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Catalogue roto

  1. 1. RotoFrankHardware Solution to uPVC Window&DoorEXPORT MANUAL
  2. 2. RAL 10 YEARS WARRANTYISO9001 DIN EN 45001
  3. 3. ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareThe history of Roto is closely lined to its founderWilhelm Frank,a German inventor and entrepreneur who registered more than1200 patents in his life.His vision and ambition were the starting point of an exceptionallysuccessful development which he started in 1935 and that is todaygrowing stronger than ever beforeA vast array of articles presents endless opportunities for Rotosbusiness partners to individually develop optimal solutions for theircustomers.Innovative fitting technology and -systems for modern windowsand doors have been a key factor for the successof Roto over the past 70 years.Our products represent the latest state-of-the-art advances in design, functionality,technology and durability and reassure our position as innovationleader in the market.10-year warranties on Roto brand products give our customers theconfidence in our reliability as a long-term partner.Today Roto sustains 12 production sites and over 30 salesrepresentation offices around the world.With an annual turnover of almost 600 mio. Euros in 2006, achievedto 2/3 in foreign markets. Roto Frank AG is one of the leadingsuppliers of window and door hardware.Not only offering a product that is superior in its quality andapplication, but also providing a complete, impeccable service toaid our customers with all our expertise and resources to create athriving partnership that is defined by reliability,trust and satisfaction.
  4. 4. ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareProduct liability guidelinesThe following information regarding hardware for windowand door application should be observed. Non-complianceexempts the manufacturer of his liability.These guidelinespresent only an excerpt for your reference. For the completeguidelines, please contact Roto Frank organization in yourregion.1.Turn-Only andTilt &Turn hardware is used on verticallyinstalled windows and balcony-doors made of timber, PVC,aluminum or steel.Turn-Only andTilt &Turn hardware lock window and balconysashes and enable various ventilating positions. Whenclosing, the gasket counter force must be overcome as arule.2. Sliding hardware is equipped with a locking mechanismthat locks the sliding sash to the frame, as well as rollerslocated on the bottom horizontal plane of the sliding sash.IN addition, scissors stay-arms for tilting and mechanismsto lift and/or parallel-retract the sashes can be designated.By means of the hardware, the sashes are locked,brought into the ventilation position and pushed to theside.Depending on the outside temperature, relative airhumidity of the ambient air, as well as the applicationlocation of the sliding element, a temporary formation ofcondensation water on the aluminum track on the insidemay occur. This is particularly promoted when the aircirculation is hindered; for example due to deep reveals,curtains as well as unfavorable radiator positioning andthe like.All applications differing from 1. and/or 2. are regarded asnon-stipulated applications and excludes any liability on ourpart.Opened balcony-doors and window sashes, as well aswindow and balcony-door sashes not locked or in the tiltedmodus, provide only a shielding function and do not meetany demands on joint impermeability, water tightness,sound reduction, heat-insulation and burglary-resistance.3. Misuse – therefore, not the stipulated product utilization –occurs in particular with hardware for windows and balconydoors as described in 1. and/or 2. in particular:- If obstacles are inserted on the opening vicinitybetween frame and sash, thus preventing orinterfering with its stipulated use.- If additional loads are applied to the windows orbalcony door sashes (f. ex. swinging children)- When window and balcony door sashes are pressedadversatively or uncontrolled (by wind) up againstthe window reveals, so that the hardware or theframe material or other individual window orbalcony-door components are damaged ordestroyed and/or if consequential damage can arise.- If while closing (or sliding) someone reachesbetween the sash and frame, and/or a person (orparts thereof) are in the vicinity (can cause bodilyharm/ be lethal!).4. Liability – the entire hardware set may only consist ofhardware components from Roto’s respective systems. Inthe case of non-factory –approved combinations and/orinappropriately assembled hardware, and/or the use ofnon-original accessory components, no liability is accepted.5. Sash sizes -The sash rebate dimensions or sash formats(portrait and/ or landscape) – as well as the maximum sashweight – may not be exceeded under any circumstances.6. Product maintenance – Security relevant hardwarecomponents are to be examined at least once a year forstability and wear and tear. Fixing screws are to betightened and/or parts replaced.- All movable parts and all locking points on thehardware are to be lubricated and tested.- Only cleaning and maintenance agents, which donot damage the corrosion protection of thehardware components, are to be used.7. Preservation of the surface finish – Electrolytically appliedzinc coatings are not affected in a normal room climate if nocondensation water can form on the hardware or occasion-ally formed condensation water can dry rapidly. Furthershould be observed:- The hardware and/or rebate areas are to beventilated sufficiently in particular during thebuilding phase so that they are not exposed either todirect wetness or to condensation. In any case takethe necessary steps to ensure that moist ambient air(long-term) cannot condense in the rebate areas.- The hardware is to be kept free from deposits andsoiling from building materials (building dust,plaster, cement etc.). Possible soiling from plaster,mortar or similar materials is to be removed withwater before it cures.- Aggressive vapors (f.ex. by means of formic acid oracetic acid, ammonia, amine or ammoniacompounds, aldehydes, phenols, chlorine, tannicacid, etc.) in connection with even small formationsof condensation can lead to fast corrosion of thehardware. For this reason, evaporation in the vicinityof the window is to be absolutely avoided.- On windows and balcony doors made of oak orother types of timber with a high concentration of(tannic-) acid, ensure that by means of a suitablewindow surface treatment, these content substancescan not evaoporate out of the timber.The hardwaremay not come in direct contact with untreatedtimber surfaces.- Furthermore no acetic-acid or cross linked acidicsealing compounds or those with the abovementioned contents may be used, since both thedirect contact with the sealing compound and it’svaporization can attack the surface.- The hardware may only be cleaned with mild,ph-neutral cleaning agent in diluted form. Under nocircumstances may aggressive, acidiferous cleanersor abrasive cleaning agents be used.
