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  1. 1. Seamless and engaging Customer Experiences
  2. 2. PROVEN RESULTS OF USING QUDINI: Since implementing Qudini to improve customer management and transparency, a shoe store who previously struggled with with poor customer experience caused by wait times has experienced: 9% Increase in customer spend 27% Increase in Staff Efficiency 70% Reduction of walkouts X4 Increase in perception of Store’s service Clients using Qudini for Click and Collect services have experienced: 12% Increase in Customer Satisfaction Contact us for a trial
  3. 3. About Qudini: Nowadays, customer service and positive store experiences play a key part in where customers decide to purchase goods. One poor customer experience has a detrimental effect a customer’s relationship with your brand. In store, poor experiences occur when a customer is poorly managed and left feeling that they will not be assisted effectively in the time that they require. This problem costs British High streets 21 million potential customers a year. Qudini is a virtual customer and appointment management platform… That allows your store customers to register their interest so that a sales advisor can effectively manage and act on their request. Whilst your customer receives personalised SMS updates and brand content to their phone while they wait. Customers may even pre-book appointment and receive SMS communication from your store in advance of their visit Contact us for a trial
  4. 4. WHY USE QUDINI: By effectively greeting your customers and managing their needs you will be able to: Improve customer experience Reduce Walkout rates Increase conversion Increase Customer spend Increase staff efficiency Grow customer loyalty Gain insight into your store operations and performance Continue communication with customers for feedback, loyalty and marketing purposes Contact us for a trial
  5. 5. VIRTUAL CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT: Customers check into store from a self-service kiosk, a member of staff with a tablet or their phone. Your customer receives an SMS and A branded engagement weblink offering a service time countdown. Across multiple devices staff view and manage the list of customers wishing for service. Customers will automatically receive a text when they are Next in line to be served. Contact us for a trial
  6. 6. APPOINTMENT BOOKINGS: Customers may pre-book appointments from the web at home or a member of staff on any device in store. The customer receives a confirmation SMS and a reminder text which they may even reply to. Across multiple devices colleagues manage upcoming appointments alongside walk-in customers. Sales advisors can even hold an SMS dialogue with customers to help prepare for their appointment. Contact us for a trial
  7. 7. Click and collect customer management: Click and collect: Our unique click and collect customer management product allows you to offer the increasing number of high-value multichannel customers entering your stores, the same seamless digital experience they are used to online. Customers check-in from a selfservice kiosk, your app or an SMS weblink in the initial text stating that their order is in store Staff swiftly process a number of orders at once, while your customer browses the store until texted when their order is on the counter for their collection. Contact us for a trial
  8. 8. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Branded TVs display customers’ service times, marketing content and profiles of the staff currently in store. Innovative Bluetooth LE features to allow you to better know, locate and communicate with customers in your store. Clienteling: Build customer profiles and integrate with your CRM and sales systems to view customer details and purchasing history. Contact us for a trial
  9. 9. Gain key insights & business intelligence: Products: Why customers are coming into store Walkouts: Wait times: How long they are waiting Staff serve times: Detailed profiles on staff transactions and shop-floor management notes Which customers are leaving un-served KPIs What are the outcomes of your colleague’s transactions Contact us for a trial
  10. 10. Increase customer engagement with your brand Increase customer engagement with your brand: Send tailored promotions to each customer based on their purchasing history. Offer store discounts to encourage purchasing. Send feedback surveys to review results next to details on customer’s experience and transaction. Encourage online reviews Send tailored marketing messages to update customers on store news sales and promotions to encourage them to visit again. Contact us for a trial
  11. 11. Customer Order management: Click and collect: Qudini may also be used in instances where a customer may leave items in store to be prepared or configured either over a number of minutes, hours or even days. For example: personalisation services, engravings, repair services and in case where customers order goods into store. The platform allows staff to add and manage customers’ orders within a tablet. Customers receive a confirmation text and may even view the status of their order from a weblink. Texting them at the click of a button when their order is ready. Contact us for a trial
  12. 12. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS: “ Primarily we have used Qudini to understand how a queuing system could better support our customer’s journey through our stores. We have been delighted with the initial results coming from Qudini and see some clear benefits in extending the type of activity that we can use Qudini for. ” - James Knight, Divisional Leader, O2 UK “ What I really like about it is the fact that more than ever, the store just felt really really calm and under control. Everyone knew their place, everyone knew what was going on, and it was a really good experience.” - Dan Cooper, Divisional Leader, Sweatshop “We’re extremely excited to be trialing this innovative virtual queuing solution. This is a new technology to the retail market, and it demonstrates our strategy to continually evolve and differentiate our customer service offering.” - Andy Harding, Executive Director for Multi-Channel, House of Fraser Contact us for a trial
  13. 13. WHY CHOOSE QUDINI: •  A passionate team committed to improving customer experience and store operations to offer maximum return for our clients. •  A flexible platform and a team who enjoys working on our client’s ideas in order to expand our offering and adapt our service to fit each client in a unique way. •  An innovative company that is always experimenting with the latest technologies to ensure that our clients to are able to apply the most up-to-date technology for their customers and stores to benefit from. •  A product with multiple applications, including: •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Service retail environments Click and collect services Orders, repairs and personalisation services Returns counters and fitting rooms Product launches Feature experiences Food settings Contact us for a trial
  14. 14. To understand what your trial would look like Contact: Imogen Wethered 07766113002 Contact us for a trial