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Download now corporate mobile readiness report

  1. 1. iMomentous Report Finds Most of the Fortune500 Unprepared for Shift to Mobile Web
  2. 2. Nearly 90 Percent of Fortune 500 Companies Lack Mobile-Optimized Career Sites,Despite Rapidly Growing Adoption of Mobile Devices.iMomentous, delivering a highly scalable mobile recruitment technology platform thatenables companies to recruit, retain and engage their talent, today announced therelease of its latest research, Corporate Mobile Readiness Report. Aimed at evaluatingthe Fortune 500’s presence on the mobile web, the report found that very fewcompanies are providing a stellar mobile candidate experience for job seekers.The report highlights the fact that the use of mobile web access continues to rise, withresearch from Pew indicating that half of all American adults use a smartphone and 44percent of mobile device users access the internet through their phones. Additionally,projections from Morgan Stanley suggest that the mobile web will be more prevalentthan desktop internet by 2015. In light of these statistics, iMomentous conducted thisresearch to evaluate how prepared corporations are for this inevitable shift.
  3. 3. In order to evaluate the mobile readiness of a corporation, the researchersvisited the websites of the Fortune 500 using an iPhone to answer thefollowing four questions: Is the corporate website optimized when accessed by a mobile device? If yes, is there a careers link available? Is there a mobile-optimized careers section? If yes, is there a mobile-optimized apply process? Download Now: Corporate Mobile Readiness Report