  5. 5. 1ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareLocking cam PGasket-compression-adjustablesecurity cam3 locking cam versions.The Roto NT hardware system offers 3 different locking cam versions that differ in application and adjusting capabili-ties. For better orientation, the different cam versions are listed in the column"locking cam"The NT security concept.Roto NT is already equipped with basic security on the bottom horizontal sash-plane. Roto NT offers AhS tested hard-ware combinations for higher security requirements, meeting the requirements in accordance with RAL-RG 607/3.Prefitting security components enables the possibility to upgrade windows fast with AhS tested hardware.Highest burglary inhibition results are achieved with sample combinations for security windows in accordance with thenew DIN V ENV 1627-1630.This norm includes an overall test of all singular window components.The NT striker concept.All strikers in the Roto NT hardware system have identical screwing-axes.This concept renders prefitting the sash withsecurity cams possible, and a later frame retrofitting with security strikers (zinc or steel). All locking cam versions arecompatible with all strikers.Cover caps.Upon request, all visible hinge components can be equipped with cover caps from the extensive ROTO range. Corre-spondingly, numerous coloured versions are available.The surface-finish.RotoSil - the new silver-coloured surface-finish. Optimal protection by means ofgalvanising, chromating, and additional sealing. Increased corrosion protection.Locking cam EGasket-compression adjustablecamLocking cam VHeight and gasket-compressionadjustable security cam
  6. 6. 2ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardwarecontents1.ROTO NT breif introduction2.Abbreviation explanation3.Casement(EQ)4.Casement(RA2000)5.Top hung6.Sliding window/door7.Tilt &Turn window8.Turn window9.Inwards tilt window10.French window(turn and tile & turn )11.Inside-opening window component12.Balcony door13.MVD inward/outward door14.MVZ inward/outward door15.French door16.Door component17.3D hinge18.Cylinder19.Tilt & slide door (HKS 130S)20.Folding door21.Hinge-side K drilling dimension22.Hinge-side K drilling-jigs23.Corpperpage.2page.3page.4-6page.7-10page.11-12page.13-20page.21page.22page.23page.24-25page.26-37page.38-41page.42page.43page.44-53page.54-61page.62page.63page.64-65page.66-68page.69page.70-71page.72-73
  7. 7. 3ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareAbbreviationin EnglishExplanationAbbreviationin GermanIS inline sliding ISLF lift sliding HSSH open out - side hung (casement)TH open out - top hungT/S tilt and sliding HKST/T tilt and turn (turn first) DKTF tilt and turn (tilt first) TFTI tilt only (inward) KTU turn only (inward) DBS DFOE RAKFRE RFKHH GLH LSRH RSSH FGmaxSRH FFHSRW FFBSWbacksetframe outside edgeframe rebate edgehandle heightleft handed - view from roomsideright handed-view from roomsidesash heightmaximum sash weight in kgsash rebate heightsash rebate widthsash width FBArt.No. product serial No. of each hardware parts Art.Nr.BR burglary resistance grade WKCG central gasket MDCH central hinge MBCL centre lock MVDM dummy mullion STespag. espagnolette / gearFS friction stay (friction hinge)LMD lifting mishandling device NSPSAP material No.indicating item (order reference) SAPPack.Unit packaging quantity VEPcs. pieces St.PC profile cylinder PZPos. position Pos.RS restrictorSL silver chromated ("RotoSil") SLw. with m.w/o. without o.YC yellow chromated ("RotoNor") VZAbbreviations refer to type of openningsAbbreviations refer to specificationsAbbreviations refer to parts and ordering
  8. 8. 4ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware3Single sash outward opening windowSash weight max 42Kg(depending on friction hinge)1 espag (page.9)2* striker3 handle (page.9)4 friction hinge (page.9)* profile related parts222441
  9. 9. 5ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareSingle sash outward opening windowSash weight max 50Kg4544312221 espag (page.9)2* striker3 handle (page.9)4 2D hinge C2DW5 turn restrictor A215B10131(**)* profile related parts** optional according to vent size & application requirement**
  10. 10. ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareFrench casement with dummy mullion(D.M. w or w/o U groove)Sash weight max 42Kg(depending on friction hinge)1 espag (page.9)2* striker3 handle (page.9)4 shoot bolt (page.37)5* shoot bolt striker (page.37)6 friction hinge (page.9)* profile related parts66663122554426
  11. 11. 7ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware6344322156Single sash outward opening window(shoot bolt integrated)Sash weight max 42Kg(depending on hinge)* profile related parts1 centre gear box (page.10)2 extension bar with shoot bolt (page.10)3* shoot bolt striker (page.37)4* striker5 handle (page.9)6 friction hinge (page.9)
  12. 12. 6 66 655879332214French casement with dummy mullion(D.M. w or w/o U groove)Sash weight max 42Kg(depending on friction hinge)1 centre gear box (page.10)2 extension bar (page.10)3* striker4 handle (page.9)5* shoot bolt striker (page.37)6 friction hinge (page.9)7 snapper cam 260477(page.61)(**)8* bullet catch (page.61)(**)9 packer 260478(page.61)(**)* profile related parts** optional according to vent size & application requirement8ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware
  13. 13. 9ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareLockable handleArt-No ColourK090A47725 white(RAL9016)K090A47335 goldPush-button handleArt-No ColourK090A27725 white(RAL9016)K090A27188 silverK090A27335 goldK090A27505 brownNormal handleArt-No ColourK090A77725 white(RAL9016)K090A77866 silverK090A778019 brown(RAL8019)1.Espag:Art-No SpecificationBS/HH/FFH/CAMNT EQ82 BS20/120-200/240-400/2PNT EQ83 BS20/201-300/401-600/2PNT EQ84 BS20/301-400/601-800/2PNT EQ85 BS20/401-500/801-1000/2PNT EQ86 BS20/501-600/1001-1200/3PNT EQ87 BS20/601-800/1201-1600/3PNT EQ82/22 BS22/120-200/240-400/2PNT EQ83/22 BS22/201-300/401-600/2PNT EQ84/22 BS22/301-400/601-800/2PNT EQ85/22 BS22/401-500/801-1000/2PNT EQ86/22 BS22/501-600/1001-1200/3PNT EQ87/22 BS22/601-800/1201-1600/3P2.Friction hinge(casement/side hung):Art-No Hinge dimension(height*width*length) Min sash width Max carrying-capacityA235B12131 13*18.5*305mm 400mm 18KgA235B12161 16*18.5*305mm 400mm 20KgA235B16131 13*18.5*415mm 500mm 24KgA235B16161 16*18.5*415mm 500mm 24KgA212B12161 16*23.2*305mm 400mm 34.5KgA212B16161 16*23.2*406.5mm 500mm 42Kg3.ROTO Rotoline Casement handles:
