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Dear Clients,

International Manpower Resources - IMR has been in service of the community
at large, where there are skill...
IMR - Corporate Structure
    International Manpower Resources-IMR is an International Manpower
    Recruiting Company and...
Why Indian Workforce
                          Indian personnel are amongst the most hard-working and efficient in the
is a string of Refineries and huge petrochemical installations in the South
    which produce excellent mechanical / elect...
Manpower Services
                             Our strength lies in our being cost effective, fast in execution of project...
IMR can provide
    Engineering & Construction Staff
    IMR has steadily grown to become the leading overseas recruiter f...
Oil & Gas
                             The professionalism and performance of the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical
Technicians Workforce
     IMR has developed a market leadership position in meeting and surpassing
     our clients Workf...
Project and Plant Services
                               IMR provide Manager, Superintendents, Engineers & Technical for ...
Air Conditioning
     Air Conditioning ● Refrigeration ● Heating ● Ventilating and General Plumbing
     Including HVAC Fi...
Corrosion, Insulation and Painting
                       Corrosion Engineers                ●       Inspectors           ...
     Maintenance Engineers                                 ●   Mechanical Engineers                            ...
Equipment Mechanics                     ●   Auto Electricians                                ●   Auto Mechanics           ...
Manpower Supply (India & Abroad)
         Oil & Gas Sector                              Heavy Engineering &

IMR - Customer Service
   We believe in service beyond customer’s expectations.

   Deliver required personnel on time as ...
IMR - Modus Operandi
     We study your requirement and discuss the details with your representative
     to obtain a comp...
Follow up
With each new assignment, our workers have to work with unfamiliar people,
new procedures, and changing routines...
Business Alliance
     We, at IMR - INDIA, seek your indulgence and make a business proposal,
     which could be of immen...
Recruiting Indian manpower brings with
                               it some in-built advantages in the shape of:
IMR - Clients
     ADECCO, Finland

     ADECCO, Norge, Norway
     Ajyalhr Solutions, Sultanate Of Oman
     Almutlaq, Sa...
Petech Limited - Nigeria
                       Rafako, Poland
                       Remak S.A. - Poland
Ginorse UAE LLC - UAE / Swiss

     Gulf Eagle Contracting LC, UAE

     Gulf Net Solutions, Saudi Arabia

     Gulf News ...
IMR - Recruitment Procedure

  Our success is due to
the strength of relationship
        with clients
IMR - Organization Chart

       Overseas Marketing for manpower services

       Negotiating Terms...




Client’s Authorisation

Client’s Authorisation

Client’s Authorisation

Client’s Authorisation

Client’s Authorisation

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Client’s Authorisation

Client’s Authorisation

Client’s Authorisation

Client’s Authorisation

Client’s Authorisation

Client’s Authorisation

Client’s Authorisation

Certificate of ISO Registration

Certificate of ISO Registration

Registration Certificates

     Registration No. 1681/DEL/PER/1000+/3/3168/91 (Valid upto 31st Dec. 2011)
Indian Manpower Sourcing
Indian Manpower Sourcing
Indian Manpower Sourcing
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Indian Manpower Sourcing


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IMR can source manpower for your projects, whenever, whereever and whatever you need.

