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Domestic Entry Form 2018


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Entry form for domestic classes Belgooly Show 2018

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Domestic Entry Form 2018

  1. 1. PRIMARY SCHOOL STUDENTS The remaining classes are confined to children and must be the child’s own work. Child’s age must be stated with entry. 38. 6 Decorated Queen Cakes – Primary School 39. Decorated Wooden Spoon 40. Miniature Garden (on a biscuit tin lid or similar sized base) 41. A weird & wonderful creature made from vegetables (fruit, berries, foliage and flowers may be used as parts) 42. Any Craft, Pottery, Needle work, etc. (Primary School) 43. A Painted Stone 44. An ORIGINAL item made with Lego (No Sets) (Space allowed 45 X 40 cms) 45. An article made with Recycled Materials. 46. Collection of Wild Flowers arranged in a Jar. 47. Best Dressed Soft Toy PAINTING WITHIN 15” X 12” – NB: Classes 48 - 55 must be completed & entered through a primary school, please note school on entry form. 48. Junior Infants 49. Senior Infants 50. 1st Class 51. 2nd Class 52. 3rd Class 53. 4th Class 54. 5th Class 55. 6th Class 56. Painting Competition confined to preschool children Please Forward ALL Domestic Entry Forms before CLOSING DATE: WEDNESDAY 23RD MAY 2018 TO: Sheila Foott-Kelleher, Lisnacrilla, Belgooly, Co. Cork Mobile: 086 3627490 (after 7.30 pm) Email: PLEASE NOTE ALL RULES:- 1. Entries will not be accepted after closing date. 2. Fee to accompany each entry. Please Do Not Post Coins. All cheques/postal orders made payable to Belgooly Show. 3. Exhibits must be those which have not previously won at the show 4. Exhibitors must provide own plates, hangers, vases etc. 5. Entry numbers will not be posted, but will be held at tent entrance. 6. Exhibits must not be posted prior to show (see no. 8 below) 7. Professionals are not eligible to compete in these classes. A professional is deemed to be a person who receives payment for his/her work on either a full-time or part-time basis. SHOWDAY:- 8. Domestic Tent opens 10 am. Tent closes 11.30 am. Judging commences at 12 noon. 9. Exhibitors are asked to please exit the tent once entries are in place. 10. All cakes will be cut and tasted. 11. New entries cannot be accepted on show day. 12. Exhibits must remain on show and cannot be removed until 5pm. 13. The Committee is not responsible for loss or damage to show exhibits after 5pm. 14. Full Listing of Rules & Regulations can be found in the Show Catalogue. SCHEDULE OF DOMESTIC CLASSES 1. Homemade Brown Cake 2. Homemade Coffee Cake (iced) 3. Homemade Apple Tart (short crust pastry) 4. Homemade Iced Carrot Cake 5. Homemade 4 egg sponge sandwich with jam filling only 6. Homemade/Decorated ‘Childs Birthday Cake’ 7. Gluten Free Cake - Any variety 8. 6 Plain White Scones 9. 6 Homemade Biscuits (1 variety) 10. ‘Afternoon Tea for Two’ to be served on a tray (bite size portions) 11. Savoury tart or quiche 12. Pot of Homemade Jam 13. Half Dozen Hen Eggs 14. 3 Different Stems of non-flowering garden foliage 15. Window Box 16. Vase of Mixed Garden Flowers 17. Flowering Pot Plant 18. Non-Flowering Pot Plant 19. Floral Arrangement - Simple Pleasures - An Exhibit Space Allowed - width 80 cm, height 106 cm 20. Hand Knit Garment 21. Wool Crochet 22. Fine Crochet 23. Home Craft 24. Embroidery - Tapestry - Fine Lace 25. Art - Picture painted in any medium excluding oils 26. Art - Picture painted in oils 27. Make a Scarecrow (under 5 feet) SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS 28. Art, Craft & Wood Work - Any Item 29. Felt Pictures and Toys 30. Embroidery - Cross Stitch PHOTOGRAPHY Photos exhibited at previous shows excluded. 31. A corner of our parish (within 5" X 7") 32. My Favourite Funny photo with caption (within 5” x 7”) 33. Animal / Pet - colour (within 5” x 7”) 34. Black & White print (within 5” x 7”) 35. 2018 Snow Scene (within 5" X 7") SPECIAL NEEDS - No age limit in this category 36. Any item of Art & Craft 37. Any Home Baking SCHEDULE OF DOMESTIC CLASSES ENTRY FORM - DOMESTIC Class No. Tel No Child’s Age on 1-6-2018NAME & ADDRESS (Block Letters) ✁ 74th Belgooly & District Agricultural Show - 2nd June, 2018 PERPETUAL TROPHY AND PLAQUE FOR BEST EXHIBIT IN CLASSES 1 - 11 INCLUSIVE & CLASS 24 Prize Money: €20, €10, €5 Trophy Presented to winner of Class 19, 27 and 47 €2 Per Entry Closing Date Wednesday 23rd May 2018 New for 2018 New for 2018 New for 2018 New for 2018