  14. 14. 10ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware1.Centre gearbox:Art-No SAP SpecificationNT J01A 387923 BS20NT J03A 387924 BS222.Extension bar with shoot bolt:Art-No SAP SpecificationHH/FHH/CAM(per pc)NT J11A 387914 140-230/280-460/0CNT J63A 387919 231-430/461-860/1PNT J65A 387920 431-630/861-1260/1PNT J67A 387921 431-630/861-1260/2PNT J69A 387922 631-800/1261-1600/2P3.Extension technical details:230 352430552630752830230 352430552630752830Canbecut200mmCanbecut90mmNTJ69A NTJ67A NTJ65A NTJ63A NTJ11A
  15. 15. 11ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareTop hung windowsSash weight max 50Kg(depending on friction hinge)1 espag. (page.9)2* striker3 handle (page.9)4 friction hinge (page.12)5 restrictor A215B10131(**)* profile related parts** optional according to vent size & application requirement35 5442 2 21
  16. 16. 12ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware*For high building application,wind pressure should be considered as extra load,themax.vent weight may have to be reduced.**The opening angle should follow the actual design requirement and standard,recommendedopening angle should be less than 30 degree.1.Friction hinge(top hung):Art-No Hinge dimension(height*width*length) Min sash height Max carrying-capacityA235B12131 13*18.5*305mm 400mm 26Kg*A235B12161 16*18.5*305mm 400mm 28Kg*A235B16131 13*18.5*415mm 500mm 32Kg*A235B16161 16*18.5*415mm 500mm 32Kg*A212B12161 16*23.2*305mm 400mm 40Kg*A212B16161 16*23.2*406.5mm 500mm 50Kg*2.RestrictorArt-No Dimension(height*width*length)A215B10131 13*18.5*268mm3.PackerArt-No widthA999X999use in case of FH>1000mm3mm
  17. 17. 13ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware5 5 5 52242222113Sliding window w. 2 movable-sashSash weight max 45Kg/120Kg1 espage. (page.16)2* striker3 handle (page.31)4 pop-up handle (page.19)5 roller (page.17/18)* profile related parts
  18. 18. 14ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareSliding door w. 2 movable-sash and cylinder lockFFH:1860-2260mmSash weight max 120Kg1 centre gearbox(BS17m) E396A020072* rad2000 striker3 double-side handle (page.19/20)4 extension part 2434055 espage (page.16)6 pop-up handle (page.19)7* striker8 roller (page.17/18)9 cylinder lock (page.63)* profile related parts227677522139448 8 8 8
  19. 19. 15ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareSliding door w. 2 movable-sashes and cylinder lockFFH:1800-2400mmSash weight max 120KgHardware Art-No.1 espage.(D17mm) 3289942* rad 2000 striker3* striker4 rad 2000 handle5 espage.6 pop-up handle (page.19)7 roller8 cylinder lock* profile related parts2233563287 7 7 7214(page.20)(page.16)(page.63)(page.17/18)
  20. 20. 16ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware1.Sliding espage.Art-No SpecificationBS/HH/FFH/CAMN241A03206 BS8/251-400/501-800/2PN241A04206 BS8/401-550/801-1100/3PN241A05206 BS8/551-700/1101-1400/3PN241A06206 BS8/701-900/1401-1800/4PN241A07206 BS8/901-1200/1801-2400/4PArt-No SpecificationBS/HH/FFH/CAMN240A03206 BS15/251-400/501-800/2PN240A04206 BS15/401-550/801-1100/3PN240A05206 BS15/551-700/1101-1400/3PN240A06206 BS15/701-900/1401-1800/4PN240A07206 BS15/901-1200/1801-2400/4P
  21. 21. 17ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareRoller(use in standard groove)1. Single wheel roller-SR45:1217(rollerheight)Art-No:SR45roller height:17mmroller width:12mmmax.sash weight:45Kg(a pair of roller)12rollerheightArt-No:TR120(280445)roller height:19-26mmroller width:12mmmax.sash weight:120Kg(a pair of roller)2. Double wheel roller-TR120:Art-No:TR120(312897)roller height:15-19mmroller width:12mmmax.sash weight:120Kg(a pair of roller)2.21221(rollerheight)Art-No:SR45(297218)roller height:21mmroller width:12mmmax.sash weight:45Kg(a pair of roller)Radiused trackRadiused trackRadiused track2.1
  22. 22. 18ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware12rollerheightArt-No:TR120-1Art-No:White(RAL9016) 317250Rubber part Blackroller height:19-26mmrollerwidth:12mmmax.sash weight:120Kg(a pair of roller)2.4142.3 Art-No:TR120(312896)roller height:19-26mmroller width:14mmmax.sash weight:120Kg(a pair of roller)rollerheightRadiused track"V" track3172523.Buffer stop
  23. 23. 19ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware2.Double-sided handleArt-No Colour312766 white(RAL9016)323277 brown(RAL8019)1.Pop-up handle1.1.standard Pop-up handle:Art-No Colour323282 white (RAL8019)1.2.Pop-up handle lock hole:Art-No SAP Colour291137 291137 white(RAL9016)262645 262645 brown(RAL8019)291146 291146 gold2.1.internal/external locking:Art-No SAP Colour291131 291131 white(RAL9016)262644 262644 brown(RAL8019)291144 291144 gold2.2.internal locking half cylinder :Art-No SAP Colour291142 291142 white(RAL9016)262646 262646 brown(RAL8019)291148 291148 gold2.3.internal lever& cylinder /external finger pull:
  24. 24. 20ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareArt-No SAP Colour291140 291140 white(RAL9016)262647 262647 brown(RAL8019)291146 291147 gold2.4.No locking lever inside:2.5.New product, contact us pls.200303303930589589200930canbecut200mmCentregearbox251251537537113011303.Technical details :
  25. 25. 21ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareSingle SashTilt&Turn (K Hinge max 100Kg)FFB:290-1600mm,FFH:380-2400mm1 handle (page.31)2 T/T espag. (page.26)3 stay arm (page.27)4 stay guide (page.27)5 corner drive (top) (page.29)6 corner drive (bottom) (page.29)7* striker (page.34)8* T/T striker (page.34)9 stay bearing K 23017710 stay bearing pin 22735411 stay bearing cover K N391A017112 top corner hinge cover N391A037113 corner hinge K 23034314 corner pivot rest K 25859015 corner hinge cover K N591A047116 corner pivot rest cover K N591A017117 corner pivot rest cover K N591B1271818a lifting/mis-handling device 26053818b lifting/mis-handling device (page.35)19 center lock corner drive 260286(page.29)(**)20 center lock (page.28)(**)21a additional scissors-stay (page.28)(**)21b* packer (page.36)(**)* profile related parts** optional according to vent size & application requirement7752168772014151617134310911122019721a18a18b21b
