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SOURCES: Hatzichristou D. Erectile Dysfunction. In V. Mirone: ...
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Therapies for Erectile Dysfunction


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In 1982, French physician R. Virag announced that the papaverine intracavernous injection can cause penile erection by immediately increasing penile blood flow. This was actually the beginning of the pharmaceutical treatment for erectile dysfunction. Read the infographic to learn more about Oral ED drugs, Penile injections, Shock Wave Therapy and Penile Prosthesis

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Therapies for Erectile Dysfunction

  1. 1. THERAPIES for ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (ED) Turn downside...up! SOURCES: Hatzichristou D. Erectile Dysfunction. In V. Mirone: Uroandrology, Springer, 2014 and get informed about SEXUAL PROBLEMS and their solutions Visit ERECTION DRUGS The prosthesis is placed after a 1-hour surgical procedure Divided in two categories: pills and injections No herbal product or nutritional supplement has been proven to help erection! All effective drugs are given with medical prescription ED drugs are not aphrodisiacs, i.e. they do not affect sexual desire All ED drugs cause vasodilation and increase penile blood perfusion The only indication for ED drugs is erectile dysfunction of organic and psychogenic etiology. In case of psychogenic ED, drug therapy is combined with therapy by the Sexologist SHOCK WAVE THERAPY This is the LATEST METHOD recommended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is indicated exclusively for men with PROBLEM OF VASCULAR ETIOLOGY. It promotes formation of new penile vessels (angiogenesis). AVANAFIL VARDENAFIL SILDENAFIL TADALAFIL ARE AVAILABLE IN GREECE in tablets for oral administration) available in 5mg tablet for once daily use, regardless of when sexual activity is planned older men suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia (the most common cause for urinary problems in men above 50) THIS FORM HAS 2 INDICATIONS men with frequent sexual activity There can be no erection without SEXUAL DESIRE! in men with severe organic problem (diabetes mellitus, neurological diseases, after radical prostatectomy) EFFECTIVENESS FOOD INTAKE AFFECTS… and REDUCES to 50% 70% COMMON SIDE EFFECTS HEADACHE INDIGESTION MUSCLE PAIN ABSOLUTE CONTRAINDICATION WHEN TAKING NITRATES Social consumption of alcohol DOES NOT AFFECT drug action ERECTION RESTORATION… 2years… remains for at least apart from patients with severe ED where success rate drops to 50% RESTORATION WHILE… Erection is restored in 60-75% of men who respond to erection oral drugs who had not initially responded to drugs DURATION: 9WEEKS THE THERAPY IS ABSOLUTELY PAINLESS 60-75% 30-50% 5% 80% 12SESSIONS 15minutes duration each session after the application of shock waves do respond with success! 7to10 have been used for 30years now are the most effective pharmaceutical treatment for ED The injection is done by the man himself, after having been trained by the Urologist, with a special syringe and fine insulin needle directly into the two sides along the penis Erection is induced 10minutes after the injection, regardless of sexual desire It is a practically painless and particularly effective therapy Many drugs have been successfully used, but the most popular worldwide is the combination of PAPAVERINE, PHENTOLAMIN and ALPROSTADIL (tri-mix) COMMON SIDE EFFECTS COMPLICATIONS: SATISFACTION: EFFECTIVENESS ACCEPTANCE of injections PROLONGED ERECTION (>4 hours needs emergency treatment) PAIN (alprostadil) The only drug that needs prescription is ALPROSTADIL is the oldest treatment method There are 2 types of prostheses: MALLEABLE and INFLATABLE is indicated in men who have tried all other therapies WITH NO SUCCESS available in 10mg orally disintegrating tablet Malleable prostheses are composed of 2 cylinders made of special bio-material that is placed within the 2 cavernous bodies In inflatable prostheses, the cylinders are connected with a pump system and can be filled up with normal saline. They give an excellent result, but are very expensive. risk of mechanical damage Rare, with most serious complication the infection of the prosthesis (requires immediate surgical removal and placement of a new one) Satisfaction of men and their partners exceeds 90% Food delays the absorption and the effect of all oral tablets except tadalafil. Mouth dissolving tablets are not affected. SILDENAFIL TADALAFIL ALPROSTADIL Oral tablets Penile injection MODE OF ADMINISTRATION DOSAGE Is sexual arousal necessary? usual MAXIMUM daily dose (in mg) usual time needed from drug intake to drug action (in hours) usual duration of action since drug intake (in hours) YES YES NO 20 6 to 12 up to 36 1 to 2 1-21 About & 100 25 50 mg & 200100 mg & 5 10 20 mg 20 μg 40μg VARDENAFILAVANAFIL oral tablets or disintegrating oral tablets YESYES 6 to 12>6 1 AboutAbout 10 & mg 20 20 mg hours 0,2 hours 0,5 hours hourshours 100 mg 200 mg mg Oral tablets Oral tablets