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  1. 1. Integrated Marketing Communication Sales Presentation
  2. 2. WE AREBingo! was launched in March 2007 with a wide range ofexciting packaged salted snacks.We offer multiple flavor variants of Potato Chips & FingerSnacks.We associate ourselves with youth, fun and excitement.Bored of the regular, run-of-the-mill potato chips?We fulfil your needs for variety and novelty in snacks.At present we have 4 sub-brands in our portfolio, each ofwhich have unique values based on product differentiators. Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Mad Bingo! Tedhe Potato Chips Angles Tangles Medhe
  3. 3. POTATO CHIPS “THE CRUNCHIEST POTATO CHIPS”Bingo! Potato Chips are all about „irresistible combinations‟. They are acombination of crunchy potato chips along with yummy flavors. Theseflavors range from traditional favorites like Salted to innovative ones suchas Red Chilli & Lime Pickle.What’s new?Bingo! Pickle Tickle: Some lemons remain lemons, the tastier onesbecome lime pickle. But the naughty pickled lemons escape the jar, mixwith crunchy potato chips to tickle your taste buds! A bite of the mouthwatering Bingo! Pickle Tickle Potato Chips with just the right spicy andsour flavor of pickled lime in crunchy potato chips. It will surely make thetaste buds crave for more! Pickle Tickle is currently being launched in theSouthern parts of India.
  4. 4. POTATO CHIPS “THE CRUNCHIEST POTATO CHIPS”Potato Chips – Variants Product DescriptionPremium Salted Salted crunchy potato chipsInternational Cream N Onion Unique combination of cheese, cream and spring onion on potato ChipsRed Chilli Bijli Potato chips spiced up with red-hot chilliesSpicy Masala Remix A mix of spicy masalas on potato chips.Juicy Tomato Ketchup Succulent, ripe tomatoes on crisp and crunchy potato chipsPickle Tickle Tongue-tickling combination of achaari lemons and potato chipsFiery Red Tomato Potato Chips smeared with dry red chillies and juicy red tomatoesOye Pudina Combination of crunchy potato chips and sprinkling of fresh Pudina leaves
  5. 5. MAD ANGLES “HAR ANGLE SE MMMM….”One of the biggest successes from the Bingo! portfolio, Bingo! Mad Angles has carved aniche for itself in the consumers mind and is synonymous with the perfect triangularsnack.A combination of innovative flavours on a traditional khakra base, Mad Angles is a snackthat is true to taste and perfect flavour delivery as well as shape, making it a snack that’struly "har angles se Mmmm…"Whats new?Bingo! brings you the chaat flavour that you can savour without having to stop by the "galika chaatwala".Let your fingers dive in to the perfect combination of the taste of fresh pudina, tangytamarind, creamy yogurt and of course, the crunchiness of khakra triangles. Available inpacks of Rs.5, Rs. 10 and Rs. 20, the new Bingo! Mad Angles Masti Chaat now adds tothe excitement of Mad Angles range from Bingo!
  6. 6. MAD ANGLES “HAR ANGLE SE MMMM….”Mad Angles Variants Product DescriptionMad Angles Tomato Mischief A combination of khakra-like crunchy triangles with tangy tomato flavourMad Angles Chilli Dhamaka Crunchy triangles with a taste of chilliesMad Angles Achaari Masti Mouth-watering combination of Mad Angles and sweet-sour mango pickleMad Angles Masti Chaat A chaat flavor that you can savour without having to stop by the galli ka chaatwaala. The perfect combination of fresh pudina, tangy tamarind, creamy yogurt and of course, the perfection of khakra triangles.
  7. 7. TEDHE MEDHE “A TWIST IN EVERY STICK”Bingo! Tedhe Medhe is the popular spindle shaped formatfrom Bingo! that is a delicious blend of handpicked spices withan aroma that makes one crave for more. The taste of fierysparks which masalas leave on ones tongue is an experiencewith savouring!Just like no two things in life are the same, Bingo! TedheMedhe provides a unique experience to the consumer eachtime he consumes it from the pack, making him go beyondstereotypes and celebrating the eccentricities in life!
  8. 8. TANGLESThe latest addition to the Bingo! portfolio is Bingo! Tangles inmasala and tomato flavours. Each piece of this innovativecrunchy snack is made out of strands loaded with lip smackingmasala or tantalizing tomato flavours. Once bitten, they breakinto many more delicious strands in the mouth.
  9. 9. THANK YOU