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Indian Manpower Sourcing

  1. 1. Dear Clients, International Manpower Resources - IMR has been in service of the community at large, where there are skilled workmen available; keen to work overseas for furtherance of their prospects. Indian Engineers and Technicians are sought-after, the world over, for their technical skills, hard work and the ability to work under trying conditions. They have good knowledge of English and settle down fast in any Multi- cultural & Multi-national environment. Most of our candidates have overseas experience in Multi-nationals and yet are available at reasonable salaries. We wish to enter into a strategic alliance with your organization for recruitment of technical and non-technical staff from India. We are a Government approved and ISO 9001-2000 certified company. Bringing together the organizations needing such workers for better production and the pool of good skilled workers and this gap has been successfully bridged by the services provided by International Manpower Resources. Having been in this field for over 20 years, I can foresee a bright future in rendering this service of bringing closer the employers and employees for their mutual prosperity. We do feel that there is ample scope for us to work for you to fulfill your needs in manpower. If need be, we can meet, discuss and finalize other terms and conditions to our mutual business interests. We can assure you of complete satisfaction with our style of operation, confidentiality as well as fruitful results. Best wishes, Harish Batra President – CEO 3
  2. 2. IMR - Corporate Structure International Manpower Resources-IMR is an International Manpower Recruiting Company and hire out Engineers, supervisors and Skilled/ Semiskilled hands to the worldwide career market. We have concluded contracts with selected reputed companies and resources are made available as per the terms and conditions of the respective contracts. IMR is owned and managed by a group of highly experienced HRD professionals, who have over twenty years of experience in the field of recruitment. So far we have deputed more than 75,000 personal in various categories and fields. The demand for “USER SPECIFIC” Indian personnel in the Middle East, Far East, Europe and the American Continent is growing and they have earned the laurel in their field. To meet the exacting demands of Commercial & Government establishments around the globe, we had set up this company duly accredited, and we are registered with the Ministry Of Labour, Government of India. (Vide licence no. 1681/DEL/PER/1000+/3/3168/91 valid upto 31-12-2011) and ISO 9001-2000 certified organisation. (Upas and Anab) We supply manpower for Feasibility Studies, Design, Construction, Insulation, Production, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance services to upstream and downstream sector permanent and short term projects on regular basis all over the Global, whenever & wherever manpower requirement comes up. Gas & Oil Fields Heavy Engineering & Fabrication On / Offshore Projects Projects Refineries & Shutdown Projects Construction Projects Operation & Maintenance Highways, Airports & Seaports Petrochemical & Refineries Expressways, Tunnel & Bridges Projects Hospitality & Healthcare Power & Desalination Telecommunications Turnkey Projects To cater to the needs of our esteemed clients we provide a complete range of workforce. We also cater to supply manpower for turnkey projects, short term & shut down projects. 4
  3. 3. Why Indian Workforce Indian personnel are amongst the most hard-working and efficient in the world. They combine thorough skill and knowledge with sheer diligence. They are the most mobile workforce in the world. Due to the low pay scales in India they come at reasonable and very affordable salaries. It is for their mental make up, as well as psychological prowess that they are found in all parts of the world engaged in one or another productive activity. In the U.S, it is no secret that, a major chunk of software, hardware and medical professionals are Indians. Indian workmen / Engineer have an added advantage of being proficient in English language, having undergone their training in English, as medium of instruction, coming from a large population base, our workers are readily available for assignment abroad. Places like Hyderabad and Bangalore have become nerve centres for the software industry in South-Asia. There are at least 9 software technology parks run by Japanese, US and German firms. With no dearth Managers Engineers of software talent there is a boom in the Indian Software exports industry. Supervisors Foremen There is an increasing trend for big corporate software firms in the West to give sub-projects to Indian firms to reduce their overheads. Technicians Skilled India is a geographically vast & diverse country. This has many advantages since the spectrum and scope of skills available in India is varied & has tremendous spread. There is a homogenous mix of people and trades who excel at their skill potential traditionally practiced through generations which have worked at the same trades like the Masons of Rajasthan, Carpenters of Gujarat. There 5
