulation of the flow of a snow avalanche• Understand the dynamics of avalanches using dynamics models analyzed by experts• Simulation helps to minimize the risks• Microsoft Visual Studio, C++, DirectX, SDLPS, SDL specification, Visual Basic for applications‐flow‐snow‐avalanche28
  29. 29. ACA Project• Find out whether there was an increase or a decrease in consumption based on data provided by the ACA (the catalan water agency) – Provides information on whether consumption from the supply network for domestic use had decreased or increased in 26 municipalities in Catalonia – Analyzes the reasons for the decrease or increase in water consumption for domestic use – Recommends ways of facilitating the processing of data resulting from water rate invoices
  30. 30. CEO Project• Web application to enable queries and data matrix analysis for the Centre for Opinion Studies (CEO) of the Government of Catalonia• R statistical software integration to allow data segmentation, weighting, selection…• WebLogic Application Server, Oracle, Java, R, SPSS‐project 30
  31. 31. Search and evaluation of the presence of Catalan politicalleaders in the network 2.0 • Study of the presence of 326 pre-selected Catalan leaders in the network 2.0 • Data Statistical analysis and graphical representation • Minitab31
  32. 32. Mapping Bolivia • A pilot project in Totora (Cochabamba) • Mapping rural areas with the support of local agents • Training support at IGM (La Paz) • OpenStreetMap technology32
  33. 33. Interconnection between the digital AMB’s street guide and Open Street Map (OSM) • Conversion project of the urban street guide of the metropolitan area of Barcelona to OpenStreetMap from static shapefiles to a multi user editable geospatial database • Custom rendering of map symbology and custom features to meet actual printed map design to a web map • OpenStreetMap, PostGis, Java, Python, C++33
  34. 34. Augmented reality in the Archeological Museum ofCatalonia• Mobile augmented reality application to allow visitors of Olèrdola Castle to discover in a free way around points of interest that show the history of the emplacement• Augmented reality, HTML5‐reality‐archeological‐museum‐catalonia34
  35. 35. RegControl: Planner of irrigation and validationmodule• RegControl® is a service that manages on-farm irrigation on behalf of farmers• Using advanced agricultural knowledge, state-specific parameterization and daily meteorological and field data, RegControl® optimizes the irrigation schedule, implements it, verifies the field results and notifies any anomalies• Metaheuristic local search algorithm, non linear optimization, C#‐planner‐irrigation‐and‐validation‐module35
  36. 36. Simulation of demographic evolution of a population• Highly scalable simulator to study the demographic evolution of a population and to reproduce the internal interactions among individuals.• It’s a tool to help in analysis and decision making processes for policy (for example in migration policies).• It uses agent-based modeling and supercomputing and can be applied and extended to other research areas such as economics, archeology, psychology or sociology.36
  37. 37. Development of a coils sequencing tool for flat steelfactories• Design of automatic sequences for a steel manufacturing plant• Problem classified as NP-hard combinatorial type• Improve the quality of the sequences, reduce errors and increase the flexibility of the workforce• Heuristic optimization‐coils‐sequencing‐tool‐flat‐steel‐factories37
  38. 38. Simulation and improvement of the intermediate storage of a printing company• Develop a simulation model to analyze the operation of intermediate storage of a large printing company, as it was identified as the bottleneck of the production plant.• Improve the efficiency of it by detecting, defining and implementing improvements in its management and / or operation.• Visual Basic for Applications, Real time Arena simulator‐and‐improvement‐intermediate‐storage‐printing‐company 38
  39. 39. Simulation project of the new airport terminal inBarcelona• Study capacities and flows of the new airport terminal area• Allow setting adjustments in design or construction of the initial configuration of the processors of the new South terminal• Witness simulator‐project‐new‐terminal‐barelona‐airport39
  40. 40. Simulation of the implementation of a fleet of AGV inthe Prat de Llobregat production plant• Integration of a fleet of automated guided vehicles (AGV)• Optimize movements in order to serve the planned daily production planning and to detect dead-locks points• Real time simulation embedded in the production system. The simulator has been used as a replacement of the real plant in order to test and improve the AGV mission and AGV control system• Arena simulator‐implementation‐fleet‐agv‐production‐plant40
  41. 41. Simulation of reception, expedition and pickingareas of a pharmaceutical products plant• Development of a detailed simulation model of some main processes in a pharmaceutical products plant, that was involved in deep structural changes due to the merge of different company activities.• Used a specific methodology, LeanSim, designed to create models for manufacturing and logistic system• C++, Delphi, DirectX, SDL specification‐reception‐expedition‐and‐picking‐areas‐pharmaceutical‐products‐plant41
  42. 42. Optimal design of sequences in multi-model carfactories• Solves the problem of the optimal input stream of cars on the painting plant• The optimal solutions maintains the stock of each car model at a desired level at the PBS and WBS buffer• Non linear optimization‐design‐sequences‐multi‐model‐car‐factories42
  43. 43. Simulation project to the SEAT factory in Martorell(Barcelona)• Simulation study to enable the assessment of new algorithms to optimize the process of vehicle lot sizing for painting booths P12 and P13 in the SEAT factory in Martorell• Design of an embedded simulation system to assess sequencing heuristics for lots of vehicles in the painting workshop• SDL specification, Generic LeanSim simulator, Office and Microsoft VBA43
  44. 44. Simulation study of a sorting center for postal letters• Study a design proposal for a new semi-automated sorting center• Ensure that the classification for each destination is finished in a time limit to the logistics chain with subsequent delivery• Visual Basic for Applications, Real time simulator Arena 44
  45. 45. MobileApps Learning Lab• Suite of services designed to facilitate and enhance learning of technologies associated with mobile applications.• Oriented to a community of students highly motivated towards mobile technologies and with excellent development skills• Public repository of mobile applications developed by FIB students as either course work or final projects.• Loan of mobile phones, access to developer programs• Access to public open data and platforms45
  46. 46. Web and Intranet of the e-Photon ONe and e-Photon ONe+ Network of Excellence• Design, develop, setup and maintain the website and the Intranet of the network of excellence• e-Photon One: Network of Excellence (NoE) funded by the European Union as part of the Sixth Framework Programme focused on the “Broadband for All” strategic objective• Integrate and focus the research performed by universities and telecommunications companies and operators on optical communications networks‐and‐intranet‐e‐photon‐one‐and‐e‐photon‐one‐network‐excellence 46
  47. 47. Contact us +34 93 401 69 41 c/ Jordi Girona 1-3 Campus Nord. Edifici B6 08034 Barcelona Spain Twitter: @inLabFIB47