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No Membrane Keypads Here
A sure sign that a treadmill was designed by a gym
equipment engineer is if its desktop console i...
A More Powerful Treadbase, for
Many Years of Reliable Use
Some first-generation treadmill desks are known to
have shorter ...
ThermoDesk UpTown™
•	 Digital controller w/3 presets
•	 41 dB - quietest desk in the world
•	 Choice of slim line or extra...
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iMovR ThermoTread GT Treadmill Desk Brochure


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full product description for the iMovR ThermoTread GT walking workstation

Published in: Health & Medicine
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iMovR ThermoTread GT Treadmill Desk Brochure

  1. 1. No Membrane Keypads Here A sure sign that a treadmill was designed by a gym equipment engineer is if its desktop console is a membrane keypad. Membrane buttons stand up to cardio exercisers’dripping sweat but they tend to degrade prematurely with continuous use. The bigger downside to membrane buttons, however, is their fixed functionality. In contrast to all other treadmill desk units on the market, the ThermoTread GT employs a touch-screen LCD, housed in a sleek console that doesn’t look out of place with the other technological devices found on the modern office desktop. The console contains a powerful computer and a USB port to for easy downloading of future software upgrades. All the basic functionality is there today to display walking speed, distance, time, calorie burn and other performance statistics, just as you’d expect. But that’s where the com- monality with existing treadmill desks ends. No one enjoys pressing twenty buttons to restart their treadmill just because they stepped away for a few minutes. With the intuitive touch-screen user interface of the ThermoTread’s desktop console our engineers were able to make the displays faster to navigate, and to store and retrieve user preferences and usage info easily. THERMOTREAD GT™ The New Leader in Office Fitness Once upon a time the first treadmill desk was created through the marriage of an adjustable-height desk and a cannibalized running treadmill base. That was more than eight years ago. Yet since then every treadmill desk in the world has been made using the same recipe. Every walking base sold as a“treadmill desk”has its roots in gym equipment, as evidenced by footprint, noise signature, console design and motor gearing ratios. iMovR is proud to introduce the ThermoTread GT – the first treadmill desk base designed from the ground up to live in an office environment, not a gym. From upgraded componentry to a sleek, touch-screen LCD desktop console, to its ability to interact with personal performance tracking and corporate wellness software in the cloud (via optional CloudStation available 2016), the ThermoTread GT is to existing treadmill desks as the Starship Enterprise is to the RMS Queen Mary. Both will transport you from point A to point B, but only one has warp drive and photon torpedoes. • The first“clean sheet”design of a walking treadmill base geared specifically for the office, not the gym • Quieter, smaller, more powerful, and more feature- rich than any other office treadmill • Smartphone-like, touch-screen desktop console • Built to last: Premium componentry,“future-proof” software and extensive warranty coverage • Optional iMovR CloudStation (available 2016) connects ThermoTread to the Internet of Things • Perfectly balances drivetrain reliability with power consumption efficiency
  2. 2. A More Powerful Treadbase, for Many Years of Reliable Use Some first-generation treadmill desks are known to have shorter service lives than one would expect. Why? Taking a treadmill geared for running and walking very slowly on it for long periods of time is likely to result in premature motor or controller board burnout. Sauntering on a treadmill desk at a pace of only 1 - 2 mph requires the motor to overcome the immense friction of pulling a dead weight on a rubber belt across a laminated deck. A treadmill designed for a top speed of 12 mph will only have one-sixth to one-twelfth of its rated horsepower at typical treadmill desk walking speeds, imposing a heavy strain on the drivetrain. The fact that most users neglect to periodically lubricate their treadmills shortens the life of these components even further. The ThermoTread GT doesn’t pretend to be a dual-use office/gym treadmill. While that’s a great marketing concept our competitors like to promote, our engineers know that you just can’t have your cake and