  4. 4. is a string of Refineries and huge petrochemical installations in the South which produce excellent mechanical / electrical / instrumentation engineers and technicians. In the recent years India has ventured into oil exploration in a big way. Due to this there are oilfields scattered all over the country both on shore & off shore. A major portion of the workforce deployed by the oil rich nations of the Middle East comprises of Indians. After the Gulf war, Indian personnel were in great demand to handle the work & control the fire at the burning oil wells, and in the reconstruction of Kuwait’s oil industry. Indian manpower in the last 20 years has had a presence in oil drilling and exploration all over the globe. Besides local persons with varied skills, there are personnel available with experience abroad. A rich tradition of core maths and fundamental sciences in institutes like the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), IIM (Indian Institute of Management) and REC (Regional Engineering College) produce technical brains, which are comparable to the best in the world. Some amazing statistics which we recently received over email, claims that 42% of doctors are Indians, 32% of NASA Scientists are Indians, 18% of INTEL Scientists, 34% of Microsoft employees, 28% of IBM employees, 14% XEROX employees in the United States are Indians. These are statistics which are eye openers for anyone. 6
  5. 5. Manpower Services Our strength lies in our being cost effective, fast in execution of projects and maintaining a sizeable computerized Data bank. All applicants are initially interviewed and technicians’ trade tested in their particular fields, to be accepted in the data-bank. Our database consist of the entire gamut of human resources extending from artisans, supervisors, engineers, IT professionals, administrative staff, medical & paramedical and specialist in various fields. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has brought us to the forefront in resourcing business. Being the best is not easy, you are always being watched by the market critics. We stay ahead of competition by our diligence and our devotion to service. Better quality of service and price competitiveness has helped us to stay in a commanding position. The areas we specialize in are Oil/Gas (Onshore/Offshore), Construction, Engineering, Marine, Catering, Health care, Computer (Hardware / Software). The fact that we have a network of associates in India, enables us to obtain personnel from specific areas in the country such as Construction workers from Punjab & Rajasthan, Oil & Gas professional from South India, Structural Our combined capabilities Workers from Baroda / Jamshedpur, Engineers & Technicians from Bangalore, Administrative staff from madras & Kerala and so on. and multiple locations We lay emphasis on the individual solutions, which are mutually beneficial by mean that we are able matching right people with the right job thus providing a unique service to the to service global clients industry. We take great care in properly identifying qualified, trained and experienced personnel for contractual or permanent employment. It is the quality of the professionals hired by the company, which ensures the winning edge over others in today’s highly competitive business world. The belief, which keeps us going, is that “there is always room at the top.” The experience of the past decade has made IMR emerge as an agency specialized in Technical Staffing. Besides placement of staff, we also offer consultancy service and assistance with Tenders, Salary Quotations, Charge rates, staff requirement and so on. Our Clientele are associated with Petrochemicals, Power, Offshore, Oil & Gas Industries, Heavy construction, maintenance, Hospitality, Healthcare and Information Technology business. IMR has also undertaken placement of Managers, Engineers, IT Professionals, Supervisors and Artisans in various fields. We still do not think of sitting back as “Success is a Journey and not a destination”. 7
  6. 6. IMR can provide Engineering & Construction Staff IMR has steadily grown to become the leading overseas recruiter for Indian manpower for projects worldwide specializing in permanent, contracts and short term personnel recruitment. Our consultants are skilled professionals who effectively combine their engineering and construction backgrounds with specialist recruitment skill. IMR appreciates the volatility of the Engineering, Construction and Architectural business cycles and regularly manages staffing flows in accordance with industry demand. In this way, our clients are guaranteed a workforce of optimum size and cost against each of their differing projects. IMR provides construction, technical and engineering staffing including: Project Managers Quality Assurance / Quality Architects Control Engineers Landscape Architects CAD Engineers Engineers – all disciplines CAD Operators Contract Administrators Draftsman Estimators Engineering Staff Interior & Graphic Designers Construction Staff – Office / Site Supervisors Planning / Costing / Scheduling / Contract Inspectors Purchasing Officer Surveyors Documents Controllers 8
