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Cracking Cryptics (Ignite OTA11)


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Slides for Imran Ghory's Cracking Cryptics talk given at Ignite Over The Air 2011.

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Cracking Cryptics (Ignite OTA11)

  1. 1. Cracking Cryptics @imranghory
  2. 2. Cryptics & Codebreaking TextCracking Cryptics @imranghory
  3. 3. Mobile Regular Clue Portable Telephone (6) CrypticTelephone makes me boil! (6) photo: Nicholas O’LearyCracking Cryptics @imranghory
  4. 4. Cryptic Definition DefinitionTo call upon while travelling? (6) IndicatorCracking Cryptics @imranghory
  5. 5. Charades “mob” “I” “le”The unruly crowd, I and thefrench male are roaming (6) DefinitionCracking Cryptics @imranghory
  6. 6. Telephone makes me boil! (6)Cracking Cryptics @imranghory
  7. 7. Anagram Definition FodderTelephone makes me boil! (6) IndicatorCracking Cryptics @imranghory
  8. 8. The centre of the mob I lead was not stationary (6)Cracking Cryptics @imranghory
  9. 9. Hidden Word Indicator FodderThe centre of the mob I lead was not stationary (6) DefinitionCracking Cryptics @imranghory
  10. 10. Transportable baby toy (6)Cracking Cryptics @imranghory
  11. 11. Double Definition Transportable baby toy (6) Definition DefinitionCracking Cryptics @imranghory
  12. 12. Small mammal swallows two-way communication device (6)Cracking Cryptics @imranghory
  13. 13. Container “Mole” “bi”Small mammal swallows two-way communication device (6) DefinitionCracking Cryptics @imranghory
  14. 14. I hear Simpsons barkeep’s liver contents are on the move (6)Cracking Cryptics @imranghory
  15. 15. HomophoneIndicator “Moe” “Bile”I hear Simpsons barkeep’s liver contents are on the move (6) DefinitionCracking Cryptics @imranghory
  16. 16. Headless immobile multi-user dungeon monster (6)Cracking Cryptics @imranghory
  17. 17. DeletionIndicator FodderHeadless immobile multi-user dungeon monster (6) DefinitionCracking Cryptics @imranghory
  18. 18. Travelling Eli bombed before returning (5)Cracking Cryptics @imranghory
  19. 19. Reversal Definition Fodder IndicatorTravelling Eli bombed before returning (5) IndicatorCracking Cryptics @imranghory
  20. 20. You now know the 9 basic type of cryptic clues !Cracking Cryptics @imranghory