eat it too. The ThermoTread was designed just for office walking. We made the top speed only 2.5 mph, and ideally geared its high-torque drivetrain (rollers, flywheel, pulley, etc.) for office walking speeds, with a massive 3.0 horsepower, 4000 RPM DC motor at its core. Next, we upgraded the deck from the cheaper melamine and phenolic materials used on competing treadmills to a superior 1”-thick Bakelite material. We added guides to keep the walking belt from shifting around and scraping the side rails. We added a cooling fan to keep motor temperatures under control even if the treadmill is under round-the-clock use, but made it so silent you can’t even tell it’s running. Since no one will ever run or even walk briskly on a ThermoTread, we shortened the deck in order to gain back precious floor space that other units steal away. We even lowered the treadmill deck to maximize desk stability and minimize obstruction. You get the picture. The ThermoTread is quieter than the least-noisy competing treadmill base (the LifeSpan TR-1200), by a whopping 6+ decibels. It has a shorter, lower profile and is built with more reliable componentry than any other walking base on the market. ThermoTread GT consumes half the power and is dramatically quieter than the LifeSpan TR-5000, since it doesn’t require an AC inverter and the noisy continuous fan to keep it cool. Even though it costs $500 less than the TR-5000, the ThermoTread GT looks just as nice, if not nicer, with its all-aluminum side rails. The Lawyers are Gonna Love This Part Lawyers, often chained to a desk for most of their day, have been among the earliest adopters of treadmill desks. But ironically, in- house lawyers have often been unwilling to sanction their use within the corporate realm, over concern for potential employer liability. It’s easy to understand given the thousands of treadmill injury claims that are filed each year and the many examples of reckless treadmill escapades one can find onYouTube. In designing the ThermoTread GT we consulted with lawyers, insurers, corporate customers and engineers to completely overcome this concern once and for all. First, our treadmill base is UL certified to never exceed 2.5 mph. While virtually all treadmill injuries happen at much higher speeds, either through mishap or through cardio exhaustion, no injury claim has ever been reported at such sauntering speeds. Second, before activating power to the treadmill, our console requires the user to click off on a liability waiver, just like they do when using the GPS nav system in their car. This exclusive feature of iMovR treadmill desks protects your organization from unsafe operation and potential liability, while creating a contemporaneous record of all equipment usage. No other treadmill desk in the world has this feature, designed specifically for use in business and public space environments. Now the lawyers can share their love for treadmill desks, without reservation. This is Just the Beginning As it stands today the ThermoTread GT is a gutsy standalone treadmill base with lots of smarts, which can be used with any height-adjustable desk. Next year it will become an appliance on the“Internet of Things”(IoT), with the addition of our optional iMovR CloudStation. Here’s a preview of what this remarkable, patent-pending device is going to allow you to do… The CloudStation will come in the form of a long power bar, to be installed underneath the desk. The treadmill, electric desk, and all electrical devices on your desktop will be able to plug into the CloudStation, all neat and tidy. Each power plug is software controlled so you can set single-touch power conservation modes, such as turning everything off as you leave the office, except for that laptop charger you’d like to keep on. The power plug for the treadmill itself works like a cardiogram, precisely monitoring the health of the treadmill and the usage profile of the user by interpreting current fluctuations generated by the user’s footsteps. With it, we can measure distance, speed and step count, and upload it to the iMovR cloud with extreme precision, and without skipping a beat. While all popular fitness sensors (e.g. FitBit) significantly underreport treadmill desk usage, and other treadmills have flaky Bluetooth connections to laptop software, not a single step will go uncounted or incorrectly measured when using the iMovR CloudStation. Best of all, this happens automatically, without requiring the user to remember to sync their session data with a ready laptop each and every time. Once this data is in the cloud it can be shared with corporate wellness