  7. 7. Oil & Gas The professionalism and performance of the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries demands international respect as we continue to set the standards for world’s best practice. So often, the success or failure of a project is dependent upon the speed at which the product can be brought to the market. As commodity prices fluctuate, opportunities and the success of the project can be governed by the time. With such large capital expenditure at risk, projects must be commissioned on budget, on time and working. For several decades, IMR has led the market in the supply of permanent, temporary, shutdown and contracting staff to the Oil & Gas and petrochemical industries. IMR has been involved in Oil & Gas projects. Personnel have been provided for Feasibility Studies, Design, Construction, Installation, and Commissioning and on going maintenance. Our experience covers onshore and offshore projects in the Middle East, Far East, South East Asia, East Europe, and North & South America. Our combined capabilities Contract Administrator Operational Managers and multiple locations Process Engineers Pipeline Personnel mean that we are able DCS Operators Procurement to service global clients Cost Controllers Project Engineers – all Design Engineers – all disciplines disciplines Planners & Schedulers Drilling Personnel Safety Personnel Off shore Staff Technicians Draftsmen – all disciplines Sub Sea Specialists Field Support Personnel Supervisors Construction Staff Inspectors Maintenance Personnel Operational Personnel Logistics 9
  8. 8. Technicians Workforce IMR has developed a market leadership position in meeting and surpassing our clients Workforce demands by meeting, managing all their labour needs. With our 24 hours per day, 7 day per week, Workforce hotline. IMR is available at all times to assist our clients with shutdown, contract, permanent, on-site management, dedicated flexible workforce. IMR combines the experience of our industry related consultants using specifically designed process that pre-screen, trade test and train workforce with unparallel accuracy. IMR services client’s requirements using processes that can consistently find the most qualified applicants. Boilermakers Cable Technicians Mason Carpenters / Scaffolder / Steel Operators – all disciplines Fixers Plant Operators / Technicians Drillers Process Operators Drivers – Light / Heavy Riggers Electricians Sand Blasters Fabricators / Pipe Fitters / Spray Painters Plumbers Toolmakers Industrial Fitters Welders – ARC / GAS / TIG / MIG Instrumentation Technicians / 6G / 5G / PLATE / BOILER etc. Jointers Semi – Skilled Workers Machinist / Machinist – CNC Unskilled Workers Mechanics – Diesel / Patrols IMR’s network of in-house experts in industrial relations and workplace health and safety ensure that we remain informed of the latest employment developments. This makes us more than qualified to advise client’s of critical employment issues and develop solutions for their organizations. IMR is fully conversant with site and industry specific requirements such as Pre- screenings, testing, medical checkup, on-site inductions and much more. IMR Trade Workforces – Skilled – Semiskilled – Unskilled staffing support for today’s industry. 10
  9. 9. Project and Plant Services IMR provide Manager, Superintendents, Engineers & Technical for power generation projects, Environmental, LNG, Petrochemical, Processes & Refinery projects. The Idea is to provide our client with manpower at very competitive prices who have the competence to perform Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Startup and Operation & Maintenance of Power & Hydrocarbon Facilities etc. IMR manpower services will include providing: - Managers (Project, Mechanical, Instrumentation Engineer Electrical, Piping, Fabrications Commissioning/Startup etc.) Managers Superintendents (Project, Boiler/Plant/Environmental Mechanical, Electrical, Piping, Managers- Engineers Fabrications etc.) Control Room Operator Design Engineers (Mechanical Civil/Structural-Engineers (Rotating / Static Equipments), Piping, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical/Electrical Instrumentation etc. Designers Our success is due to Planners/Schedulers Piping Superintendents- the strength of relationship Engineers with clients DCS/I&C Engineers SCR/Nox/Scrubber Specialists. Gas/Steam Turbine TA’s Upstream Professionals Contracts/Cost/Project (Reservoir / Petroleum, Drilling, Controls Well Petro/Geophysicists, QA/QC/ Site Managers- Production etc) Engineers Any other categories associated with the Power generation, Hydrocarbon Industry, Petrochemical Industry, can be provided at short notice. 11
  10. 10. Air Conditioning Air Conditioning ● Refrigeration ● Heating ● Ventilating and General Plumbing Including HVAC Fitters ● Duct man ● Sheet metal ● Insulators ● Gas Fitters ● AC Mechanics ● HVAC Electricians ● Design Specialists ● Installation Engineers ● Industrial Supervisors/Managers ● Site Maintenance Personnel ● Inspection Officers. Automotive Transport Managers ● Garage Foremen ● Stores Personnel ● Diesel and Petrol Mechanics ● Auto Electricians ● Panel Beaters ● Light Welders ● Accident Repair Assessors ● Chassis and Jig Alignment Specialists ● Spray Paint Specialists ● Engine and Transmission Shop Fitters ● Hydraulics Experts ● Master Vehicle Wheel Repairmen ● Dynamometer Specialists ● PSV/HGV Drivers ● Diesel Repair Personnel ● Fuel Injection Staff. Architectural and CAD Auto CAD Designers ● Architects familiar with Construction ● Civil and Petro- Chemicals Projects. Aviation Air Traffic Controllers ● Computer Software Defense