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Property management basics


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Published in: Real Estate
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Property management basics

  1. 1. By IMPAC Property Management
  2. 2.  Founded in 1984, Independent Management of Properties and Communities, Inc., or IMPAC Property Management, has evolved into one of New Jersey’s largest property management companies. With management contracts in more than 80 communities and three regional offices, IMPAC Property Management works with its communities to ensure each one sees increased property values, lower costs, and smoother operations.
  3. 3.  Although every property management situation is different, a couple of basic practices are important for achieving management success. The first is building relationships. Above all, the property manager is in service to the community and the homeowners, many of whom have conflicting goals that the manager must address and prioritize.
  4. 4.  Second, the property manager should research rental rates and history of an area and community. Knowing about past issues helps the manager plan and budget for future improvements and issues. Meeting the needs of tenants in a prompt manner is essential to keeping properties running smoothly.