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ZipLift+ User Instructions


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This document contains everything you need to know about setting up and using your iMovR ZipLift+.

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ZipLift+ User Instructions

  1. 1. iMovR ZipLift+ User Instructions HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT 1. Press and hold the levers. 2. Lift up and out.* *The ZipLift+ counterbalance force is set to 15 lbs. This means some heavier monitor setups will require more effort to lift, and lighter setups (such as laptop only) will require more effort to lower. When lowering the ZipLift, be sure to press both down and forward. KEYBOARD TRAY TILT ADJUSTMENT 1. Twist to loosen the knob. 2. Lift tray to desired angle and tighten knob. WEIGHT CAPACITY Visit for the widest selection of office fitness products! The ZipLift+ total maximum weight capacity is 35 lbs. The keyboard tray itself holds up to 5 lbs.