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Draft layouts


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Draft layouts

  1. 1. DRAFT LAYOUTS.Basic paper base layouts of my frontcover, contents page, and double page spread.
  2. 2. In this presentation there will be two draft layouts of some ideas that I would like my front cover, contents page, and double page spread to look like.To help me deicide which idea I will use the most I I will be putting up a poll so that people of my target audience age range can choose which layout looks best to them.
  3. 3. FRONT COVER 1; My main inspiration for my front cover ideas was Kerrang, as I like the way they don’t always use a full photo for their main photo, and I also like the way they advertise things that will be within the magazine, as they make it interesting, and eye catching. I have took ideas from various different magazines, as i looked at a rather large variety as Ifound it was important not to concentrate on just genres thatwere close to mine as other music magazines could had a lot ofideas i may like. And example of this is the two pictures with theVs sign in the middle. I found inspiration of this from a youngergeneration magazine, in which the music genre was pop, and Ifound inspiration of the posters section from a rock magazine.
  4. 4. FRONT COVER 2; The second front cover I sketched, I did not sketch it to normal convention, as my barcode, price and date are towards the top of the page, but I think that it works for this type of style of magazine. This layout I feel is very basic and even thought this can be good, as no attention will be taken away from the main picture, as this was one of the main things i wanted to avoid whilst making myfront cover, however if i choose to go throughwith a layout like this, or even this layout, I feelthat there may not be enough eye catchingthings included on the front cover.
  5. 5. CONTENTS PAGE 1;The way in which I am going to besetting out the word ‘contents’ andthe way it will be laid out, will bethe same as i did in my pliminaryexercise. This is because I like thelayout and i also think it works welland will fit in with any type oforganisation of the contents.I also think the way that I havepositioned information around thepicture was interesting, I foundinspiration for this from a magazinecalled Kerrang.
  6. 6. CONTENTS PAGE 2;I took inspiration in which the waythat I have organised the main pictureon this contents page was from afashion magazine, mixed with anothermedia students, i merged the twotogether and this is what I cam upwith.I thought that it would be a good ideato follow original convention with theway that the information is set out asthe rest of my contents page does notfollow original convention at all.
  7. 7. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD 1; This double page spread contains the original ideas I had for my double page spread. I took some inspiration from the magazine Kerrang, and added my own twist to it. I think that if i was to do this on Photoshop what itwould look a lot better and would work well. As i would like to use it asa sort of theme for the whole of my magazine. I also feel that it was agood idea for me to use a little picture within the interview as theinterview I personally think that it will look less boring, and people willwant to read it more.
  8. 8. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD 2; I think that this double page spread could work quite well, as originally i didn’t want a picture on one side, as it meant that the other side would just be text and this could be boring for my target audience, so instead of this I included someLittle pictures at the top of the page so that thedouble page spread would not look so boring on onepage.