Personnel ● Radar Engineers ● Aircraft Finishers ● Aircraft Engine Fitters ● Airframe Fitters ● Electronics Personnel ● Airport Operations Managers Camp & Catering Camp Managers ● Camp bosses ● Supervisors ● Housekeepers ● Laundry man ● Janitorial ● Chefs ● Commi - chefs ● Bakers ● Cooks ● Waiters ● Waitresses ● Hotel Receptionists ● Telephonists ● Medics (male/female). Construction General Foremen ● Construction Foreman ● Site Supervisors ● Trades Foremen ● Leadsman ● Plant Electricians ● Industrial Electricians ● Plant Mechanics ● Equipment Operators ● Transport Fitters ● Earthworks ● Shuttering Carpenters ● Carpenters ● Joiners ● General personnel with concrete experience ● Batching Plant Operators (asphalt-cement-aggregate) ● Scaffolders ● Steel Fixers ● Rebar Personnel ● Dry Liners ● Concreters ● Tie-in Specialists ● Tillers ● Bricklayers ● Marble Fixers ● Electricians. 12
  11. 11. Corrosion, Insulation and Painting Corrosion Engineers ● Inspectors ● Metallurgists ● Insulation Personnel ● Coatings Technicians ● Painting Specialists ● Thermal Insulation Staff ● Painters ● Decorators ● Coating Inspectors. Electrical Electrical Engineers ● Electrical Maintenance Fitters ● Auto Electricians ● Domestic Electricians ● Industrial Electricians ● Mechanical Repair Electricians ● Design Electricians ● Electrical Draftsman ● Transformer Specialists ● Plant Maintenance Electricians ● Electrical Maintenance Personnel ● Electrical Supervisors ● Superintendents ● Facilities Electricians ● Site Maintenance Electricians. Engineering Project Managers ● Superintendent ● Supervisors ● Project Engineers ● Construction Engineers ● Site Agent ● Process Engineers ● Chemical Engineers ● Mechanical Engineers ● Electrical Engineers ● Power Distribution IMR Engineers ● Building Services Engineers ● Mechanical Maintenance Engineers makes the difference ● HVAC Engineers ● Pipeline Engineers ● Welding Engineers ● Corrosion Engineers ● Design Engineers ● Fabrication Engineers by creating winning teams Hotel and Catering Hotel Managers ● Lobby Manager ● Bar Managers ● Restaurant Managers and Trainee Managers ● Assistant Managers ● Receptionists ● Secretaries ● Accountants ● Security Personnel ● Head Chefs ● Chefs de Party ● Head Cooks ● Trainee Cooks ● House Keeping Staff ● Front Office Staff ● Waiters ● Waitresses. Logistics Materials Management and Control Personnel ● Warehousing ● Purchasing Managers ● Procurement Officers ● Stores Managers ● Inventory Managers ● Materials Expediters ● Buyers ● Warehousing and Management Personnel ● Logistics Planners ● Logistics Computer Technicians ● Area/General Managers. 13
  12. 12. Mechanical Maintenance Engineers ● Mechanical Engineers ● Rotating Equipment Engineers ● Diesel Technicians ● Specialist Tire Technicians ● Workshop Supervisors ● Workshop Managers ● Automotive Engineers ● Automotive Designers ● Heavy Equipment Specialists ● Plant Supervisors ● HGV Drivers ● Heavy Vehicle Electricians ● Fitters ● Mechanics ● Diesel/Petrol Engine Assembly Workers ● Turbine/Compressor Mechanics. Mining Quarrying and Earthmoving Mine Captains ● Geologists ● Surveyors ● Civil Engineers ● Mine Managers ● Metallurgists ● Tunnel Engineers ● Mining Engineers ● Production Personnel ● Geotechnical Engineer ● Coal Technologists ● Process Engineers ● Development Metallurgists ● Operations Managers ● Mechanical Components Technicians ● Stores and Warehouse Personnel ● Shift Team Leaders ● Electrical Instrument Technicians ● Mine Planners ● Exploration Personnel ● Exploration Geologists ● Plant Control Systems Engineers ● Mine Administration Staff ● Mine Superintendents ● All Disciplines of Explosives Personnel ● Electrical Engineers ● Mechanical Engineers ● Health/Safety Staff ● Security Officers ● General Foremen ● Site Foremen ● Site Managers ● Trainee Instrument Personnel ● Transportation/Logistics Managers ● Vehicle Transport Coordinators ● Transport Workshop Foremen ● Plant Workshop Supervisors ● Crane Excavation Personnel ● Equipment Operators ● Plant Mechanics ● Plant Supervisors ● Heavy Equipment Mechanics ● Fitters ● Auto Electricians ● Warehouse Supervisors ● Warehouse Managers ● Computing Personnel ● Administration Staff. Petro-Chemical Tool Pushers ● Well Test Supervisors ● Metallurgical Technicians ● Geologists ● Quantity Surveyors G Materials Personnel ● Electrical Personnel ● Maintenance Electricians ● O/M Personnel ● Pipeline Engineers ● Process Engineers ● Inspectors ● Instrument Personnel ● Site Supervisors ● Site Managers ● Superintendents ● Fire/Safety Officers ● Fire Training Officers ● Instrument Design Engineers ● Laboratory Personnel ● Machine Shop Supervisors ● Plant/Transport Supervisors ● Rotating Equipment Personnel ● Mechanical Pipeline Supervisors ● Estimators ● Gas/Steam Turbine Specialists ● Training Instructors ● Drilling Engineers ● Seismologists ● Protection Technicians ● Facilities Engineers ● Ethylene Process Engineers ● Plant Foremen ● Plant Maintenance Personnel ● Mechanical Fitters ● Pipeline Fitters ● Heavy Plant/Equipment Supervisors ● Heavy Plant 14
