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Personal Health Systems Foresight


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Introduction to Personal Health Systems Foresight at ICT 2013 - Create, Connect, Grow Conference, in Vilnius on 6-8 November 2013. This FP7 project ‘Personal Health Systems Foresight’ is a support action which coordinates strategic stakeholder engagements in the realm of Personal Health Systems (PHS) within and beyond European Union up to 2030. The project expands across different PHS areas of application such as chronic disease management, life-style management, independent living and emergency services. PHS assist in the provision of continuous, quality controlled and personalised health services to empowered individuals regardless of location. PHS provides a horizontal development area across variety of patients, clinical specialties, technology fields and health services. Hence, the development of PHS requires and can mobilize the emergence of novel cross-disciplinary and -sectoral innovation partnerships.

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Personal Health Systems Foresight

  1. 1. PHS Foresight In Silico Medicine: AllHands Meeting ICT2013, Vilnius, Lithuania, November, 6-8, 2013 Laura Pombo-Juárez Impetu Solutions
  2. 2. Personal HealthSystemsForesight • • • State-of-the-Art Analyses o R&D cooperation o Userperspectives o Marketconditions Online Community o Sharing, commenting and assessing PHS visions o Networking o International collaboration Scenariosand Roadmaps o Futuretrajectories, threats and opportunities
  3. 3. Share YourVisionon PHS Can you imagine a sort of personal healthsystemthatcould be in operation in Europebytheyear 2030? • • • Services, products and/ortechnologies Userperspectives and implicationstohealthcareprofessional Political, legal, and institutionalframeworkconditions “Sign in, share yourvision and getconnectedwit hthegrowing PHS community!”
  4. 4. 2030 Visionson PHS Futures
  5. 5. EngagewiththeGrowingPHS Community
  6. 6. Deliverables
  7. 7. THANK YOU! • PHS Foresight o Networking and StrategicPolicyGuidance • PHS &State-of-the-Art o Opportunies accross many areas of work • Envisioning PHS futures o Online Community Building for International Coordination • PHS Scenarios and Roadmaps o Exploring Future Systems, Recommending Joint Actions