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Marico BD Ltd.


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Marico BD Ltd.

  1. 1. Submitted To,Introduction to business (BUS 101) School of Business North South University
  2. 2. Marico Bangladesh Limited (MBL) holds a leadership position in the FMCGspace. MBL recorded a turnover of Tk. 5,358 Million ( USD 73.4 Million) in 12months ended on 30th September, 2010 and Tk. 2,846 Million( USD 39 Million) in 6 months ended on 31st March, 2011. MBL is the subsidiaryof Marico Limited,India (Marico).MBL‟s Products in Pure Coconut oil, Edible Oil, Hair care and Skin Care reachout to more than 500,000 outlets in Bangladesh. MBL touches the lives of 1 outof every 3 Bangladeshi through its portfolio of brands such asParachute, Saffola, Hair Code, Aromatic, Camelia and Beliphool to name afew, most of which enjoy leadership positions (No. 1 in coconut oilsegment), with significant market shares in respective categories.We believe in transforming the lives of our stakeholders be it ourconsumers, members, associates or shareholders, by helping them maximisetheir true potential. This truly articulates the Mariconian spirit –to „be more. every day‟TM.
  3. 3. Company Vision: “To be the market leader”Company Mission:The vision will be achieved by· Maricos business model is based on focused growth across all itsbrands and territories driven by continuously improving valuepropositions to consumers.· Market expansion and widening of retail reach· Marico aims to be the leader in each of the businesses; byheightened sensitivity to consumer needs, setting new standards inthe delivery and quality of products and services through processesof continuous learning and improvement.
  4. 4. Marico Bangladesh Limited is led by a team of talented andexperienced leaders,with Rohit Jaiswal, Managing Director at the forefront.
  5. 5.  The management discussion analysis are made by the Marico Company management authority. The report has been presented in line with the requirements of Sec 184 of the Companies Act, 1994, SEC notification, Listing Regulations of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE). Some Statements in this discussion describing projections, estimates, expectations or outlook maybe forward looking. Actual results may however differ materially from those stated on the account of various factors such as changes in government regulations, tax regimes, economic developments of the country, exchange rate and interest rate movements, impact of competing products and their pricing, product demand and supply constraints.
  6. 6. The strategy followed by the company and the quality of the product offers a customized product in all seasons, to grab the price conscious customers and to provide value for money. Like, Brand name: Parachute Target Audience: The primary target audience of „Parachute‟ is women of all ages in both urban and rural population of Bangladesh. Brand name: Parachute Advanced refined hair oil and Parachute Jasmine Target audience: Young and appearance conscious consumer. Brand name: Parachute After shower Hair Cream Target audience: Young men. Brand name: Parachute Sampoorna Target audience: Women customers. Brand name: Parachute Natural shampoo Target audience: Women, Men and kids.
  7. 7. Promotion is the process of marketing communication toinform, persuade, remind and influence consumers or users in favor of yourproducts and service. The Company The product The channel BuyerThe Promotion Media:1.Newspaper.2. Television.3. Radio.4. Cinema halls.5. Campaigns.
  8. 8.  Marico is professionally managed organization that has built for itself a stimulating work culture that empowers people, promotes team building and encourages new ideas. The organization believes that great people deliver great results and lay foundation for sustainable profitable growth. The organization lays emphasis on recruiting the right talent. It believes in recruiting the talent not for present but for future. It has recently started with its campus programme. The focus is to recruit the best talent from the premier institutes of the country. A strong business linkage of all Human Resource processes and initiatives are maintained at Marico. Marico had formulated a contemporary set of values four years ago and it is important that all member in the organization are not only aware of but also consciously practice and “ walk the talk” on all its values. To build this consciousness and commitment to value, workshops are held for teams to identify their focus areas and plan actions accordingly.
  9. 9.  Marico Bangladesh LTD. Recorded a turnover of Tk. 406 core for the year ended 30th september ,2009, a growth of 53% over the previous year. Profit before TAX during the year was Tk. 58 crore, while the profit after TAX was at 47 crore. During the year, the company has written off deferred expenses to tune of Tk. 6.63 crore, which has led to substantial increase in general and administration expenses. Based on the performance of the company, the board of directors recommended cash dividend @ 25% for the year ended september 30, 2009. Total dividend for the year amounting Tk. 7.88 crore, which is 150% higher than the dividend amount paid in the previous year, Marico shareholding pattern is given below: Marico Ltd. 90% Institutions 2.53% Individuals 7.47%