Best leadership award


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Best leadership award

  1. 1. ForewordNomination = subjective point of view=> A subjective presentation from my point of view!
  2. 2. Outstanding achievements for the team Good leader Good Role model ofatmosphere the teamof the team
  3. 3. Outstanding achievements for the team??? Ngan Role model of the team Good atmosphere of the team
  4. 4. Achievement?
  5. 5. Team atmosphere and members’ development 2 members of ICX inher term became VPs Connection among of the next term subteams increased with joint jobs among sub teams created Members are willing to express their emotions and feelings more in team meetings
  6. 6. A leadershould be like this?
  7. 7. No! What I adore in Ngan is…
  8. 8. Ngan of before-VP stage• A cold salesman• Hard to get on well with for a IS member like me• Appear to always follow the rules
  9. 9. Ngan of VP stage• Still follow her rules but much opener to members and more sociable• Funnier and easy to joke as well as make joke on!• Connective to members for honest sharings.
  10. 10. In my view• A leader should fade the gap between her and her members=> Ngan did this very well!!!