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BVC - Semantic Web - ICoC


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Presentation by the BVC of their Semantic Web during the Impact Centre of Competence Annual General Meeting

Published in: Technology
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BVC - Semantic Web - ICoC

  1. 1. Digital Library Miguel de Cervantes Semantic Web
  2. 2. Introduction The Digital Library Miguel de Cervantes Virtual was founded in 1999 and today its catalogue compiles about 200,000 bibliographic records, including content provided by many institutions from many countries. Marc21 FRBR In 2012 RDA In 2015 Relational Database RDF Repository
  3. 3. RDF. Classes and properties (summary) Vocabularies RDA Dublin Core owl-time foaf mads subject object Predicate Gustavo Pilar Knows
  4. 4. Ongoing work RDF Repository Bibliographic records Images Author chronologies Done! Social data Users Annotations Thematic websites ...
  5. 5. Advantages ● Interoperability ● Enriched metadata (vocabularies) ● Linked open data (to other repositories) ● Sparql endpoint (public access)
  6. 6. References ● Digital Library Miguel de Cervantes Virtual. ● RDF version of Digital Library Miguel de Cervantes Virtual. ● description. ● RDF - Semantic Web Standards. ● RDA Vocabulary. ● SPARQL Query Language for RDF. ● BVMC Sparql Endpoint. ● Programming with Sesame. ● SPARQL examples. ● Demo.
  7. 7. Examples ● Classical author, Miguel de Cervantes: ● Contemporary author, Mario Benedetti: ● El retablo de las marauillas / por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra … ● El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha / compuesto por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra … : http://data. ● Works published in 1605: ● Works written in French