  13. 13. Equipment Mechanics ● Auto Electricians ● Auto Mechanics ● CNC Machinists ● Welding/Fabrication Yard Foremen ● Heavy Vehicle Mechanics and most classes of Rigging Personnel. Security Security Staff ● Security Supervisors ● Security Officers for Banks- Departmental Stores-Shopping Malls Oil/Gas Plants, Refineries, Hospitals and Government Buildings, etc. Telecommunications Communications Engineers ● Radio Relay Technicians ● Radio Technicians ● Microwave Technicians ● Satellite Communications Engineers ● High Frequency Engineers ● Electronics Technicians ● Fiber optics Specialists ● Electrical Relay Technicians ● Sales Personnel and Marketing Managers. Trades Workforce General Bricklayers ● Plasterers ● Carpenters ● Joiners ● Shuttering Our combined capabilities Carpenters ● Cabinet Makers ● Pattern Makers ● Plumbers ● Electricians and multiple locations ● HVAC Personnel ● Gas Fitters ● Diesel Mechanics ● Diesel/Petrol Fitters mean that we are able ● Engine Rebuild Technicians ● Hydraulics Personnel ● Transmission Rebuild Specialists G Paint Spray Personnel ● Panel beaters ● Tool makers to service global clients ● Machinists ● Lathe/Milling Operatives ● Commercial Vehicle Mechanics ● Electronics Personnel ● Welding Personnel ● Millwrights ● Ceramic Wall/ Floor Tillers ● Flooring Specialists ● Scaffolders ● Steel Fixers ● Pipe fitters ● Boiler makers ● Painters and Decorators ● Clerical Personnel ● HGV Drivers ● PSV Drivers ● Tire Technicians ● Instrument Fitters ● Marine Mechanics ● Compressor/Turbine Fitters ● Maintenance/Service Personnel ● Industrial Fitters ● Industrial Electricians ● Light Contractors ● Plant Fitters ● Grinders ● Window Fitters ● Glaziers ● Factor y Joiners ● Auto Repair Workers. 15
  14. 14. Manpower Supply (India & Abroad) Oil & Gas Sector Heavy Engineering & Offshore Projects Fabrication Projects Refineries & Shutdown Highways, Airports & Seaports Projects Expressways, Tunnel & Operation & Maintenance Bridges Petrochemical & Refineries Hospitality & Healthcare Projects Telecommunications Power & Desalination We offer our best services for: Headhunting Catering Salary Quotation Manpower Supply Recruitment & Selection (Secondment) Oflate, we have been approached by a number of multinational organizations from various disciplines, asking us to provide special services to meet their specific manpower requirements. They have been impressing on us that they require not run-of-the-mill product, but highly specialized personnel with specific skills & we may have to resort to head hunting. This suggestion has been accepted and adopted by us to meet specific needs. There have been other special services, where in the client needs salary quotation and is prepared to accept our manpower on secondment basis. In this scheme, we provide suitable manpower for specific need of the industry at agreed rates. These personnel are retained on the rolls of IMR & deputed to various clients on day – to – day basis. The entire responsibility of servicing these personnel their salaries, perks, training, record, suitability, and availability is all looked after by IMR, thus relieving the client of day-to-day hassles of Manpower management and devoting their attention to productivity technological improvements & other important matters. The main advantage to the industry by this scheme is to get the personnel to meet specific demand. The peak Manpower needs and reduce strength requirements during the lean period is thus rationalized, avoiding any wastage by over staffing or shortage of manpower. In any industry of reasonable size, where there is sufficient manpower strength, who need to be provided boarding & lodging facilities. Looking after the convenience of the workers is a significant factor that generates contentment and good feelings in neat environments. A satisfied workman gives good efficient & optimum output. We at IMR have started providing these services to relieve the managements to attend to more important subjects. The service has been appreciated and welcomed is various industrial sectors. 16
  15. 15. IMR - Customer Service We believe in service beyond customer’s expectations. Deliver required personnel on time as per contracts. Good communication at all times – by telephone, E-mail, Fax etc. Plant visits by our management team, as required. Procedures and systems are in place to provide an efficient process - from marketing up to the placement in a suitable vacancy. Clear contracts with international companies. With our recruitment process we endeavor to provide our clients with skilled manpower as per job requirement. This is achieved by: Information sessions Advertising Scrutiny of CV’s Preliminary interview Final Interview Reference calls (If Require) Verification of certificates and testimonials 17
  16. 16. IMR - Modus Operandi We study your requirement and discuss the details with your representative to obtain a complete understanding of your needs. Our executive team takes over from here. We refer to our existing network and receive immediate feed back on the availability of the required personnel. We keep our data bank updated and duly supplement it periodically. In order to widen our choice or to locate persons to meet your precise specifications, we may also advertise in the media or if necessary, resort to head hunt. We scrutinize the resumes/biodatas received and shortlist the candidates based on merit and then invite them for an interview. We analyse of the job specification and match the candidates to meet the employer-employee equation, to avoid any disappointment due to a mismatch. The final short listed resumes / biodatas are dispatched to the employer for his final selection. To make the final selections, we offer the following options for consideration by the client. 1. If the entire selection procedure is left to IMR, where a team of professional / experts will take on the full responsibility of providing you the best work force as per your job specifications. 2. In case the principal employer wishes to carry out the selection through his team of experts, we welcome the client’s team to visit our office in New Delhi (India). We retain the services of the best hospitals and clinics in India, to conduct medical examination of all the personnel intending to work abroad. Examination includes HIV/AIDS Test. 18
