Impression Marketing Email Marketing presentation 2013


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Email marketing strategies and how email marketing can be a very successful part of your marketing mix, offering an outstanding return on investment.

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Impression Marketing Email Marketing presentation 2013

  1. 1. Sizzling Email Marketing Campaigns Howard Deskin CEO - Internet Marketing Manager August 6, 2013
  2. 2. Audience Poll How many of you have an email newsletter? How many of you receive email newsletters? How many of you enjoy reading email newsletters? How many of you despise receiving email newsletters? Given the choice of being chased by an alligator and reading a newsletter which would you pick?
  3. 3. Why E-mail Marketing? 5.Give people more of a reason to get distracted at work 4.Tell people about your new stuff they don’t need 3. Learn more about why customers don’t call you 2. Send people to your mobile site you don’t have 1. Might be the only place you don’t hear about Anthony Weiner!
  4. 4. Why E-mail Marketing - Really 1. Has a wide & quick reach 2. Excels in Return-on-Investment 3. Improves brand awareness and customer relations 4. Is measurable and easily modified 5. Is customizable by type of customer Courtesy of L-Soft
  5. 5. It’s All On-Line Now!
  6. 6. Marketing Spend Trends
  7. 7. E-mail Marketing Systems Rankings courtesy of IContact
  8. 8. Email Marketing Best Practices • • • • • • Keep it fun & lively Clean design & good mix of text, images, videos Write an attention-grabbing subject line Tie in blogs and social media Compelling offer and clearly state benefits Send often, at least once or twice a month – Exception – “WorkIT” is sent several times a week
  9. 9. Work IT Richmond Newsletter
  10. 10. Work IT Richmond Website
  11. 11. Email Marketing Best Practices • Track results! • Encourage conversation with polls or surveys • Don’t oversell. If you’re going to sell something, focus on that one thing. • Provide expert information that benefits or adds value for the readers • Post the newsletter to your website & social properties
  12. 12. Impression Marketing Newsletter
  13. 13. Local Upscale Medspa
  14. 14. Email Marketing Best Practices • Landing Pages – Where are you sending the readers? – Web page should expand upon the compelling offer – Think desktop website & mobile site pages – Have a great call to action on the pages • CRM Integration – Zoho, Salesforce, Sugar, etc. • Keep your lists clean!
  15. 15. Local Nonprofit Organization
  16. 16. Most Effective Email Marketing Tactics
  17. 17. Local Plumbing Company
  18. 18. Local Running Store Not Live Yet
  19. 19. Tracking Results • • • • • Open rates Drop rates Click-thru rates New sign-ups Tie into Google Analytics – Referral traffic • Conversions (sales leads)
  20. 20. Realty Company
  21. 21. Examples of Bad Newsletters
  22. 22. Examples of Good Newsletters
  23. 23. Emails Must be Optimized for Many Devices
  24. 24. Importance of Email Marketing Timing
  25. 25. Stalk us online at ImpressionMarketing @impressionM