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National Library of Finland - Tuula Pääkkönen


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Published in: Technology
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National Library of Finland - Tuula Pääkkönen

  1. 1. National Library of Finland Tuula Pääkkönen
  2. 2. National Library of Finland •1640 •Independent Institute under University of Helsinki Units of the NLF •Research Library •Centre for Digitisation & Conservation •Library Network Services •
  3. 3. Use Case and Tool 1: Deskewer Newspaper pages from years 1889–1909 •Languages: Finnish, Swedish •Fonts: Fraktur/antiqua •Different column amounts
  4. 4. Use Case and Tool 2: Korrektor Use case: post- processing of typical newspaper pages of NLF
  5. 5. Evaluation Results 1) Deskewer Command line Easy to use More parameters to tune results , more verbose output 2) Layout Analysis Tool: Korrektor Fixing articles took 4 to 19minutes, average ~10 minutes METS/ALTO support Requires own process Service levels of segmentation and tool itself?