  26. 26. 22ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareSingle SashTurn window (inward opening)FFB:290-1200mm,FFH:400-2400mmSash weight max 130Kg1 T espage. (page.30)2* striker (page.34)3 handle (page.31)4 top corner hinge spacer 2305825 top corner hinge (page.32)6 stay bearing pin 2273547 stay bearing A (page.32)8 stay bearing cover A (page.32)9 top corner hinge cover (page.32)10 centre hinge (page.32)(**)11 corner hinge A (page.33)12 corner pivot rest A (page.33)13 corner hinge cover A (page.33)14 corner pivot rest cover A (page.33)15a restrictor (page.30)(**)15b restricting block 264625(page.30)(**)15c packer (page.36)(**)16a concealed centre lock(sash part) 264216(page.36)(**)16b concealed centre lock(frame part) (page.36)(**)* profile related parts** optional according to vent size & application requirement****21398986 76547121311101415a16a16b15b15c
  27. 27. 23ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware1 T/T espage. (page.26)2 corner drive (page.29)3 centre lock (page.28)4* striker (page.34)5 handle (page.31)6 stay bearing A7 stay bearing pin 2273548 centre hinge (page.32)9 stay bearing cover A (page.32)10 corner hinge cover N391A037111a tilt restrictor 25522411b packer (page.31)Single sash inwardTilt windowFFB:290-1200mm,FFH:310-2400mmSash weight max 80Kg* profile related parts12233411b11a44445691078691078(page.32)
  28. 28. 24ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware2 sashes opening combination ofTurn andTlit&Turn w. dummy mullionSash weight max 100Kg**9109101211122424181116171513142582561277523222125ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware1 handle (page.31)2 T/T espag. (page.26)3 stay arm (page.27)4 stay guide (page.27)5 corner drive (top) (page.29)6 corner drive (bottom) (page.29)7* striker (page.34)8* T/T striker (page.34)(page.32)9 stay bearing A10 stay bearing pin 22735411 stay bearing cover A (page.32)12 top corner hinge cover (page.32)(page.33)(page.33)13 corner hinge A14 corner pivot rest A15 corner hinge cover A (page.33)16 corner pivot rest cover A (page.33)17 lifting/mis-handing device 26053818* lifting/mis-handing device (page.35)19 center lock corner drive 260286(**)20 center lock (page.28)(**)21 top corner hinge spacer (page.32)22 top corner hinge (page.32)23 centre hinge (page.32)24 shoot bolt (page.37)25* shoot bolt striker (page.37)* profile related parts** optional according to vent size & application requirement4977101120121916151314
  29. 29. 26ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware1.T/T espage.:2.Gtr-Verl.:Art-No SAP SpecificationArt-No SAP SpecificationBS/HH/FFH/CAMN110A00006 259717 BS15/155-225/310-450/0CN110A01006 259718 BS15/225-310/451-620/0CN110A02206 259719 BS15/311-400/621-800/1EN110A03206 259720 BS15/401-600/801-1200/1EN110A04206 259721 BS15/601-800/1201-1600/2EN110A05206 259762 BS15/801-1000/1601-2000/2EN110A06206 259763 BS15/1001-1200/2001-2400/4EN111A00006 259764 BS8/190-260/380-520/0CN111A01006 259765 BS8/260-310/521-620/0CN111A02206 259766 BS8/311-400/621-800/1EN111A03206 259767 BS8/401-600/801-1200/1EN111A04206 259768 BS8/601-800/1201-1600/2EN111A05206 259769 BS8/801-1000/1601-2000/2EN111A06206 259770 BS8/1001-1200/2001-2400/4EN299A01006 260190 GTR-VERL.270
  30. 30. 27ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware3.Stay guide4.Stay arm4.1 Axis 12/20-9 :Art-No SAP SpecificationFFB/(LEFT/RIGHT)N310A05016L 258054 290-410/LN310A05016R 258055 290-410/RN310A05026L 258056 411-600/LN310A05026R 258057 411-600/RN310A05036L 258058 601-800/LN310A05036R 258059 601-800/RN310A05046L 258039 801-1400/LN310A05046R 258041 801-1400/R4.2 Axis 12/20-13 :Art-No SAP SpecificationFFB/(LEFT/RIGHT)N310A06016L 258060 290-410/LN310A06016R 258061 290-410/RN310A06026L 258062 411-600/LN310A06026R 258063 411-600/RN310A06036L 258064 601-800/LN310A06036R 258065 601-800/RN310A06046L 258042 801-1400/LN310A06046R 258043 801-1400/RArt-No SAP SpecificationArt-No SAP SpecificationFFB/CAMN300A01016 260201 290-410/0CN300A02016 256024 411-600/0CN300A03016 260204 601-800/0CN300A04216 260208 801-1000/1EN300A05216 260212 1001-1200/1EN300A06216 260215 1201-1400/1EN299A03206 260193 GTR-VERL.400
  31. 31. 28ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware5.Center-lock5.1 Center-lock typeArt-No SAP SpecificationMV400 255280 inextensible/400mmMV600 255281 inextensible/600mmMV600 255282 extensible /600mm260286MV400 255280MV600 255281MV600 255282MV400 255280MV600 255281MV600 2552825.2 Application in heightCenter lock corner driveSAP Application scope (FFH in mm)Art-No5.3 Application in widthSpecification (FFB in mm)Art-No6.Additional scissors-stayArt-No SAP SpecificationN734A03006 255237 FFB>1200mmSAP<=800 801- 1201- 1401- 1801- 2001-1200 1400 1800 2000 2400801- 1201- 1401-1200 1400 16002x
  32. 32. 29ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware7.Corner driveArt-No SAP Specification(CAM)N400A01206 260275 1E(Top only)N400A01306 260277 1P(Bottom only)N400A01106 260272 1VN400A01116 260274 2V8.Center lock corner driveN400A13306 260286 1PN400A13106 260284 1V
  33. 33. 30ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware1.Turn only gear/espage.2.Turn Restrictor combinationArt-No SAP SpecificationN733A05016 260564 length 191mm(FFB>240mm)N733A05026 260565 length 335mm(FFB>475mm)Art-No SAP SpecificationBS/HH/FFH/CAMN210A02206 260130 BS15/126-250/251-500/1EN210A03206 260131 BS15/251-400/501-800/2EN210A04206 260132 BS15/401-550/801-1100/3EN210A05206 260133 BS15/551-700/1101-1400/3EN210A06206 260134 BS15/701-900/1401-1800/4EN210A07206 260135 BS15/901-1200/1801-2400/4EN211A02206 260137 BS8/125-250/3911-500/1EN211A03206 260138 BS8/251-400/501-800/2EN211A04206 260139 BS8/401-550/801-1100/3EN211A05206 260140 BS8/551-700/1101-1400/3EN211A06206 260141 BS8/701-900/1401-1800/4EN211A07206 260142 BS8/901-1200/1801-2400/4E2.1.Turn Restrictor2.2.Packer (page.36)
  34. 34. 31ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware1.Rotoline handle:LockableStandardArt-NoK070A20725K070A21335K070A208019K070A20225Art-No SAP ColourK050A10725 1843595 white(RAL9016)K050A10305 664184 goldK050B10505 763146 brown(RAL8019)K050A10225 655304 greywhite(RAL9016)goldbrown(RAL8019)greyColour
