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EcoLast Premium Mat Warranty and Care Instructions


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EcoLast premium mat warranty info

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EcoLast Premium Mat Warranty and Care Instructions

  1. 1. iMovR EcoLast Warranty Liability Disclaimer ALL FLOOR MATS CREATE RAISED SURFACESWHEN PLACED ONTHE FLOOR FOR USE. ANY RAISED SURFACE COULD BE ATRIP HAZARD, AND CARE SHOULD BETAKENWHILE STEPPING ON, OVER, OR OFF OF FLOOR MATS. IN ADDITION, ANYWET SURFACE MAY BE SLIPPERY. DO NOT USETHE MAT INWET ENVIRONMENTS OR STEP ONTHE MATWITHWET FEET.THISWARRANTY GIVESYOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS, ANDYOU ALSO MAY HAVE OTHER RIGHTSWHICHVARY FROM STATETO STATE (OR JURISDICTIONTO JURISDICTION). IMOVR’S (AND ANY SELLER’S) SOLE RESPONSIBILITY FOR DEFECTS INTHE PRODUCT IS LIMITEDTO REPLACEMENT OFTHE PRODUCTWITH A PRODUCT OF EQUALVALUE OR FOR A PRO-RATED REFUND, AS SET FORTH INTHISWARRANTY STATEMENT. IMOVR (AND ANY SELLER)WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING FROM USE OFTHE IMOVR STANDING MAT PRODUCTS OR FROM A BREACH OFTHIS LIMITEDWARRANTY. BY THISWE MEANTHATTHE EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR A DEFECTIVE PRODUCTWILL BE REPLACEMENT OR REFUND AS SET FORTH INTHISWARRANTY STATEMENT. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY STATED HEREIN,THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED,WITH RESPECTTOTHE PRODUCTS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITEDTO, ANY IMPLIEDWARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL IMOVR OR ANY SELLER’S LIABILITY EXCEEDTHE AMOUNT RECEIVED BY IMOVR OR SELLER FROMTHE PURCHASER OFTHIS PRODUCT. SOME STATES OR JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOWTHE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SOTHE ABOVE MAY NOT APPLYTOYOU. Flooring Care Designed to provide comfort and improve your wellbeing, iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Mats require little to no special care. Clean as you would your floor. iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Mats can be spot cleaned, swept, stick vacuumed (non-brushrolled) or mopped. If needed, iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Mats can be cleaned with commercial cleaners or residential products such as Fantastic and Formula 409. Mats should be stored flat; however, they may be rolled with the bottom side to the inside and the top surface to the outside. Do not roll or bend mats with the top surface to the inside as this will cause damage to the mats. Return Instructions If you are not completely satisfied with this product you may return it for a refund or replacement within the first 100 days from the date of delivery. There is no restocking fee. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping charges for returns and replacements not attributable to warranted defects or incorrect shipment on iMovR’s part. Prior to returning the product, you must email or call us at 425-999-3550 in order to obtain a RMA (Return Material Authorization). 10-Year Comprehensive Performance Warranty Only iMovR offers a comprehensive, 10-year, full-performance warranty on its EcoLast Premium Standing Mats. Besides normal manufacturer defects, iMovR warrants that all Premium Standing Mats will: Remain Unmatched In Comfort iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Mats provide the optimum in comfort and relief. The polyurethane composite effectively suspends body weight, thus reducing impact on the back, legs, and feet while encouraging proprioception (rebalancing). This exclusive advantage results in unmatched and consistent comfort for the life of the product. Always Lie Flat The twenty-degree, gradually beveled edges of an iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Mat will never roll up, which prevents dangerous trip hazards. Distinctive to iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Mats, our Advanced Polyurethane Technology (APT) includes 100% memory properties, meaning the mat is cured flat and will remain flat. Never Delaminate The unique, one-piece construction of the iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Mat eliminates the need for glues or toxic bonding agents that often break down over time. Our mats will never separate, bubble up, ripple, or tear as a result of broken-down glues. Never Compress iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Mats have an unprecedented immediate-recovery (bounce back) and are guaranteed to never lose their form. The polyurethane construction will not compress (squish down) creating dangerous high and low spots or loose resiliency. This results in consistent comfort, even where the most frequent standing occurs. Never Wear Through Our advanced designs protect against high traffic erosion. Deterioration is greatly reduced with our premium polyurethane products. Find Our Latest Standing Mat Assortment at or Call 888-208-6770 DO-EP-WC