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How to Measure the Real Success of Content Marketing - BrightonSEO 2015

Most marketers look at Buzz signals like Facebook Shares, Tweets or Google+ every time they measure the success of a content marketing campaign.

But there’s more to content marketing success than that. Buzz doesn’t say much about user engagement. To measure the long-term effects of content, marketers need to look at different metrics. We call that “Impact.” It includes downloads, backlinks, and comments.

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How to Measure the Real Success of Content Marketing - BrightonSEO 2015

  1. 1. How to measure the real success of content marketing Christoph C. Cemper Presented by : CEO of
  2. 2. About Christoph C. Cemper Founder & CEO of: SEO & Marketing since 2003 @cemper
  3. 3. The goals of content marketing
  4. 4. User Education “Educating potential customers is one of the most efficient ways to put content marketing to work”. John Hall
  5. 5. “I define content engagement as real people responding in measurable ways to your content.” User Engagement Neil Patel
  6. 6. Social signals measure only distribution
  7. 7. I can “like” 50 posts per minute… but does that mean I’m engaged?
  8. 8. Social signals = Buzz Easy to buy Easy to fake Volatile One side of the coin Not relevant for all content types
  9. 9. Social signals are not good metrics for measuring user engagement But what are the right metrics?
  10. 10. Links = User Engagement
  11. 11. Comments = User Engagement
  12. 12. Downloads = User Engagement
  13. 13. Clicks & Views = User Engagement
  14. 14. User Engagement = Impact
  15. 15. Long term effect Hard/Expensive to fake Dangerous to fake Clicks Views Comments Downloads Backlinks
  16. 16. There are two different dimensions you need to look at when measuring the success of your content marketing: BUZZ and IMPACT
  17. 17. Viral cat content Awesome content shared by powerful influencers Possibly good content but lacking distribution and feedback Useful and engaging content but lacking distribution H I G H L O W L O W H I G H IMPACT BUZZ
  18. 18. You only understand the value of a piece of content by looking at the BUZZ and IMPACT all together.
  19. 19. Do you think that this 8 year old presentation engaged users?
  20. 20. YES! It’s a very successful slidedeck Even if it has only 800 tweets in 8 years, it was downloaded 11.000 times and had 27.000 backlinks.
  21. 21. How did I find this presentation and how fast?
  22. 22. Do you want to measure the success of your content? Content marketing Video MarketingInfluencer Analysis You can do all that and much more with this new tool for:
  23. 23. “If you cannot measure it,…………..”.
  24. 24. “……… cannot improve it.” Lord Kevin
  25. 25. So…You’d better start measuring today. Here’s your invite code for: IMPCT2015A COUPON code
  26. 26. Questions? @Impactana
  27. 27. Don’t forget about your FREE Impactana account. COUPON CODE: IMPCT2015A