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Presented in the IMTC MPEG DASH webinar, February 16th 2012

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  1. 1. PSS AG
  2. 2. Charter and historyInitially the group was created to do IOT test of the Packet SwitchStreaming Service defined by 3GPP SA4• Content generation : AMR/AAC, H263/MPEG4• Streaming Technology : RTSP/RTP• Features: basic streaming, Rate Adaptation, Fast Content Switching…As market requirement evolved, the focus of the group has shifted to HTTPstreaming technology:• HLS tests started in 2010• MS Smooth Streaming addressed in 2011 MPEG-DASH (Dynamic and Adaptive HTTP streaming) is the natural next step
  3. 3. Way of Working• Define test cases and test specifications taking into account – Formats and protocols – Requirements from the different contributors• Perform multi-vendor client-server interop tests – One-on-One sessions over Internet – Virtual plugfests over Internet – Face-to-face plugfests• Collect and share issues, get to common analysis and understanding• Feedback to standardization body if needed
  4. 4. Practical Organization• Regular confcalls (bi-weekly)• Technical discussions over the dedicated IMTC reflector• Face-to-Face events organisation – Participation to IMTC SuperOp! – Specific PSS meetings organized by the group and hosted by one member (once or twice a year)• Virtual events organized by the group• Co-Chairs: Yves Ramanzin (PV), Christophe Dutein (NXP)
  5. 5. MPEG-DASHTarget to have basic streaming tests at next SuperOp!16-20 April 2012• Discussions started in Q4 2011• Very early test cases implemented at PSS face-to- face event held in October• Currently discussing the scope of the tests and the definition of the test specification