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Traffic Travis Review


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Traffic Travis Review

  1. 1. Traffic Travis Review<br /><br />
  2. 2. Traffic Travis<br />Traffic Travis is a free Search Engine Optimization tool you can use to increase your website traffic. <br />Get a list of “targeted” keywords to help you land on top of the search engine results.<br /><br />
  3. 3. Traffic Travis finds your biggest competitor and shows you what they’re doing. <br />Find out what keywords they’re using to get an edge on them. <br />Also, find who’s linking to your site or your competitors’ sites and use that information to gain more links.<br /><br />
  4. 4. After you use this software for your investigation, Traffic Travis includes the tools to help you actually create your web pages with enough key phrases in the correct areas of your page to rank highly in the search engines. <br />This software will even tell you where you rank! Not bad for a free download. <br />Most sites charge for these kinds of services.<br /><br />
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