Device driver download using driver detective


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Device driver download using driver detective

  1. 1. Device Driver Download Using Driver DetectiveThis article will specifically discuss the device driver download procedure featured by DriverDetective. We will briefly mention the technology that makes sure that the recommended updatesare correct, how to check driver details, and the steps you need to take during and after youdownload any device drivers through the aid of this software.Click Here to Download Driver Checker!Ensuring and Checking the Correct Driver Updates Before DownloadingAfter scanning your computer and its hardware devices with Driver Detective for free, the next thingthat you can consider is to download the recommended driver updates. You can rest assured thatthe recommended updates are the correct and latest available drivers for your hardware device.The reason we can say this is that Driver Detective uses a special technology called "MachineIntelligence." This technology assures that you will be provided with the most accuraterecommendations for your PC.However, you can still check the details of the recommended updates before proceeding todownload them. In the Scan Results window, just below the Next button, you can click the DriverInfo link which will open a new window. The newly opened window will provide the details, both forthe installed and recommended drivers. The details include hardware device description,manufacturer, and the version and date of the device drivers.Downloading DriversAfter checking the details of the driver update and ensuring that it is the correct one for yourhardware device, you can now click the Next button to download the recommended device driver.Take note that you must register Driver Detective first before proceeding with the downloadingprocess.The downloading time depends on the size of the drivers to be downloaded, and if you dont knowhow to install driver updates on your computer, you can click one of the provided links in theportion of the downloading process window labeled as "Solution Articles/Videos For: your Device."The knowledge base articles include "Zip File Installation" and "Chipset Driver Installation"instructions.Once the download is finished, you will be provided with a message stating that the driver file issuccessfully downloaded, and that you can install it now if you would like to. If you click the Yesbutton, Driver Detective will extract the downloaded file for you automatically. After the file has beenextracted, the device driver installation wizard will be displayed, and all you need to do is to followthe on-screen instructions to install the driver update. There are also cases when the readme file ofthe driver update will be displayed automatically.If you will not install the updates right away, you can access them by clicking the History tab. Underthe History tab, you will find the list of the previous downloads, including the complete location/pathof the downloaded files. You can also just search for the folder named PC Drivers HeadQuarters onyour computer to access the downloaded files.As you can see, the device driver downloading procedure of Driver Detective consists of just a fewclicks, and the updates for your hardware devices will be downloaded automatically for you. Afterchecking the details and ensuring that the recommended updates are correct, you will only need toclick the Next button to download the drivers.
  2. 2. Click Here to Download Driver Checker!