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How to Save 33 Years of Your Life Using Habits


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For years I struggled with procrastination and every year I would always look back having never met my goals. In March of 2014, I decided to figure out what I was doing wrong once and for all. And after 8 months of research, I finally came across the answer and it lay in habits and their powerful ability to reshape our lives.

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How to Save 33 Years of Your Life Using Habits

  1. WASTE 33 YEARSWASTE 33 YEARS How I was on pace to of my life @imrane @escapeyourdeskjob (and what I did about it)
  2. Early last year, I realized I had a March REAL PROBLEM 2014
  3. No matter what I tried, I was a CHRONIC PROCASTINATOR
  4. As a former productivity consultant for a big consulting firm, this was... Why the f*** is she so happy?
  6. So for 2 weeks, I recorded each and everything I did
  7. If I Slept Ate Shat Bathed Read books Watched movies It didn't matter, I recorded EVERY-MINUTE
  8. At the end of the two weeks, I added up the numbers... WTF, who still uses these?
  9. and guess what...
  10. I was wasting 41% of my life Life
  11. On things like
  12. Imagine almost HALF of my life would be spent on these things if I kept going
  13. And I'm not alone
  14. The average American watches 4 hours of TV every night
  15. ...and another 2 hours is spent on social media 5 bucks, says this is Tinder
  16. And we are paying the price physically financially and emotionally
  17. We now sleep 20% less than people did 60 years ago
  18. We spend 25% less time with family than just 30 years ago
  19. And because of that we are... Depressed Tired and lazy Sick
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  21. But back to Me
  22. I needed to do something BADLY
  23. Or risk not accomplishing anything with my life
  24. So I started of research into behavioural change Months
  25. I studied ideas from BJ Fogg, a professor in behaviour modification for the last 20 years
  26. gurus like Robin Sharma, Tim Ferriss, Seinfeld and Tony Robbins to see what they do
  27. and finally found the Answer in
  28. wait for it...
  29. Habits!
  30. knew that
  31. Shut the front door
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  33. 40% Did you know that of your day is spent MINDLESSLY running through habits
  34. Like that can of pop you have everyday for lunch
  35. Think about it
  36. Don't you visit the same websites every morning after you reach work?
  37. Don't you start your day the same way? (maybe a bagel and coffee)
  38. Don't you talk with the same coworkers about the same stuff everyday?
  39. We don't think about these things because our brains use habits to reduce our mental load
  40. ...and as we get older, our routines become more firm and harder to change
  41. This can lead us towards like our habits of eating a salad for lunch positive outcomes
  42. or towards like having a double, fat, triple fudge double dipper, decadent cafe laaaattee every morning negative outcomes
  43. OK Now, let's talk about two things
  44. 1 What is a habit? and the two ways to break them
  45. 2 The two things I did that changed my life, forever
  46. 4 There are parts to any habit 1 What is a habit?
  47. Let's use an example from everyones live's to demonstrate The Habit of Checking Facebook 1 What is a habit?
  48. 1 What is a habit? Cue The Start's off the habit Think about that feeling of being anxious before starting work
  49. 1 What is a habit? Routine The Our response to the cue Think checking Facebook in response to being anxious
  50. 1 What is a habit? Reward The What we get or feel for following through That feeling of being connected and satisfying out FOMO (fear of missing out)
  51. 1 What is a habit? Craving The Brings it all together Now, next time we get the cue, we immediately CRAVE the reward
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  53. Now There are two ways to break any habit 2 Two things I did
  54. 1Remove the cue 2Change the routine 2 Two things I did
  55. Let's talk about the first one 2 Two things I did Eliminating Distractions
  56. Did you know the typical office work is interrupted every 11 minutes 2 Two things I did
  57. And it takes more than 2x As long to get back on track (or 25 mins) 2 Two things I did
  58. Let me add that up for you - thats 2hrs EVERYDAY spent distracted 2 Two things I did
  59. Every. Single. Day. That's 12.5%of 2 Two things I did
  60. So what I did was 2 Two things I did
  61. 1. Turned off my phone notifications, all of them 2 Two things I did
  62. Because nothing is urgent or they would call Really 2 Two things I did
  63. 2. Deleted all infinity apps off of my phone (Think Facebook, Twitter, any app that has endless content) 2 Two things I did
  64. 2 Two things I did Change #2: Created a Morning Routine
  65. Leo Babauta Founder of Zen Habits Wakes up at 4:30am Drinks water Sets 3 important tasks for his day Fixes lunch for his kids Eats breakfast & reads Exercises Showers Wakes kids & wife at 6:30am EVERY MORNING 2 Two things I did
  66. Tony Robbins The Self-Help Guru Calls it his Hour of power which includes light exercise, motivational incantations and 10 minutes of thinking about everything he is grateful of. 2 Two things I did
  67. Do you have a block of time set aside in your mornings? 2 Two things I did
  68. If not, start by writing down 3 goals you have 2 Two things I did
  69. One MUST be fitness related Learn why in my course 2 Two things I did
  70. And then take one step towards each goal every morning 2 Two things I did
  71. Making these two changes, 2 Two things I did (And a few others - learn more by clicking here) In only 21 days I was able to...
  72. 2 Two things I did Read 4 books Learn 363 Portugese words Publish 3 comprehensive blog posts Exercise for a total of 840 minutes Mediate for a combined total of 315 minutes And start my side business
  73. Since then I've used habits to... 2 Two things I did
  74. Become a Vegan Swim 30 laps at the pool - Non-Stop Complete 250 sit-ups in one session And even create this presentation! 2 Two things I did
  75. Start making these changes
  76. TODAY!
  77. The next 33 years of your life depend on it!
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