  35. 35. 32ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware1.Top corner hinge combination(style A)2..Centre hinge combination(style A)Hardware parts Art-No SAP SpecificationTop corner hinge spacer N600A0026 331488Top corner hinge N620A5116L 263183 12/20-9/LN620A5116R 263184 12/20-9/RN620A6116L 230639 12/20-13/LN620A6116R 230640 12/20-13/RStay bearing A N390A05126 245714 12/20-9/13Stay bearing pin F710D52026 227354Stay bearing cover A N391A08718 230330 white(R07.2)230322 silverN391A08538 230327 brown(R05.3)Top corner hinge cover N391A03718 230252 white(R07.2)329179 silverN391A03538 230249 brown(R05.3)Hardware parts Art-No SAP SpecificationCentre hinge N610A05526 264007 12/20-9N610A06516 264015 12/20-13Stay bearing A N390A05126 245714 12/20-9/13Stay bearing pin F710D52026 227354Stay bearing cover A N391A08718 230330 white(R07.2)230322 silverN391A08538 230327 brown(R05.3)Top corner hinge cover N391A03718 230252 white(R07.2)329179 silverN391A03538 230249 brown(R05.3)
  36. 36. 33ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware3.Lower corner hinge combination(style A)Hardware parts Art-No SAP SpecificationCorner hinge A N515A05406L 250577 12/20-9/LN515A05406R 250578 12/20-9/RN515A06406L 250828 12/20-13/LN515A06406R 245760 12/20-13/RCorner pivot rest A 262004 12/20-9(13)/L262005 12/20-9(13)/RCorner hinge cover A R636A11008L 212718 white/L(R07.2)R636A11008R 212719 white/R(R07.2)R636A33008L 211560 silver/LR636A33008R 211559 silver/RR636A01008L 231665 brown/L(R05.3)R636A01008R 231666 brown/R(R05.3)Corner pivot rest cover A R636B51008L 264344 white/L(R07.2)R636B51008R 264345 white/R(R07.2)R636B57008L 256630 silver/LR636B57008R 256631 silver/RR636B59008L 264362 brown/L(R05.3)R636B59008R 264363 brown/R(R05.3)
  37. 37. 34ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware.Striker(inward opening window and inward opening/ casement door):.T/Tstriker(T/T window andT/T door):SAPAluplast 2000/3000 331487Aluplast ideal 4000/5000/6000 L 257364R 257365KBE AD L 260493R 260494KBE 70AD L 289973R 289974KBE MD L 260505R 260506Kommerling Eurodur 3S/Energy L 260489R 260490Kommerling Gold/Gold Asea L 316939R 316940Rehau S730/735,S796 L 316939R 316940Thyssen AD/MD 13/prestige AD L 260499R 260500Veka Softline AD/MD9 L 260495R 260496Veka Softline AD/MD13 L 338019R 338020Dimex L 260491R 260492ShiDe 68(WS68) L 260479R 260480ShiDe 60/66/68(NS68)/60A/65/104 L 260495R 260496Conch 65(window)/70(window)/60(door) L 260491R 260492Conch 50(window)/60(window) L 260495R 260496SAPAluplast 2000/3000 331489Aluplast ideal 4000/5000/6000 257355KBE AD 260367KBE 70AD 289940KBE MD 260373Kommerling Eurodur 3S/Energy 260365Kommerling Gold/Gold Asea 332439Rehau S730/735,S796 332439Thyssen AD/MD 13/prestige AD/prestige MD 260370Veka Softline AD/MD9 260368Veka Softline AD13 260372Veka Softline MD13 332438VekaTopline AD/MD13 260372Dimex 332439ShiDe 106 332439ShiDe 68(WS68) 260360ShiDe 60/66/68(NS68)/60A/65/104 260368Conch 65(window)/70(window)/60(door) 332439Conch 50(window)/60(window) 26036845
  38. 38. 35ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware6.Lifting mishandling device(frame component):SAPAluplast 2000/3000 260551Aluplast ideal 4000/5000/6000 260557KBE AD 260547KBE 70AD 260554KBE MD 260553Kommerling Eurodur 3S/Energy 260545Kommerling Gold/Gold Asea 260546Rehau S730/735,S796 260546Thyssen AD/MD 13 /Prestige MD 260550Veka Softline AD/MD9 260548Veka Softline MD13 260552VekaTopline AD/MD13 260552Dimex 260546ShiDe 68(WS68) 260540ShiDe 60/66/68(NS68)/60A/65/104 260548Conch 65(window)/70(window)/60(door) 260546Conch 50(window)/60(window) 260548*For lever-operated espag.Art-No SAPN732A00016 257006**For opposing hardware grooveN732A00036 260539* **Art-No SAPN732A00006 2605387.Lifting mishandling device(sash component):
  39. 39. 36ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware1.Packer for accessories:SAPAluplast 2000/3000 294369Aluplast ideal 4000/5000/6000 294365KBE AD 294439KBE MD 294463Kommerling Eurodur 3S 294464Kommerling Gold 294469Rehau S730/735,S796 294469Thyssen AD/MD 13 294369Veka Softline AD/MD 294537VekaTopline 294369Dimex 260546ShiDe 106 294469ShiDe 60/66/68(NS68)/60A/65/104 294537Conch 65(window)/70(window)/60(door) 294469Conch 50(window)/60(window) 2945372.Concealed centre-closers(frame component):SAPAluplast 2000 264236Aluplast 3000 264238Aluplast ideal 4000/5000/6000 257351KBE AD 250727KBE 70 AD 264254KBE MD 348512Kommerling Eurodur 3S/Energy 250726Rehau S730AD 250725Rehau S735MD 264227Rehau S796 256510Thyssen AD/MD13/Prestige AD,Prestige MD 264234Veka Softline AD9(AD58) 250729Veka Softline AD13(AD60) 250728Veka Softline MD9 (MD58) 250730VekaTopline AD13 250728VekaTopline MD13 284093Dimex 250725ShiDe 106 250725ShiDe 60/66/68(NS68)/60A/65/104 250729Conch 65(window)/70(window)/60(door) 250725Conch 50(window)/60(window) 2507293.Concealed centre-closers(sash component):Art-No SAPN693A00146 331485
  40. 40. 37ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware5.Shoot bolt striker:SAPAluplast 2000/3000 260439Aluplast ideal 4000/5000/6000 257360KBE AD 260435KBE 70AD 286640KBE MD 260442Kommerling Eurodur 3S 260433Kommerling Gold 260434Rehau S730/735,S796 260434Thyssen AD/MD 13 260438Veka Softline AD/MD9 260436Veka Softline AD13 263783Veka Softline MD13 263783VekaTopline AD/MD13 260372Dimex 260434ShiDe 106 260434ShiDe 60/66/68(NS68)/60A/65/104 260436Conch 65(window)/70(window)/60(door) 260434Conch 50(window)/60(window) 2604366.D.M.striker(D.M. w U groove):Art-No SAPN701A00306 2603594.Shoot boltArt-No SpecificationN298A02006 use in dummy mullion w. hardware grooveN298A03006(width 18mm) use in dummy mullion w/o hardware groove
  41. 41. 38ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware213164155778669891213141110Single sash balcony doorSash weight max 130Kg1 T espage. (page.54)2* striker (page.34)3 double-sided handle (page.59)(page.32)4 top corner hinge spacer5 top corner hinge (page.32)6 stay bearing pin 2273547 stay bearing A (page.32)8 stay bearing cove A (page.32)9 top corner hinge cover (page.32)10 centre hinge (page.32)11 corner hinge A (page.33)12 corner pivot rest A (page.33)13 corner hinge cover A (page.33)14 corner pivot rest cover A (page.33)15 snapper cam 256020(page.61)(**)16* bullet catch (page.61)(**)* profile related parts** optional according to vent size & application requirement
