Download Video Card Drivers to Repair Your Video ProblemWhen your PC isnt playing video, often the only way to repair the ...
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Download video card drivers to repair your video problem


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Download video card drivers to repair your video problem

  1. 1. Download Video Card Drivers to Repair Your Video ProblemWhen your PC isnt playing video, often the only way to repair the problem is to download newvideo card drivers. This is because faulty and outdated drivers are usually the culprit when itcomes to improper video playback.Most of the time youll need to uninstall your previous video drivers before you download andinstall the new drivers. Lets go over the easiest ways to install and download new video carddrivers.What do Video Drivers Do?Click Here to Download Driver Checker!Video drivers are important conduits that help your computer play video. In fact, video driverstransmit information between your video card and your operating system. In effect, they arebridges that facilitate communication between the devices. So you can understand howmalfunctioning video drivers will make it impossible to view video on your machine.Each media card manufacturer equips their video card with different drivers. While there issometimes cross-compatibility, most of the time video drivers are unique to specific manufacturers.This is one reason why PC users have to often go online to find new drivers.3 Steps to Locate The Right DriversIf you need to find new drivers, you should first ensure that your actual video card has beenproperly installed into your system. Dont mess with the hardware until youve gone through andchecked to make sure that software isnt the reason for your video foibles. Once youve checked tomake sure that your card is properly installed, you should do the following. 1. Download a new video driver from the manufacturers website. Usually, this means you have to navigate to the "Support" or "Downloads" section of the manufacturers site. This is where most of the video drivers are housed. Look through the list of available drivers and choose the updated driver that is compatible with your operating system. 2. You might then need to uninstall the previous driver. You can do this by opening up "Device Manager" which is located within the "Control Panel." All you need to do is find the old driver, click on it, and then click "Remove." Then, your computer will prompt you to restart so that the changes can take effect. 3. Once youve done this, you can install the new video driver. After your computer has booted up, simply double-click the driver that you downloaded. An install wizard will probably open up, so you can install the driver using this wizard.Sometimes you can find necessary video card downloads by using Windows Update. This is due tothe fact that Windows Update looks through an online database to find updates and fix-its for yourcomputer. Windows Update will be particularly effective if youre using a stock video card, that is, avideo card that came with your computer. Its very likely that Microsoft has readily availableupdates for the video cards that come preinstalled on most PCs.However, dont be surprised if you cant find the right video card using Windows Update. The fact ofthe matter is, you might have to use specific driver update software to find the right driver for yourmachine.Driver Update Software Works Fast...and EffectivelyDriver update software is built to scan your machine for all of its outdated drivers. The softwarethen notifies you which drivers need to be replaced, and then locates and downloads the newdrivers for you. In a sense, its a package deal, because the software actually accomplishes all ofthe processes necessary in installing new drivers.This is why driver update software is one of the most effective and efficient ways to download anew video card.
  2. 2. Click Here to Download Driver Checker!