  17. 17. Follow up With each new assignment, our workers have to work with unfamiliar people, new procedures, and changing routines. It is our responsibility to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. This makes far more confident and better-prepared workers. We follow up with selected candidates for pre-departure formalities, so that they can proceed to work promptly. Their medical check up, processing of travel documents, immigration formalities and air tickets are taken care by us. We keep in contact for getting a feedback from the client and endeavor to improve our system to give even better service to the client. IMR Guarantee We assure all our clients that personnel selected through us are the best available, medically fit and free from any infectious diseases. We offer a replacement, free of cost, within the probationary period of three months. In case a candidate is found medically unfit, professionally incompetent or otherwise unsuitable. IMR will bear the expenses (Visa cost and Air Ticket) in sending such candidates back to their home country. 19
  18. 18. Business Alliance We, at IMR - INDIA, seek your indulgence and make a business proposal, which could be of immense business interest to you. By way of self- introduction, we are a Human Resources Development Company and have enjoyed a position of eminence in the field of recruitment of technical and non-technical personnel for undertakings abroad. We are located at New Delhi India), as our Head Office, and operate through a large number of field units and associates in major cities in India and abroad. IMR has over 20 years of experience in the field of recruitment and are approved by Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India. This authorizes IMR to recruit and depute unlimited number of personnel for assignments abroad. As a premier agency for recruitment of Indian manpower for work overseas, we have been active in the fields of Teaching (High Schools, Universities, Language Institutes, Engineering Colleges etc.), Engineering Projects, Oil & Gas Industry, Marine/shipping, offshore Projects and Pipeline works, Building construction, Health care and Hospitality Industry. While we provide Managers, Engineers, Doctors and Teachers & Nurses in various disciplines, we are equally proficient to meet your entire requirement for Supervisors, Foremen, Highly skilled technicians and Skilled & Semi skilled staff in various categories. IMR is duly accredited ISO 9001-2000 for systematic will laid down procedures. With Globalization and policy of liberalization adopted by the Government, fresh opportunities are coming up. Multi-national companies are seeking business associates in India and we proposed to extend our services in this field. As you operate in the field of manpower recruitment, we make this proposal to you and would like to explore the possibilities of a business relationship between us, whereby we can work in association, which could be mutually beneficial. IMR Head Office at New Delhi is located in a commercial center, well furnished, equipped with all communication facilities and office automation’s. Experienced and proficient staff mans the office. India has a large number of Institutes and Universities, turning our well- qualified and skilled persons. These large work force gets ample opportunities to have field experience in various industrial establishments here and after honing their skills are available to take up any challenging jobs anywhere in the world. Indian workmen are well known for their skill, hard work and sincerity. They enjoy excellent reputation of competence in trade and reliability. You may, therefore, like to recruit in India to meet all manpower requirements of your clients and we could work with you, or on your behalf, to help you meet all your obligations to your clients. 20
  19. 19. Recruiting Indian manpower brings with it some in-built advantages in the shape of: Abundant and ready availability Well qualified and experienced technical personnel Good competence in trade Sincerity, reliability and dependability Very economical and cost effective English is major medium of instructions in schools. Our workers generally have fair knowledge of English for ease of communication. A large number of Indian workers have worked abroad, have experience of working in Multi-national environment and are again available to work abroad. We have, of late, been recruiting for clients in Gulf countries, Middle East, Far East, EU Countries and United States. Considering the vast opportunities in this field, there is plenty of scope for us to work together to tap the huge market for Indian manpower. We seek to have an association/alliance with you to work jointly, helping each other to make available the required manpower Our success is due to urgently and effectively. the strength of relationship with clients and partners Our association could be formalized as: Authorized Representatives Joint Venture Business Associates Partnership or Retainer ship basis. Such services rendered on behalf of each other could be on “Job basis” or on “One-off-fee” basis. The details could be worked out, discussed and finalized as and when the occasion arises. We will like to have your reaction and should the idea appeal to you, action can be taken to formalize and finalize business details, keeping mutual benefit as a guide. 21