  42. 42. 39ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareSingle sash balcony door with cylinder lockSash weight max 130Kg1 T espage. (page.55)2* striker (page.34)3 double-sided handle (page.59)4 cylinder lock (page.63)5 cylinder cover (page.59)6 top corner hinge spacer 3314887 top corner hinge (page.32)8 stay bearing pin 2273549 stay bearing A (page.32)10 stay bearing cover A (page.32)11 top corner hinge cover A (page.32)12 centre hinge (page.32)13 corner hinge A (page.33)14 corner pivot rest A (page.33)15 corner hinge cover A (page.33)16 corner pivot rest cover A (page.33)* profile related parts** optional according to vent size & application requirement21534786911108 9111314151610
  43. 43. 40ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareSingle sash balcony doorSash weight max 120Kg1 T gear (page.54)2* striker (page.34)3 double-sided handle (page.59)4 3D hinge (page.62)5 snapper cam 256020(page.61)(**)6* bullet catch (page.61)(**)* profile related parts** optional according to vent size & application requirement21344465
  44. 44. 41ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware2666Single sash balcony door with cylinder lockSash weight max 120Kg1 T espage. (page.55)2* striker (page.34)3 double-sided handle (page.59)4 cylinder lock (page.63)5 cylinder cover (page.59)6 3D hinge (page.62)* profile related parts1534
  45. 45. 42ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareSingle sash inward/outward opening doorHandle operated multi-point locking scheme with wind-latch and cylinder lockSash weight max 120Kg1 Rotoform handle (page.60)2 doorlock(D=28mm) 391688doorlock(D=35mm) 3916893 extension part (page.60)4* striker (page.34)5 main striker (page.60)6 3D hinge (page.62)7 cylinder lock (page.63)* profile related parts516664444337
  46. 46. 43ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareSingle sash inward/outward opening doorHandle operated multi-point locking scheme with wind-latch and cylinder dead lockFFH:2200-2500mmSash weight max 120Kg1 Rotoform handle (page.58)2 doorlock (page.55)3* striker (page.34)4 main stiker (page.58)5 3D hinge (page.60)6 cylinder lock (page.61)* profile related parts13332555346
  47. 47. 44ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware45ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareFrench door with dummy mullion(D.M. w/o U groove)Sash weight max 120Kg33885813310119921 T/T espage. (page.56)2 T espage (page.55)3* striker (page.34)4 double-sided handle (page.59)5 pop-up handle (page.19)6 cylinder lock (page.63)7 cylinder cover (page.59)8 3D hinges (page.62)9 corner drive (page.29)10* bullet catch (page.61)(**)11 snapper cam 256020(page.61)(**)* profile related parts** optional according to vent size & application requirement884786
  48. 48. 4ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware47ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware28833177733109French door with dummy mullion(D.M. w. U groove)Sash weight max 120Kg477651 dummy mullion espage (page.58)2 T espage. (page.55)3* striker (page.34)4 double-sided handle (page.59)5 cylinder lock (page.63)6 cylinder cover (page.59)7 3D hinges (page.62)8 corner drive (page.29)9 bullet catch 260457(page.61)(**)10 snapper cam 256020(page.61)(**)* profile related parts** optional according to vent size & application requirement7
  49. 49. 48ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware49ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware88128944441011French door with dummy mullion(D.M. w/o U groove)Sash weight 120Kg max43888651 dummy mullion espag (page.58)2 dummy mullion espag handle 2917433 T espage (page.55)4* striker (page.34)5 double-sided handle (page.59)6 cylinder lock (page.63)7 cylinder cover (page.59)8 3D hinge (page.62)9 corner drive (page.29)10* bullet catch (page.61)(**)11 snapper cam (page.61)256020(**)* profile related parts** optional according to vent size & application requirement9
  50. 50. 50ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware51ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareFrench door with dummy mullion(D.M. w/o or w. U groove)Sash weight max 120Kg* profile related parts** optional according to vent size & application requirement1 double-sided handle (page.60)2 doorlock(D=28mm)doorlock(D=35mm)3916883916893 extension part (page.60)4* striker (page.34)5 main striker (page.60)6 cylinder lock (page.63)7 3D hinges (page.62)8 T/T espage. (page.56)9 corner drive (page.29)(page.19)10 pop-up handle77777798444461524331094
  51. 51. ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware53ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware91086665234444French door with dummy mullion(D.M. w or w/o U groove)Sash weight max 120Kg1 double-sided handle (page.60)2 doorlock(D=28mm) 391688doorlock(D=35mm) 3916893 extension part (page.60)4* striker (page.34)5 main striker (page.60)6 3D hinge (page.62)7 cylinder lock (page.63)8 shoot bolt 14mm (page.56)9 shoot bolt 18mm (page.56)10* bolt striker (page.37)* profile related parts661761011(page.19)11 pop-up handle
  52. 52. 54ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware1.T Espage. w.o. lock :BSArt-No SAP SpecificationBS/HH/FFH/CAMN212A01206 260143 BS25/105-150/180-250/1EN212A02206 260144 BS25/100-250/251-500/1PN212A03206 260145 BS25/251-400/501-800/2EN212A04206 260146 BS25/401-550/801-1100/3EN212A05206 260147 BS25/551-700/1101-1400/3EN212A06206 260148 BS25/701-900/1401-1800/4EN212A07206 260149 BS25/901-1200/1801-2400/4EN213A01206 260150 BS30/105-150/180-250/1EN213A02206 260151 BS30/100-250/251-500/1PN213A03206 260152 BS30/251-400/501-800/2EN213A04206 260153 BS30/401-550/801-1100/3EN213A05206 260154 BS30/551-700/1101-1400/3EN213A06206 260155 BS30/701-900/1401-1800/4EN213A07206 260156 BS30/901-1200/1801-2400/4EN214A05206 260161 BS35/551-700/1101-1400/3EN214A06206 260162 BS35/701-900/1401-1800/4EN214A07206 260163 BS35/901-1200/1801-2400/4E12.5
  53. 53. 55ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareArt-No SAP SpecificationBS/HH/FFH/CAMN222A06206 360148 BS25/701-900/1401-1800/4EN222A07206 360149 BS25/901-1200/1801-2400/4EN223A06206 360155 BS30/701-900/1401-1800/4EN223A07206 360156 BS30/901-1200/1801-2400/4EN224A06206 360162 BS35/701-900/1401-1800/4EN224A07206 360163 BS35/901-1200/1801-2400/4EN225A06206 360169 BS40/701-900/1401-1800/4EN225A07206 360170 BS40/901-1200/1801-2400/4EN226A06206 360176 BS45/701-900/1401-1800/4EN226A07206 360177 BS45/901-1200/1801-2400/4E2.T Espage. w. lock :BS173.T Espage. with lock milling dimension :handleheight17BSBS1663min.86min.1001012mm14550434312.5 12.310102020BS12.3min. 17min.45
