Web 2.0 And Media 2.0 Presentation


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Pre-worshop abridged presenation 2007

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Web 2.0 And Media 2.0 Presentation

  1. 1. Abridged Version Pre-Workshop Presentation Media 2.0 and Web 2.0 Idris Mootee CEO Idea Couture Inc. www.mootee.typepad.com
  2. 3. by the time you read this it may be obsolete.
  3. 5. <ul><li>marketers are cranking out brands as if they are commodities. </li></ul>
  4. 7. many once-great brands are failing to stay relevant.
  5. 9. the future of advertising is uncertain
  6. 10. customer empowerment is now blanketing the globe
  7. 12. exploding feedback loops are generating new brand dialogues.
  8. 14. trends are sprouting while we sleep and evaporating before lunchtime
  9. 15. how can spheres of innovation become pervasive and sustainable?
  10. 16. The future of marketing is great products & services whose “marketing” is embedded in their experience design.
  11. 18. experiences that are inseparable from the culture of new-ness.
  12. 20. whose texture is rooted to a connected customer bond.
  13. 21. outrageous success requires new business models, tools and experiences, not tested focus group obsession
  14. 22. who will be the masters of this new craft?
  15. 24. What is Web 2.0 and Media 2.0 ?
  16. 25. Web 2.0 or Media 2.0 is not about Ajax or user generated content, it is about emerging consumer and cultural practices.
  17. 26. Web 2.0 is sometimes misleading as that implies that the whole of the web has changed,
  18. 27. … .the way a 2.0 service pack package replaces its 1.0 predecessor, but that's not exactly the case here.
  19. 28. … instead of just reading a book, the reader is helping to write it. Some will doodle on it and resell it….
  20. 29. Media 2.0 is the number one driver of Web 2.0, it is about “innovation” that happens as a result of “convergence”.
  21. 31. looking at the last 200 years, the shift from orality to literacy, the rise of print culture …
  22. 33. … .and the emergence of modern mass media represent important paradigm shifts in the way we express and communicate.
  23. 34. generally a burst of technological change was followed by a period of adjustment. So Print 1.0 to Print 2.0 etc.
  24. 36. … it is constantly reshaping all modes of artistic expression (24/7 and global), and is sparkling a series of cultural breakthroughs.
  25. 38. If anything, the rate of technological and cultural change has accelerated and social networks are evolving into new entities.
  26. 39. It is breeding a new generation of subculturalist.
  27. 41. what about brands?
  28. 42. the very nature of the digital space is the ability for brands to speak with – not to, but with -- the micro communities and individuals themselves.
  29. 43. in the digital world, marketing will be about finding them, excites them, engages them, empowers them and builds relationship with them.
  30. 44. because information is core of digital, digital marketing will soon enough fill the vacuum. That's Agency 2.0.
  31. 45. new media sparks social and aesthetic experimentation, as a result an ever-expanding menu of cultural choices , from devices to storages.
  32. 46. ..these emerging technologies have lowered the barriers to entry into the cultural marketplace , now everyone can participate much like everyone can be a merchant with eBay.
  33. 47. the cultural marketplace is now opened for anyone and anywhere in the world as long you have a computer and a connection.
  34. 49. this grand utopian movement of our contemporary age first headquartered in Silicon Valley, and is now around the world ,
  35. 50. there are people all over the world joining this march seeing the great seduction is actually a fusion of two historical movements:
  36. 52. the counter-cultural utopianism of the '60s and the t echno-economic utopianism of the '90s. This seduction is known to the world as the Web 2.0.
  37. 53. the rapid diversification of cultural production inspires a diversity of aesthetic responses,
  38. 55. such transformations broaden the means of self and collective expressions.
  39. 57. social networks then become storage of collective meanings.
  40. 58. the relentless commodification of all areas of social life is opening plenty of opportunities for brands.
  41. 59. these emerging media and technologies have lowered or removed many barriers to entry into the cultural marketplace…..
  42. 61. … .now everyone can easily participate much like everyone can be a merchant with eBay.
  43. 62. the cultural marketplace is now opened for anyone and anywhere in the world as long you have a computer and a connection.
  44. 64. the mass media era actually pushed amateur cultural production underground, in the form sub-cultures niche publications
  45. 65. the web has brought this layer of amateur production back to the surface, amateurs can share what they created with each other
  46. 66. … .this ability to share media has helped to motivate media production, resulting in a massive explosion of grassroots movement
  47. 67. … .from individual or collective expression to taste-making and activism.
  48. 68. ..the &quot;big media&quot;--the Hollywood studios, the big record labels s--now represent the enemies of the Media 2.0 movement?
  49. 70. In Marxist terms, the traditional media had become the exploitative &quot;bourgeoisie,&quot; and citizen media, those heroic bloggers and podcasters, were the &quot;proletariat&quot;.
  50. 71. Thank You. Merci. Dank u wel. Muchas gracias . Danke. www.mootee.typepad.com innovation playground Aug 2007 www.ideacouture.com idea couture inc.