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Visa Interview Sample Questions


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Resource for the latest information of Interview Questions for US Student Visa. It contains useful information of Interview Questions for US Student Visa

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Visa Interview Sample Questions

  1. 1. Visa Interview Sample Questions  Many students are not adequately prepared for the visa interview. Practice makes perfect! Please use a partner to practice with you as you answer the following questions. Answer truthfully, answer the question being asked succinctly (don’t ramble on and on), be confident in tone and body language and SPEAK LOUD ENOUGH SO THAT THE VISA OFFICER CAN HEAR YOU. Be confident, treat this like it is a job interview. First impressions are crucial to the outcome of the interview. Look good, smell great, and be prepared. 1. Why do you want to study in the United States? a. Offers opportunities for me that are not available in my country b. US has excellent reputation for quality education on the cutting edge that will help me get a good job when I come back to my country c. It is good to have a global education nowadays, so studying in another country is very desirable 2. Why do you want to study at National University? a. I researched many universities and found that NU has a good reputation, great programs, is affordable, has a good mix of theory and practice in the classroom b. I researched the program content, and it has the focus that I want c. The faculty all have had extensive experience in their fields *be specific about your program. Do not list facts about NU from the website. 3. Why do you want to study xxx major? a. My program has a great practical aspect as well as thorough theoretical education b. This program is what I need to get a job in xxx back in India, which is in demand c. I always wanted to be a XXX, and this degree will prepare me to work in the field 4. Tell me about this major at National University. a. It has 14 courses, some of the course specialization subjects are xxxx. It prepares me for these types of jobs…xxxx. 5. What will you do when you finish your program at National University? Are you planning to stay in the United States upon completion of your program? a. I only plan to stay for my practical training, and then I will return to my country, which, as you know, has a growing economy and a great need for people in my field. I also need to support my family or start my own business, take over my father’s business, etc. 6. Who is paying for your studies? a. My parents, I have my own money that I saved from working xxx years in this…here’s my bank statement. (Give your sponsor’s work title, company) 7. What is the occupation of your father/mother/guardian? How much is their income? a. Be ready to state convincingly that your family/sponsor/self has sufficient money to pay for your education.
  2. 2. 8. What is your TOEFL/IELTS score? a. My TOEFL/IELTS score is XXX, which meets the university requirements for admission. b. My TOEFL/IELTS score is XXX, which does not meet the university requirements. That is why I am first going the National University’s English language program. Once I finish the English program, I will start my academic program. c. I have not taken the TOEFL/IELTS because I am attending National University’s English Language Program before I start my academic program. 9. How many universities did you apply to? a. I applied to 5 universities in the USA, Australia and England. I have been accepted to three of those universities so far. The USA is my first choice because of the reputation of the university and the program that I want. 10. Do you have any relatives in the USA? a. (If you have mother/father, brother/sister…you must say that you do have relatives. However, please go on say that this has no bearing on being able to pay for your studies and state why you plan to return to your country after your education.)