  54. 54. 56ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware3.T/T espage w.o. lock :4.Shoot boltArt-No SAP SpecificationArt-No SAP SpecificationArt-No SAP SpecificationBS/HH/FFH/CAMN112A05206 259775 BS25/801-1000/1601-2000/2EN112A06206 259776 BS25/1001-1200/2001-2400/4EN113A05206 259781 BS30/801-1000/1601-2000/2EN113A06206 259782 BS30/1001-1200/2001-2400/4EN114A05206 259787 BS35/801-1000/1601-2000/2EN114A06206 259788 BS35/1001-1200/2001-2400/4EN115A05206 259793 BS40/801-1000/1601-2000/2EN115A06206 259794 BS40/1001-1200/2001-2400/4EN116A05206 259803 BS45/801-1000/1601-2000/2E349187 349187 without reverse-action travel 14mm312033 312033 with reverse-action travel 18mmN116A06206 259805 BS45/1001-1200/2001-2400/4EBS12.5
  55. 55. 57ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware1. Door lock(MVZ500)One piece multi-point locking gear w/o. bolt(profile w. hardware geoove)SAP SpecificationBS/FFH/CAM392380 BS35/1900-2200/4P392428 BS40/1900-2200/4P392381 BS45/1900-2200/4PBS10202. Door lock(MVZ500)2.1.1 One piece multi-point locking gear w. 2 bolt(profile w. hardware groove)1020BSSAP SpecificationBS/FFH255372 BS35/1900-2200255378 BS40/1900-2200255391 BS45/1900-22002.1.2 One piece multi-point locking gear w. 2 bolt(profile w/o. hardware groove,face-plate U7*24)SAP SpecificationBS/FFH256006 BS35/1900-2200256007 BS40/1900-2200256013 BS45/1900-22003. main striker (refer to page.50)4. bolt striker (contact us for more imformation )44231
  56. 56. 58ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareArt-No SAP SpecificationHH/FFHN291A01006 233418 225-350/370-620N291A02006 233419 393-482/621-800N291A02016* 242726 621-900N291A03006 233420 482-682/801-1200N291A03016* 242728 901-1200N291A04006 290912 448/658/1201-1600N291A05006 296146 680-890/1601-2000N291A06006 296147 880-1090/2001-24001.Lever operated dummy mullion espag.(D.M. w. U groove)2.Lever operated dummy mullion espag.(D.M. w/o. U groove)SAP SpecificationHH/FFH293629 225-350/370-620293631 393-483/621-800293632* 621-900293633 482/682/801-1200293634* 901-1200293635 448-658/1201-1600293636 680-890/1601-2000293637 880-1090/2001-2400* opposing backset 8mm espage.**** dummy mullion espag handle SAP: 291743
  57. 57. 59ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware1.Double-sided handle(pin length 150mm)2.Cylinder coverArt-No ColourC070C10725 white(RAL9016)C070C10335 goldC070C108019 brown(RAL8019)C070C10765 black(outside) and white(inside)3.Double-sided handle(lockable;pin length 150mm)Art-No ColourC070C20725 white (RAL9016)C070C208019 brown(RAL8019)C070C20765 black(outside) and white(inside)notice:one key in packuniversal keyArt-No ColourEPSW white(RAL9016)66NS/49PNS(F3) goldEPSW8019 brown(RAL8019)EPS765 black(outside) and white(inside)
  58. 58. 60ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware1. Rotoform handle(double sided)2.Main strikerArt-No. Colour199-****** white(RAL9016)199-****** blackSAP Specification Profile system390807 left 12-20/9390808 right 12-20/9390907 left 12-20/13390908 right 12-20/13390765 left Kommerling 3SKommerling 3S390766 right390659 left RehauRehau390660 right3.Extension pieceArt-No Specification391693 880mm(per pc)/2V(per pc)391695 745mm(per pc)/1V(per pc)391694 1180mm(per pc)/2V(per pc)
  59. 59. 61ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware4.Bullet catches/snapper cam:SAPAluplast 2000/3000 258939Aluplast ideal 4000/5000/6000 257362KBE AD 260465KBE 70AD 264391KBE MD 260472Kommerling Eurodur 3S/Energy 260463Kommerling Gold/Gold Asea 260464Rehau S730/735,S796 260464Thyssen AD/MD 13 /Prestige MD 260468Veka Softline AD/MD9 256782Veka Softline MD13 256781VekaTopline AD/MD13 256781Dimex 260464ShiDe 106 260464ShiDe 68(WS68) 260459ShiDe 60/66/68(NS68)60A/65/104 260466Conch 65(window)/70(window)/60(door) 260464Conch 50(window)/60(window) 260466**Surface-mounted(face-fixed) on lever-operated espag.Art-No SAPN710A00106 260457To be clipped onto espag.Art-No SAPN710A50206 256020Only in combination with packer 260478.N710A50106 2604775.Packer: Packer for snapper cam(to be used in the hardwaregroove,horizontally top and bottom).Art-No SAPN710A59906 260478Packer for bullet catches(for opposing hardware grooveon French window sash)260458
  60. 60. 62ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware6. 3D hinge:9031A7.713.5 12108A451913.5 13.5Hardware parts Art-No Colour A(mm)3D-90 hinge S550A77901 white 14-16.5331940 black 14-16.5Hardware parts Art-No Colour Thickness(mm)hinge frame packer S550A89008 white 2S550A90008 black 2Hardware parts Art-No Colour A(mm)3D-108 hinge S550A74901 white 14-16.5Hardware parts Art-No Colour Thickness(mm)hinge frame packer S550A86008 white 2Allowed sash weight:80KgAllowed sash weight:120Kg2424
  61. 61. 63ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware7. Cylinder8. 810 standard cylinderCES 810 standard cylinderbasic length:27.5/27.5mmCES 815/H H-shape handwheel cylinderand CR luniform handwheel cylinderbasic length:K27.5/S27.5mmCES 802/30/CR luniform handwheel cylinder without keybasic length:K27.5/S27.5mmXY 27.5 31.5 35.5 40.5 45.5 50.5 55.5 60.5 65.5 70.5 75.527.531.535.540.545.550.555.560.565.570.575.5notice: common application17103319X YM5
  62. 62. ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware643. slide2. tilt1. lockRoto single sash Tilt & Slide doorFFB:600-1650 FFH:801-2400Sash weight max 130Kg1234*567891011*12espage.handleT/T espage.corner driverstrikerbasic combinationsliding trackstay armtop width extension pieceheight extension piecebottom width extension piecebottom strikerpole bracket211596(white)/211597(brown)(page.26)(page.29)(page.34)288756(left)/288757(right)(page.65)(page.65)(page.65)(page.65)(page.65)(used in case of FFB>1450mm)* profile related parts33844444 449736666126111011666555555666666621
