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Cd cover analysis 2


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Cd cover analysis 2

  1. 1. GENRE @ This is a music CD cover of a UK artist called “Timie Temah” it has an interesting form of appearance which creates a unique imagery, for example, the image is equally in the centre of cover in the position of a triangle, I feel that this looks very futurist because the background portrays the artist to be individually distinct from other UK artists. GDCOMPOSITION © The use of dimensional layout structures on the CD cover builds an image of a futuristic setting to the artist and his surprising success from being in underground arena to having an established path in being a successful musician.
  2. 2. IMAGE STYLE <9 The main element which I found interesting in the music cover was the whole concept of him sparkling and appearing to be illuminated, he also passes a message by appearing to be covering his arms around a city. In my view, I would say that he got the city under his control when it comes down to being the top ten in the UK. The font style is very bold and brings across a precise statement about the artist and his talent. © REPRESENTATION <9 This CD appears to representing audiences who love to listen to UK rap, judging by the costume that artist wears (tinted glasses, slim fit coat, wrist watch and a well trimmed hair styles) these formal elements present and highlight a specific target audience belonging to that group.
  3. 3. COLOR <9 Visually we can see a well lit background cover; with a kind of futuristic appearance that is so eye catchy. The Image style is very bold and alerting, this has a way of causing any viewer to want to listen to his music. ©TfiRfiE. T EEUDIIENCE to 16-24- preferably people who enjoy similar codes and conventions about this image. People from a working and middle class background would have interest to this kind of conventional genre. @ Typography