iMoney & Drupal - We're Hiring Senior Drupal Developers!


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Join one of the fastest growing startups in South East Asia as we transform the financial landscape in this region using technology! We build easy to use financial comparison tools that help our users make better decisions together with an internal platform to streamline applications to financial institutions. As a tech startup, we strongly believe in using the best tools available for the job, especially other technologies, that make sense.

We are looking for a Senior Drupal Developer to join our team of backend and frontend developers. We work closely with our Management, Product, Marketing, Sales and Operations team to architect and engineer creative solutions for their increasingly challenging requirements. We believe in continuous improvement, encouraging all our developers to improve their skills, processes, and workflow to be even more productive and deliver better quality products.

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iMoney & Drupal - We're Hiring Senior Drupal Developers!

  1. 1. iMoney & Drupal Edmund Kwok - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  2. 2. About me.. • Started off as Freelance Drupal Site Builder / Developer / Themer, first dabbled in Drupal 4.7 • Full time as iMoney CTO, Employee #2 in January 2013 • Email: • D.O.:
  3. 3. • #1 Financial comparison site in the region - Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong • Compare financial products and apply online, for FREE! • Product, Marketing, Operations / Call Ops, Admin and Tech Team • Tech Team - 4 developers (including me), 2 UI / UX, 1 iOS / Android • Drupal 7 for consumer facing site and internal CRM system / platform About
  4. 4. iMoney CRM on Drupal
  5. 5. Done in Drupal 7!! • Views + Panels + Panelizer + Webform + glue code modules • All product data managed by Product Team • AngularJS for Comparison Tables, internal UIs • Drupal multisite with same base theme for each country + country specific modules / settings / config / multilingual • Webforms with Node.JS integration • CRM on top of Drupal / Symfony2 • Varnish + Drupal
  6. 6. In progress.. • Mobile theme with View Modes + JSON output • Native mobile apps with Drupal as Content API • One code base to host them all • Unified Customer Data store + Machine Learning + Big Data
  7. 7. Other technologies we use
  8. 8. iMoney in the media…
  9. 9. Join us!! :D Senior Drupal Developer • Engineer solutions for pain points, build cool stuff • Continuous learning and growth - get off the Drupal island! AngularJS, Symfony2, Node.JS, Python? • Make the world a better place
  10. 10. (We want to confirm someone by tonight!)
  11. 11. –Steve Jobs “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”
  12. 12. 1/6 of our team
  13. 13. Email: Thank you! Questions? :)