Advertising trends in the Saudi market - a look at 2013


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A brief summary of expected advertising trends in the Saudi market for 2013.

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Advertising trends in the Saudi market - a look at 2013

  1. 1. Advertising  trends  in     ì  Emerging  Markets  Opportuni*es  and  Challenges  in  Saudi  Arabia  for  2013  Copyright  ©  2013  -­‐  Imran  Taha  Jaffrey  
  2. 2. But there is much more happening: “Younger” clients Social  Media   Tweens and theirì  Is  the  buzzword  in  the   phablets Saudi  adver*sing   Local Agencies industry  today   Newer ways to overcome cultural taboos Fence sitters Market Conditions
  3. 3. Boutique“Younger”  Clients   consultancies and ad agencies setting up shop and seeingì  More  and  more  local   more clients walk in Saudis  are  returning   Clients realizing back  to  Saudi  Arabia   young demographic aIer  studying   of country and want overseas  and  want  to   to see more local talent working with see  a  change  in  the   them adver*sing  industry   More willing to take risks and use gimmicks – they don’t think their customer is “stupid” anymore
  4. 4. Tweens  and  their   phablets  ì  They  are  addicted  and   Parties, gatherings, hook- ups, sports events all the  addic*on  is   being coordinated on catching  up     Facebook, Twitter, BB Messenger – sometimes Smartphones constitute by invitation only 54.6% of total cellular handsets The App developers Government are popping up – Source: Arab Advisors Group 2012 knows but is even via playing catch overseas up contracts Brands want to be at the forefront so giving prizes for App development
  5. 5. No more pure ad agencies exist – everyone wants to offereverything and anything instead Local  agencies   of focusing Non Arabic speakers (nonSaudis) leading marketing teams Women are adding a much needed “feminine” touch
  6. 6. Cultural  Taboos   Blurry line between: what’s allowed what’s not Government Clients are abuse on any pushing the right is boundaries with immediately less fear of attacked on punishment social sites
  7. 7. Fence  Sitters   Some clients still in fear ofglobal economic conditions…they are hesitating to proceed forward and want to continue to observe trends before investing in new media
  8. 8. Increase in cross- Budget surpluses platform promotions and dramatic investment in infrastructureMunicipalities clamping projects creatingdown on misrepresentation opportunitiesin communications andputting greater emphasis Market  Conditions  on consumer protection
  9. 9. Key benchmark for Social media And  as  I  said…  Social   effectiveness: IncreaseMedia  is  the  buzzword   in web traffic Saudi Arabia has * Leads Social media highest online scene in Middle East engagement rate and Youtube viewership in Expectations are over- the world inflated – everyoneSaudi Youtube heroes: Source: TNS 2011 KSA Market Scene wants the “Arab Spring” coverage of their brand
  10. 10. A few examples
  11. 11. Olay can’t use women for beauty contests. The solution:“Most beautifuleyes in Arabia”
  12. 12. Launching theChange Lingeriebrand in SaudiArabia by utilizingthe conceptbehindcensorship.
  13. 13. Using localstereotypes
  14. 14. Ikea standardcatalog on left and Saudiversion on right
  15. 15. A subtle way to reflect afeminine touch
  16. 16. Munch Bakery“Surprisingly, Cupcakesfilled with ice cream” *Notice how non cultural elementssuch as snowand penguins are being used”
  17. 17. Local brands utilizingsimple/clean designprinciples to convey a message
  18. 18. Saudi “Digital Leash”
  19. 19. We should notunderestimatethe “slow”adoption ofinternationaladvertising This may be well plannedstyles and and perhaps more prudentmedia usage by considering the recentthe Saudi failures in the globalmarket. markets. One  last  thought…  
  20. 20. Thank  you  ì  For  more  informa*on,  consul*ng,  and  training   opportuni*es  please  feel  free  to  drop  me  a  note:   ì  Imran  Jaffrey  -­‐  MCInst.M     ì  Consultant   ì  +1-­‐416-­‐2-­‐73-­‐74-­‐79