  63. 63. ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware651.Sliding track:Art-No SAP Colour Specification288803/G 130S-62G 288803 white(R07.2)white(R07.2)white(R07.2)white(R07.2)white(R07.2)FFB:600-900mm288804/G 130S-63G 288804 FFB:901-1050mm288805/G 130S-64G 288805 FFB:1051-1250mm288806/G 130S-65G 288806 FFB:1251-1450mm288807/G 130S-66G 288807 FFB:1451-1650mm288808/G 130S-56G 288808 brown(R05.3)brown(R05.3)brown(R05.3)brown(R05.3)brown(R05.3)FFB:600-900mm2888011/G 130S-57G 2888011 FFB:901-1050mm2888012/G 130S-58G 2888012 FFB:1051-1250mm2888014/G 130S-59G 2888014 FFB:1251-1450mm2888015/G 130S-60G 2888015 FFB:1451-1650mm2.Stay arm:Art-No SAP SpecificationG10NT 281228 FFB:600-900mmG11NT 281230 FFB:901-1200mmG12NT 281231 FFB:1201-1400mm3.Top width extension piece:Art-No SAP SpecificationFFB/ CAML301NT01206L301NT02206L301NT03206L301NT04206L301NT05206L301NT04206450-620/0C281239 621-800/1E281240-1 801-1200/1E281242-3 1201-1600/2E4.Height extension piece:Art-No SAP SpecificationFFB/ CAM281248-9 1601-2000/2E281250-1 2001-2400/4E5.Bottom width extension piece:Art-No SAP SpecificationG86NT 281232 FFB:600-800mmG87NT 281235 FFB:801-1000mmG88NT 281236 FFB:1001-1200mmG89NT 281237 FFB:1201-1400mmG90NT 281238 FFB:1401-1650mmL301NT06206
  64. 64. 66ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware67ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareHardware Art-No Quantity1 handle 211596(white)/211597(brown) 32 T espage (page.54) 13 T/T espage (page.26) 24* striker (page.34) 7/85 corner driver (page.29) 46 guide rail top (page.68) 17 guide rail bottom (page.68) 18 roller sets 312563 (page.68) 19 roller bracket (page.68) 110 frame stay bearing (page.68) 2Hardware Art-No11* frame stay bearing packer (page.68) 212 sash ssash hingetay bearing (page.68) 213* (page.68) 414 sash hinge fixed unit 312830(page.68) 415 guide rail cover(narrow) (page.68) 316 guide rail cover(wide) (page.68) 117 bottom guide accessory (page.68) 118 top guide accessory (page.68) 16080 floding door(431)Turning sash rebate width :450-1200mmFloding sash rebate width:450-900mm,rebate height 600-2400mmMax weight of single sash : 80kg* profile related15171711444444699111810131312151414755553328Quantity 16
  65. 65. ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware68The folding system of 6080 folding door(exclude for locking system):hardware Art-No/SAPguide rail topframe width 2000mmframe width 3000mm1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 13 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 31 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 13 3 4 5 5 5 6 6 7 7 7 83 3 4 5 5 5 6 6 7 7 7 82 1 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 6 61 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 1 21 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 1 21 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 31 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3frame width 4000mmframe width 5000mmframe width 6000mmguide rail bottomframe width 2000mmframe width 3000mmframe width 4000mmframe width 5000mmframe width 6000mmroller setsroller bracketspacer thickness 1mmsash stay bearingsash hinge40mm50mmsash hinge fixed unitguide rail cover(wide)frame width 2000mmframe width 2500mmframe width 3000mmframe width 3500mmframe width 4000mmframe width 6000mmwhite(R07.2) brown(R05.3) silver(R01.1)guide rail cover(narrow)frame width 2000mmframe width 2500mmframe width 3000mmframe width 3500mmframe width 4000mmframe width 6000mmtop guide accessorybottom guide accessoryTT-6080-2000SATT-6080-3000SATT-6080-4000SATT-6080-5000SATT-6080-6000SABT-6080-3000SABT-6080-2000SABT-6080-4000SABT-6080-5000SABT-6080-6000SAH38-9MH46-7M336539336451 336452 336453312566 312567 312568312811 312812 312813312831 312832 312833312834 312835 312836312821 312822 312823312824 312825 312826312827 312828 312829312830H38M H42MH42-3MH50-1MH51-2MH43-4MH39M H43MH39-40MH40M H44MH41M H45MH46M H50MH47M H51MH47-8MH48M H52MH49M H53Mframe stay bearingframe stay bearing packerspacer thickness 2mmnotice: more information refer to rotowhite(R07.2) brown(R05.3) silver(R01.1)white(R07.2) brown(R05.3) silver(R01.1)white(R07.2) brown(R05.3) silver (R01.1)white(R07.2) brown(R05.3) silver (R01.1)white(R07.2) brown(R05.3) silver (R01.1)white(R07.2) brown(R05.3) silver (R01.1)white(R07.2) brown(R05.3) silver (R01.1)312563330 321 431 532 541 550 633 651 743 761 770 871
  66. 66. ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareDrilling dimension1.stay bearing drilling dimensionstay bearingcentredrilling hole 4mm deepsystem:12/18-9 system:12/20-912/20- 13stay bearingcentre2.corner hinge drilling dimension 3.corner pivot rest drilling dimensiondrilling hole3mm,5mm deepcorner hing 230343dimension COverlap widthdimension AOverlap width dimension Bpivot restcentredrilling hole3mm,3mm deepsupporting-pins and screws must penetrate at least2 profile walls16.5363612 1216488016488016488018.510.5C541616AB3612182021221820212249.551.552.553.516.518.519.520.569
  67. 67. ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware70Corner hinge drilling jigs for hinge-side(for installation independent of frame)Overlap(in mm) SAP Art-No18,20,22 230728 N820B01021* For 13 mm hardware axis,adjust the drilling jig.(factory setting is for 9mm axis)
  68. 68. ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareDual-use drilling-jigsHinge-side K stay arm and pivot restSAP Art-No230727 N820B0101118mmoverlap widthmarkers20mmoverlap width(basic setting)22mmoverlap widthBy turning thedrilling-plate stop,the jigcan be adjusted to overlapwidth 18,20,22mm
  69. 69. ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareCroppers and cropper toolingNT croppers and accessoriesDescription SAPCropper with left-hand tool 262155Cropper with right-hand tool 262156Long scale, left-hand version 230758Long scale, right-hand version 230759Short scale, left-hand version 262157Short scale, right-hand version 262158Slider, left-hand version 257632Slider, right-hand version 257633Cropper with left-hand 7/8 tool 261950Cropper with right-hand 7/8 tool 262570Foot control switch 23076072
  70. 70. ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional HardwareCrop and hardware installation1 corner driver(top)2 corner driver(bottom)3 T/T espage.4 center lock corner driver5 stay guide6 center lock7 corner hingeinstallation sequence73
  71. 71. ROTO FRANKGerman Constructional Hardware
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