software platforms, personal fitness sensor software, and a variety of applications that iMovR is developing for enterprise customers, such as ROI analysis and resource utilization reports. Furthermore, using the CloudStation will extend the life of your equipment and reduce your power bills, by measuring friction levels in the treadmill and notifying you when it’s time to lubricate. No more guesswork. Once a user sets up their profile in the iMovR cloud - along with preferred treadmill speeds, desk height and monitor height - they’ll be able to log into any iMovR treadmill desk, anywhere in the world, and immediately get to work at their ideal ergonomic position, while having every step they take automatically recorded to their online profile. While the standalone ThermoTread GT is limited to 5 user profiles, an infinite number of users will be able to log into any iMovR treadmill desk that has a CloudStation connection. How the ThermoTread GT Compares to LifeSpan Sound Level: 48.9 Decibels* 6 Hour Duty Cycle 2.25 HP / 2400 RPM 350 Lb. User Limit Gym-Style Desktop Console N/A N/A N/A Laptop Bluetooth Link No Cooling Fan ¾”Phenolic Deck 6”Step-Up Height Scuff-Prone Plastic Side Rails Warranty: 3Yr Motor, 1Yr Parts, 1Yr Labor $999 LifeSpan™TR1200 ThermoTreadGTLifeSpan™TR5000 Sound Level: 49.2 Decibels* 10 Hour Duty Cycle 3.0 HP / 1725 RPM 400 Lb. User Limit Gym-Style Desktop Console N/A N/A N/A Laptop Bluetooth Link Noisy Cooling Fan 1”Phenolic Deck 6”Step-Up Height Aluminum Side Rails Warranty: 3YrMotor,2YrParts,1YrLabor $1,999 Sound Level: 42.7 Decibels* Unlimited Duty Cycle 3.0 HP / 4000 RPM 400 Lb. User Limit Touchscreen-LCD Console MultipleUserProfiles “ClickWrap”LiabilityWaiver Built-inPomodoroTimer Real-timeCloudConnect(option) Silent Cooling Fan 1”Bakelite Deck 5”Step-Up Height Aluminum Side Rails Warranty: 3YrMotor,2YrParts,1YrLabor $1,499 * Measured at 2.0 mph at average user’s ear height 3”Shorter!
  3. 3. ThermoDesk UpTown™ • Digital controller w/3 presets • 41 dB - quietest desk in the world • Choice of slim line or extra-thick ergo-contoured tabletops • 25”-51”height range, with optional 6”desk leg extensions • 360 Lb. lift capacity • Sizes: 42”, 47”, 59”, 71”, 83” • Starting at $719 13256 NE 20th Street, Suite 2 Bellevue, WA, 98005 Sales: (888) 959-0025 Main/Fax: (425) 999-3550 ThermoDesk Ellure™ • Manual lift: 3 turns per inch • Extra-thick ergo-contoured top • 30-1/8”-49-1/8”height range • 200 Lb. lift capacity • Sizes: 42”, 48”, 60”, 72” • Starting at $589 Pair the ThermoTread with any iMovR ThermoDesk or Omega Desk Omega Denali™ Like ThermoDesk Ellure (above) but with built-in SteadyType Keyboard Tray Starting at $894 Omega Olympus™ Like ThermoDesk UpTown (above) but with built-in SteadyType Key- board Tray Starting at $1,024 Omega Everest™ Like ThermoDesk Elite (above) but w/ built-in SteadyType KeyboardTray Starting at $1,274 ThermoDesk Elite™ • 100% Made in America • Digital controller w/4 presets • 42-46 dB - whisper-quiet motors • Extra-thick ergo-contoured top • 25”-51”height range • 220 Lb. lift capacity • Sizes: 42”, 48”, 60, 72”, 83” • Starting at $999 Black Light Maple Shaker Cherry Hayward Cherry Clove Mahogany Almond Cherry UrbanWalnut Shark Gray DesignerWhite (Frosty) WarmWhite (Beige) Haute Gray (Putty) No other company offers as many adjustable-height workstation models than iMovR. We’ve designed these desks for optimal ergonomics, whether sitting, standing or walking - and to accommodate an optional treadmill base. All our desktops are ergo-contoured and made using the most advanced 3D lamination technology in the industry - in eleven standard colors (right) and over sixty custom colors. Even the grommet holes are fully 3D-laminated, giving our tops the elegant look of natural hardwood, while protecting them from scratches, dings and chemicals better than any other laminate technology. All desks are built-to-order within 5-7 business days. Our ThermoDesk line offers both manual and electric desks, in widths ranging from 42”to 83”, and are pre-drilled for attaching an ergonomic keyboard tray. Our Omega line features our patented SteadyType™ keyboard tray built right into the desk. SteadyType eliminates“palm anchoring stresses”when typing while walking, resulting in improved ergonomics, typing accuracy and typing speed, while enhancing the stability of the entire desk. All our electric desks feature anti-collision technology and whisper-quiet dual precision motors. In 72”and 83”widths all our electric models can accommodate a treadmill and office chair side-by- side with room to spare, for the ideal sit-stand-walk workstation.