  20. 20. IMR - Clients ADECCO, Finland ADECCO, Norge, Norway Ajyalhr Solutions, Sultanate Of Oman Almutlaq, Saudi Arabia AMEC Services Limited - Singapore Arabian Pipes Co LLC - Saudi Arabia Aramis Development Limited - Malaysia Aramis (Vietnam) ATCO Frontec - Canada / Afghanistan Bahamas Hotmix Limited - Bahamas Bermuda Electric Supply Company Ltd - Bermuda Bouyuges Construction Group - France Building and Civil Engineering Company Ltd - Mauritius Cakasa Engineering Services Limited - Nigeria Chevron Nigeria Limited Codest International SA (Rizzani De Eacher Group) - Italy Coifer Group - Romania Dalil Malaysia SDN - Malaysia Dar Group (Dar Al Handesha) - UK Dubai Palace Hotel (ACCOR Group) - UAE El-salama Radiator Factory Ltd, Saudi Arabia Emmar Properties WLL - UAE Engico Limited - UK Eurest Raythenon Support Services, Kazahkistan Fep Limited, UAE Hyundai Engineering Co. Limited - South Korea Income Limited - Nigeria ICRI Group - Italy Italconsult SRL - Italy Island Construction Limited - Seyechelles JGC International Corporation, Japan Joinery Contractors Ltd - Mauritius Kafear Isolirtechnik - UAE Megayeece, KSA Mostostal Plock S A, Poland Obeikan Glass Company Limited, Saudi Arabia Othaim Real Estate Investment & Development Co (Oreidco), Ksa Pae Group - USA 22
  21. 21. Petech Limited - Nigeria Rafako, Poland Remak S.A. - Poland Saipem - Indonesia / Singapore Sanken Overseas Pte Ltd - Seychelles Shin Nippon Airtech Llc, Japan Silouhette Island Resorts Limited - Seychelles Snc Lavaline Pae Inc - Canada Sri Cempaka Schools. Malaysia Taisei Corporation - UAE Transglobal Energy Inc - USA TCO - ERSS, Kazahkistan Universal Enterprises Ltd - Seychelles V - Kool International LLC Wartsila, Finland Zam Zam Hotel (ACCOR Group) - Saudi Arabia IMR Al Abbar Aluminium LLC - UAE makes the difference Al Jazirah Ford Vehicles Limited - Saudi Arabia by creating winning ADNOC - UAE ADMA - OPCO - UAE teams Abu Dhabi Gas - UAE ABB - SAE Sadelmi - UAE Al Mansoor Enterprises LLC, UAE Al Masood Oil Industry Supply & Services Co. LLC, Al Naboodah Contracting L.L.C., UAE Al Yousuf International Construction, UAE Aseel Construction Services Ltd. UAE Artem DV Corporation Inc., USA Ashai Techneion Limited, Japan, UAE, Qatar Automatic System Corporation (ASCORP) LLC. Abu Dhabi-UAE EGPC - UAE Emitac LLC - Dubai Entrypoint - Tech SDN.BHD., Malaysia Engico UK Limited Gamma - Civic Construction Ltd, Mauritius General Contact Engineering Co., LLC, UAE 23
  22. 22. Ginorse UAE LLC - UAE / Swiss Gulf Eagle Contracting LC, UAE Gulf Net Solutions, Saudi Arabia Gulf News - Dubai - UAE Inco International (FZ) LLC, UAE Kattan Conult Limited - Saudi Arabia Litwin Abb Ummas Crest - Aruba Litwin Corporation - Aruba Mohammd AL Mojil Group - Saudi Arabia Maintenance Management Group - Lebanon / Cyprus Middle East Electrical & Switch Gear Company., LLC National Petroleum Services Company (KSC), Kuwait National Kidney Foundation - NKF, Singapore Nile Projects & Trading Co LLC - Egypt Petro Consult SRL - Romania Petro Vietnam - Vietnam PM Coast Supply & Engineering Pte Ltd - Singapore Posicap Oy, Finland Profab Fabrication, UAE PVFCCO - FHU My - Vietnam Optimal Group of Companies (Petronas)., Malaysia Qatar General Petroleum Corporation (QGPC), Qatar Quality Group - Tanzania Reef Industrial Painters (Pty) Limited, South Africa Reliance Electro-Mechanical Company LLC., Dubai Sayed Ahmed Behbehani & Sons Co., W.L.L., Kuwait Societe Egyptienne D'Enterprises (SEDE) Southern Energy, Inc - USA SOS Ashai, Qatar Specialized Oil Services W.L.L., Qatar Verger Et Delporte U.A.E. Ltd., UAE Wimpy International Ltd - UAE / Oman 24
  23. 23. IMR - Recruitment Procedure Our success is due to the strength of relationship with clients We Envisage A Five-step, Six Week Recruitment Process 25
  24. 24. IMR - Organization Chart Administration Overseas Marketing for manpower services Negotiating Terms & Conditions with Foreign Clients Agreement & Contracting Logistics / Mobilisation Assistance at interview Medical and other formalities Ticketing, Visa Stamping, Emigration & POE Formalities Faculty of Engineers & Professionals Engineers / Professionals of various disciplines are responsible for short listing, preliminary Interview and selection of candidates. Assistance to the Principle for final Interview 26
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  42. 42. Certificate of ISO Registration 44
  43. 43. Certificate of ISO Registration 45
  44. 44. Registration Certificates Registration No. 1681/DEL/PER/1000+/3/3168/91 (Valid upto 31st Dec. 2011) Issued by Ministry of Labour, Government of India 46
  45. 45.