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What makes great kelloggs pr


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IMPACT's FMCG team share their tips for successful #kelloggspr campaign as they enjoy their breakfast

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What makes great kelloggs pr

  1. 1. What makes great Kelloggs PR? IMPACT Communications Australia and its FMCG team answer
  2. 2. What makes great #kelloggspr? Allison says tenacity “ A drive to deliver; to keep going until we’ve achieved the campaign objectives Allison Lee, Owner & Director, Provides strategic counsel
  3. 3. What makes great #kelloggspr? Nicole believes its trust “ Working with clients that entrust us with their vision and objectives” Nicole Webb, Owner & Director, Provides strategic counsel
  4. 4. Frances Dwyer, Group Account Director Provides quality assurance and manages project delivery What makes great #kelloggspr? Frances considers it to be creativity “ Crisp, creative minds add oomph to PR strategy”
  5. 5. Laura Cario, Account Manager Specialises in food and nutrition PR What makes great #kelloggspr? Laura recommends making nutrition sexy “ Good food needs to be newsworthy; even health needs a ‘hook’”
  6. 6. What makes great #kelloggspr? Lorraine says social media must-have “ Bloggers are the new heroes of branded conversation and are highly influential” Lorraine Turley, Account Manager Day- to-day client advice & blogger outreach
  7. 7. Jenni Ellard, Account Manager Day-to-day client advice and media specialist What makes great #kelloggspr? Jenni believes in strategy “ Creative ideas are important, but they must be firmly tied strategy to secure outcomes”
  8. 8. What makes great #kelloggspr? Kim believes in listening as well as talking “ PR is not just about the company’s position; its about how the client is perceived by its stakeholder” Kim McMillan, Account Executive Provides account support
  9. 9. What makes great #kelloggspr? Monique believes in fully understanding the target audience “ Any client needs to be focused on the target audience to secure earned media and consumer pull-in” Monique Fenech, Director of Business and Communications Provides media and audience insight and analysis
  10. 10. IMPACT Communications Australia level 2, 67–69 murray street, pyrmont, nsw telephone: +61 2 9519 5411 • facsimile: +61 2 9519 5422 @Alli_IMPACT_PR @impactcommsau • We hope to meet with you to discuss the Kelloggs PR brief