3 Things You Can Do Now To Increase Your Sales This Month(2)


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Ideas to increase sales and traffic to your store.
Recession proof your sales.

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3 Things You Can Do Now To Increase Your Sales This Month(2)

  1. 1. RECESSION PROOF YOUR SALES<br />I Know What’s on Your Mind These Days….<br />And I’ve been researching how to improve sales for my business also. I’ve found some things that I want to pass on to you that I think can help you not only sell my line of jewelry, but increase general traffic to your store. I WANT YOU TO STAY IN BUSINESS!<br />I’ve scattered photos of our NEWEST Items throughout the newsletter to give you a glimpse of what I designed while on my last trip to Asia in April and we have a great stock of them since THEY JUST ARRIVED. <br />In order to say THANK YOU for be being a great customer<br />I’m offering a FREE pair of earrings (my choice) <br /> with a minimum wholesale order of $500 <br /> until Oct.31,2009! <br />You can review our gallery at http://gallery.me.com/imporbarb. Then give us a call, 770-434-7936, or email us at info@importfolio.com and Shannon or I can help you put an order together.<br /> <br />3 Things You can do NOW to <br /> INCREASE Your Sales THIS MONTH!<br />1. What is Your Most Valuable Asset? <br />Did you know that perceived indifference is the number one reason businesses lose customers? It’s not price, or product, or even poor customer service, but INDIFFERENCE! They feel it doesn’t matter to YOU whether they shop at your store or somewhere else. They have no RELATIONSHIP to you. They forget about you and are easily seduced by your competition.<br />So, your greatest asset is your CURRRENT CUSTOMER LIST. If you don’t have one, begin one. It’s a whole lot easier to resell to an existing happy customer than it is to get a new one. You’ve already begun the relationship so they are more willing to try other products with you. <br />So once you have this list you can then create a newsletter to send them and email them all kinds of offers. Send thank you notes and holiday gifts and you’ll increase the value of your business. Make it personal too, not so cut and dry commercial…that’s boring. Staying in contact once or twice a month directly by calling, emailing and direct mail is the answer and will get them in the store to purchase more often.<br /> 2. Chocolate Martinis Create an Experience to Shop!<br />Sell customers EXPERIENCE along with the jewelry. Many people have money now; they just are not parting with it easily in these uncertain times. They want their shopping time to be an OMG experience, and to be “wowed” and feel special, like a star, when they make that purchase. Sounds like a lot to make a sale? It’s easier than you think. <br />SEND AN INVITATION and CALL THEM to come on down and have a wine and cheese evening in the store! It’s interactive. I personally did an evening Chocolate Martini trunk show at a store. Everybody buys then! The owner made the drinks herself and offered simple crackers and cheese with them. Anyone who wanted one got one at the entrance and they were pouring all evening long until closing. People bought and had a good time while doing it too! Create interesting sales promotions and offer premiums, like gas cards or a free gift with a purchase etc.. MAKE IT FUN TO SHOP AT YOUR STORE.<br />If you think you’re clientele is above accepting this, your wrong. Everyone likes to be entertained and be appreciated and getting to know the owner like a friend. You then become the “I’ve got a friend in the business” person to them. It REMINDS THEM WHO YOU ARE. <br />It’s the Top of the Consciousness Principle where you stay first and foremost in your customers’ minds as the first place to go to for a gift or jewelry item. People buy from people and they are tired of the BIG BOX stores. During these times where unemployment is about double digits, companies that hunker down and disappear will be forgotten when times improve. But YOU’LL be getting their customers now!<br />3. Getting New Prospects & Success with Mailing Lists<br />Ok, so now as you’re taking care of business with your regular customers I know you want to get new ones. <br />Well, first we need to know WHO your customer is; study the demographics. If you already have a list you can look there to check the geography and see WHERE they are coming. Check past sales receipts to see WHAT your customers like to buy and HOW often they buy. These are facts necessary so you know what kind of new customer you want. After all you want the most desirable customers that like to shop in YOUR kind of store. <br />If you know WHERE your customers are coming from you can do further marketing to those specific areas. For instance, you can get the names and addresses of the neighbors of your current great customers in the local criss-cross street directory available at your library. <br />Design a letter and send it to “Mr and Mr. Burton” and mention that you already sell to their neighbors, “ Bill and Susan Jones” for many years and that you thought they might like the same jewelry and shopping at your store also. You put in some coupons with a strong offer with their name on it and send it out. It’s almost as good as a referral. And if they do check you out you already KNOW that your customer likes you and your store. Remember for every customer of yours there are four eligible neighbors, two on each side and two across the street. You could double your business with this one.<br />When you know WHAT they like you can buy lists of customers who<br />enjoy similar things. For instance if you are an estate jeweler, buy the list of a magazine that antique collectors read and buy only the names in your sales area, or expand your area to increase sales. If you sell contemporary silver jewelry then buy the list from a local modern museum of art. It’s cross-referencing. Ask yourself what else would my customer buy or like? <br /> There are three kinds of lists:<br /><ul><li>Subscriber Lists are those who subscribe to magazines, newsletter or other publications. For instance there is a list of the Southern Home subscribers for Denver. www.SRDS.com would be the main source and the 1600 page tome can be found at the library.
  2. 2. Purchaser Lists – for all products made there are lists of their buyers. Those who buy Apple computers, those who buy tickets to the Braves games, Country Wine Basket catalog buyers, Whole Foods organic food buyers. You get the point. www.melissa.com and www.macromark.com are category lists sources.
  3. 3. Compiled Lists are lists that generally come from different sources and phone surveys and are merged together. This could be art galleries that sell jewelry, have less than 5 employees and located in Virginia. www.nextmark.com and www.infousa.com can help you here.</li></ul>Well, I hope this has inspired you to look at your business with new marketing eyes and to begin implementing some different techniques to increase sales. Once again,<br />In order to say THANK YOU for being a great customer <br /> I’m offering a FREE pair of earrings (my choice) <br /> with a minimum wholesale order of $500 <br />until Oct. 31,2009! <br />Remember, you can see my jewelry at http://gallery.me.com/importbarb. So give us a call, 770-434-7936, or email us at info@importfolio.com and Shannon or I can help you put an order together.<br /> <br /> <br />