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Allowing customers to avoid standing in the freezing colde to see Father Christmas in Greenwich, by instead allowing them to join a virtual queue until texted when father Christmas was ready to see them proved to be a great success.

Time waiting outside in the cold was reduced by 92% - that's 1 hour and 52 minutes. And even Father Christmas/Santa was much happier to know that the children were enjoying their wait in nearby cosy restaurant.

The service was better than using a booking system for Santa because it encourage families to come to the Grotto and then head to shop or restaurant, promoting business in the local area.

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Qudini - Santa case study

  1. 1. Reducing queues to See Father Christmas
  2. 2. “ It was a great improvement, last year when children came to me they were frozen and their mothers were very upset. This year everyone was much happier, no one had to queue and they knew exactly what time they would be seen at, so they could enjoy themselves till it was time to come back. ” - Father Christmas (a strong Qudini advocate)
  3. 3. Christmas of 2012: Last Christmas Qudini reduced queues to see Father Christmas by 92% By allowing families to queue virtually from their mobile phones so that they could eat, shop and enjoy the local area until they received a text at their family’s turn to see Father Christmas.
  4. 4. HOW IT WORKS: • Families arriving at the grotto were greeted by an elf who took their name and mobile number on a tablet. • They then immediately received a text message from Santa, providing an approximate time he would see them at, and offering a web-link where they can view a countdown till they will be seen. • The families were able to enjoy their wait in the local area. • When Father Christmas was ready to see them they received a text message telling them to return to the grotto.
  5. 5. MIRACULOUS RESULTS: We reduced time spent standing in the cold by 92% from previous years, in which the queue of families outside the grotto door was more than 2 hours long. With our system in place 52 children got to meet Father Christmas over 3 hours. The peak virtual wait time was 1 hour 52 minutes long, yet the physical queue was never longer than 2 families long, meaning that no family had to stand waiting for more than 10 minutes to see Father Christmas.
  6. 6. MIRACULOUS RESULTS: Christmas spirits were much higher and relationships were significantly improved. In a survey 89% of the attending families even rated their Qudini experience a 5 out of 5. “It was great, and the text message service to let us know when it was our turn was brilliant.” - A mother
  7. 7. MIRACULOUS RESULTS: Local shops and restaurants businesses in the vicinity also benefitted from the new influx of customers. In a survey the majority of mothers even explained that while they waited they took their family round the nearby market or to a restaurant for a meal. Demonstrating that Qudini is able to increase business and profit margins in the local area by allowing families to wait remotely till their turn to see Father Christmas.
  8. 8. MIRACULOUS RESULTS: • Unlike pre-booked slots where the wait can still become 20-30 minutes long causing upset families and damaged relationships, we are able to reduce the queue to a maximum of 10 minutes. • In addition our service is quicker and easier to implement on the spot, all your grotto needs is an elf managing customers from a tablet or smartphone with wifi or 3g/4g connection. • Our service is also proven to increase movement and spend in the local area, by giving customers a specific time window of between 1-2 hours by which they may explore the local area and spend money with their families.
  9. 9. THANK YOU Imogen Wethered CEO – Qudini imogen@qudini.com 07766113002